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I went through the List of Items Erebus adds, to see what they could be used for.
I did not expect THAT many potentially compatible Items, when looking for the Mod that adds Jade, that I saw it in one of Ethos Videos.
Damn, even needed to add Ore Generation Handling to it in order to make Umberstone properly Ore-Generateable.
And I fixed some of their Bucket related Fluid things too, as it uses the Biomes o' Plenty Honey instead of the Forestry Honey.
[NINJA-FIXED] Loot Chest Replacing didn't work properly.
[FIXED] Some Stone alike Gears were not craftable the new intended way (4 Rocks + 4 Stone Blocks), and they were not usable as Buildcraft alike Gears despite being made of Rock.
[CHANGED] You can no longer use Stone alike Blocks for crafting Hammers. The Clubs can still be made with Blocks.
[ADDED] Breaking the GT6 Cobblestones with a Hammer, Club or Jackhammer will give you Rocks that can be used for Basic Tools. Don't worry, the natural Smoothstone still drops Cobblestone, so you can still Jackhammer the Granites and Stuff.
[ADDED] There is now more earlygame Tools available. Bamboo and Petrified Wood can be used as Handles and more Rocks can be used as Toolhead.
[ADDED] Sanding Machine. It does the same Stuff that the Grindstone does, but in Machine Form.
Long Distance Item Pipelines and Fluid Pipelines.
They are similar to Long Distance Wires, and they are also One-Way.
Unlike the Long Distance Wires, they don't have any Loss, since they don't really transport Energy.
The Transfer of Items and Fluids is instant, basically Teleportation, but lets just pretend it's going through that Dummy Pipe.
Nonuple and Quadruple Fluid Pipes work with the Long Distance Fluid Pipeline too.
[FIXED] When Roads were enabled, all Vanilla and GT6 Surface things close to the X and Z Axis ceased to generate, regardless of being in the Overworld (where it is intended) or not (such as in the Nether, the End or Twilight).
[CHANGED] The Bedrock Ore Variety has increased a little, because I felt like it while assigning Flowers to the Bedrock Ores.
[ADDED] Config to turn off Death by the currently 5 Types of Food Poisoning. You will be left with Half a Heart though!
[ADDED] Config to disable overground (>= Y:50) Mob Spawns close to Spawn. It is defaulting to TRUE, so for about 144 Meters in each direction from Spawn there is no Mobs spawning.
Special Flowers generating in Grassy or Deserty Terrains.
They indicate the Location of the rare Bedrock Ore Mining Spots.
Bedrock Ore mining Spots do have a bunch the regular Ore around them, so they are still useful.
If you want to produce more of these Flowers, you will have to use Bumblebees to create more of the ones you already found.
The Desert Flowers work for both, regular Flower Bumblebees and Desert Bumblebees.

//=== Version Number Jump because of Fluid Pipes changing a bit ===//

Fluid Pipes have their Tank Capacity halved, but they still transfer the same amount of Fluid per Tick.
DRAINS NEED TO BE ON PIPES TWICE THE SIZE TO WORK PROPERLY!!! (unless they are in an Ocean, Swamp or River)
This will also affect filling of vanilla Cauldrons and Advanced Worktables, as you need a Pipe twice the size for that now.
Don't worry, excess Fluid in Pipes on loading the World wont be voided, and it likely won't overflow anything either.
Yet still I verily recommend to turn off all Steam related things before the Update.
I will let my Test Bear run all his pipe connected Boiler Setups before and after the Update, to make sure nothing blows up on your end either.
[COMPAT] Fallen Meteors Mod
I checked it for OreDict related Information. I added 5 new Materials due to that.
The Magnetization Enchant of it is now applied to all Magnetic Materials of GT6 if it is installed.
[COMPAT] Railcrafts Implosion Enchant will now automatically be applied to a lot of Gems. Implosion = Extra Creeper Damage.
[FIXED] A Bug that crashed GT6 with Ars Magica.
[FIXED] Large Ore Veins were generating all over the Y Axis, having a different Y Coordinate for generating in each Chunk.
[CHANGED] Electrolyzer and Centrifuge decomposing Recipes will now use 14 instead of 16 as a Basis for GU/t.
Some Alloys can now have multiple Attack Enchants attached to them.
Black, Red and Blue Steel now have their Sharpness slightly nerfed due to that, since they got quite a few additional effects now.
Electrum now has Smite, Disjunction and Werebane for example.
Damascus Steel is still Sharpness 5.
[ADDED] Universal Spade can now place Torches
[ADDED] A more convenient Recipe for Dispensers, using Droppers as step inbetween, without having the unstackability of Bows make things a bitch.
[ADDED] Slime Fluid and Slime Bottles that can be used like Glue Bottles. It gives you a chance of Jump Boost.
[ADDED] Plastic Storage Boxes, that are like Mass Storages, but for 128, 256, 512 or 1024 Items at a time and way cheaper than even the Item Barrels, once you get Plastic.
Optional Worldgenerated Asphalt Streets along the X and Z Axis.
I know from own experience that Roads are a Server Infrastructure thing nobody really wants to work on, so Worldgen it is. Maybe I can later add Structures to this too.
The Roads have Signs every 512 Meters, close to the Region File Borders. The Signs tell what Coordinates the 4 Region Files have at the Chunk Border between the Sign and the U-Turn Section.
Once the Middle Crossing at 0, 0 is Generated, it will automatically set the Server Spawn Point to itself once (It won't try to do that anymore after the Crossing generated). The Compass may point to the old Spawn until you reload the Client.
They are disabled by Default because they could be seen as not only unfitting for the more Medieval/Fantasy Playstyles, but also because they are easily exploitable Sources of Asphalt and Concrete.
Note, that GT6 Dungeons do not spawn close to these Roads (at least 256 Meters away), so they won't help you find them at all!
GT6 Trees, Logs, Sticks, Rocks, Bushes, Glowtusses, Bumblehives, Black Sand and Clay Pits are at least 64 Meters away from the center of a Street Section to not interfere with the Road itself.
I know that Tunnels sometimes have Light Update Issues, but unlike with the GT6 Dungeons where I fixed them already, those Issues are pretty much unfixable for Roads, as I would have to cause an Infinite Worldgen Loop to make those Lights work! THAT's how Terrible Minecraft is!

[COMPAT] Open Modular Turrets Recipes got changed for:
Hard Walls. They now adopt a System similar to my Concrete and Reinforced Concrete by requiring Metal Bolts and the Hand Drill. The Tier 1 and 4 Variants can be crafted directly out of GT6 Concrete and Reinforced Concrete.
Fences. They require Fine Iron Wires for the Fence itself and Metal Bolts for the barbs of the Barbed Wire Part. I changed up the Tiering to be more GT6 than Vanilla, so the Fence Barb Colors may not match the Recipe anymore.
Turret Bases. They require a lot of Electric Components to be crafted now. The Wooden one just requires a Tier-0 Motor, and doesn't need a Battery, Circuit or Sensors, so your Handcrank Potato Cannons are still very earlygame.
Ammo has cheaper  and more realistic Recipes now.
[FIXED] Eggs now despawn after a Minute regardless of my Item Despawn Time Config. This is because Chickens would be spamming Item Entities on the ground, so see this as if the Eggs are rotting.
[ADDED] Blast Resistance Tooltips now say whether they can stand a Ghast Fireball, Creeper or TNT Blast or not.
Wall Spikes that can be pushed by Pistons. (and you can't walk horizontally into ones placed on the floor, so you won't be damaged by accident all the time)
There is also an Omnidirectional Spike, but it only deals half the Damage in return.
And a Gravity Variant of the Omnidirectional Spike exists too!
Walking ontop of any Spikes will slow you down a lot, meaning escaping is a bit harder, also balancing ontop of Sideways Wall Spikes is slower due to that too.
Steel Spikes don't work on Skeletons, Slimes or Iron Golems.
Titanium Spikes work on all Mobs and deal twice the Damage of Steel Spikes.
Tungstensteel Spikes work on all Mobs and deal three times the Damage of Steel Spikes.
Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Spikes deal four times the Damage of Steel Spikes when they are against a Mob that is weak to their Material, otherwise it's only minimal or no Damage in case of Iron Golems, Slimes or Skeletons (unless they are weak to it).
Adamantium Spikes deal ten times the Damage of Steel Spikes against every Mob touching them.
Placing Hoppers below the Spikes will work fine, as they have a Slab alike Box Shape for Collision.

[COMPAT] Galacticraft Machines now also have the HV Limit before exploding.
[COMPAT] Open Modular Turrets Stuff
The Turret Bases can now accept GT6 EU directly if it is HV or less. If it is EV or more it will explode! SO BE WARNED!!!
I added Blast Resistance Tooltips to the Hard Walls, so that you know how strong they actually are. The Tier 1 Hard Wall doesn't even contain a Creeper or TNT Blast, you need Tier 2 or above for that.
[COMPAT] Made sure Lycanite Mobs things were compatible.
Fixed the "Pure Lava Bucket" Recipe duping Iron Buckets, by making it a Mixing Bowl Recipe for Lava + Ghast Tears instead.
Made GT6 Axes and Saws drop more Oak Logs when being used on Ents (Axes are better). The Amount of Logs depends on the amount of Hearts worth of Normal Non-Magic Damage you deal to it (regardless of how much Health it has left). It can go up to additional 64 Logs per swing.
Wargs drop Dog Meat now.
[FIXED] Bumblebees won't work in the Vacuum of Galacticraft Space now.
[FIXED] Fluid Display Icons from all Mods, that somehow fail to properly assign Fluid Icons, despite having a fully working Fluid Block. This fixes Pure Lava and Ooze from Lycanites for example.
[REMOVED] The Collision Box from Paper Covers, because it doesn't make sense that you can stand on it. Let's see how many people use Paper to protect themselves from Pipes and don't read this line.
[ADDED] Limestone Rock, it has the same properties and spawning as Marble, and the same Textures GT5 Concrete had. Might be useful if Calcite is needed.
[ADDED] Recipes to Un-Curve the Curved Plates with a Hammer or the Rolling Mill.
[ADDED] Wooden Panels, they are simply Wooden Covers, so you don't need to use Canvas for Wood Textures. Available in all Variants the Wooden Bookshelves are available as. Also requires an Iron or Steel Screw per Panel (Recipe gives 6 per craft).
[ADDED] Concrete, C-Foam and Asphalt Panels (also just Covers). The Asphalt ones will give you a speed boost, just like the Asphalt Blocks!
[ADDED] The Locker. It is basically an Armor Swapper, so you can put on Armors easily with it, without messing around with the Inventory, and without having an FPS Lag Source of an Armor Stand being around. Available in multiple Materials, just like Compartment Drawers for example. It works with the 4 Basic Activity Detectors as indicator of having Armor Parts.
[ADDED] The Charging Locker. It can Charge IC2 Armor. Make sure the Voltage is proper to charge the actual Armor. The "Processing" and "Success" Activity Detectors can check if all contained Armor Pieces are charged fully.
[FIXED] Some things I noticed while writing the Patreon Post.
[ADDED] Small Vinteum Ore now generates automatically when Ars Magica is installed.
[ADDED] The Primal Mana Fluid from Thermal Foundation (can't be produced atm afaik), can be used to make certain Magical Materials, such as Astral Silver, Midasium, Mithril and Thaumium.
[COMPAT] AE Devices can now accept GT6 EU Directly if it is HV or less. If it is EV or more it will explode!
[COMPAT] Thermal Expansion
Tectonic Petrotheum can now be used in the Sluice for washing Ore instead of Water. (This was SUPPOSED to be already possible, but there was a Bug, preventing that from working on my end).
Blizz, Blitz and Basalz Powder can now be created in the Injector with their respective Item and Fluid Redstone.
A lot (if not all) of Recipes for filling Energy Cells, Tesseracts, Plates and Conduits with Redstone/Glowstone/Ender/Cryotheum/Aerotheum are now doable in the GT6 Canning Machine AND inside the Injector aswell (for convenience, due to the Blitz/Blizz/Basalz Recipes being Injector Only).
In the newly added Recipes, Molten and Destabilized Redstone work just fine for doing the Job. Same goes for Resonant Ender and Molten Enderpearls.
Filling a vanilla Bucket with 1440L Molten Redstone or 576L Molten Enderpearls using any GT6 thing (Taps, Canners, Crucibles etc.), will make it turn into the TE-Bucket, making an easy conversion possible without relying on the Generifier.
Blizz, Blitz and Basalz Rods use the "craft = 1 powder, mortar = 2 powder, shredder = 4 powder"-System now.
[FIXED] GregTech Worldgen and Burning Box Fire Placement no longer overwrite Thaumcraft Nodes as if they were Air.
[FIXED] Applecore caused Water to have Food Value for some reason despite me having clearly declared a Food Value of Zero.
[CHANGED] Barrels, Drums, Pots and other Fluid Containers can now be stacked when empty. The only ones Stackable when full are still the Capsule-Cell-Containers.
[CHANGED] A lot of Sluice, Bath and Magnetic Separator Recipes changed to make it possible to process singular Tiny Crushed and Purified Ores.
[ADDED] An example Recipe for each of the Handle based Tools.
[ADDED] A Compartment Drawer that has 4 Drawers with 36 regular Inventory Slots each, and is compatible with adjacent Advanced Workbenches. The Crafting Recipe needs overall 32 Units of a Metal (the Metals you can make the Chests of)
Storage Inserter
It is SOMEWHAT like a Drawer Controller, but it only works for inserting Items BY HAND into a Wall Shaped Area of Mass Storages and/or Item Barrels.
The Wall of Mass Storages can be 50 Meters long in each direction, and 7 Meters tall counting from the Floor below it.
There are some quirks to scanning the Area, for example there has to be a Floor in front of the Wall of Mass Storages, and they aren't allowed to be obstructed nor to face the wrong way.
This whole thing is based on "simulating a person* running in front of the Wall and rightclicking every single Storage from bottom to top", so just make sure that THAT is possible to be done and it should work.
The direction the Insert will scan does depend on what side of it you click. It will essentially behave like "spawning a person* on the side you click" and then run that "person*" in all 4 compass directions trying to insert Stuff from bottom to top.
As Floor counts the following: Slabs/Stairs (any rotation possible, and most modded ones work too), Full Blocks and Blocks with a solid Top Side.
It will insert the held Item in the Hotbar when you click it, if it can.
If you click it with an Empty Hand, it will try to insert all Items in the 27 Slot Player Inventory, except things with a Max Stacksize of 1 (such as Tools) and Tool-Rightclick-Placeable-Torches (because that would be annoying, if you have a Torch Item Barrel or something).
Placement for the Inserter is advised to be either as Part of the Storage Wall, or inside the Floor in front of the Storage Wall.
You can NOT, I repeat CANNOT, attach Pipes to the Storage Insert AT ALL and I will NOT add that Functionality to it!!!
(* = its not actually a person, this is just a metaphor, it only checks if the Blocks in front either don't have a Collision Box or are Carpets)

[FIXED] Fluid Funnels now allow partial Amounts of Fluid to be transferred.

[ADDED] Nozzles, the Fluid Tap equivalent for Gasses.

[FIXED] The Names of Railcraft Plates. No longer Confusion caused by "Tin Plates" and "item.lead.plate.name" or whatever that one was.
[CHANGED] Mud is now affected by Gravity, like Sand. Also Gravity is now mentioned in Block Tooltips if it applies.
[ADDED] Magnetic Separator Recipes for impure and pure Dusts, so you dont have to use purified-crushed Ores for it.
[ADDED] All GT6 Tools can now harvest Torches directly, and in that specific case they will always be "Magnetic" and won't lose any Durability in the Process (aka: Tool + Leftclick = Pick up a Torch from the Wall directly into your Inventory).
[ADDED] Treated Planks in Block Form, the Item variant got removed and will automatically turn into the Block Form in all GT6 Blocks and your Inventory. It can be crafted into the Immersive Engineering Variant and back if needed.
Black Sand to Rivers that aren't adjacent to Oceans or Swamps.
It can be used similarily to Magnetite in a lot of Recipes, also using the Centrifuge you can get Ferrovanadium out of Black Sand, so no need to worry about getting your Vanadium Pentoxide.
The Sand generates similarily to the Clay Pits, but is only 2 Blocks deep. It is NOT Part of the Ore Vein Grid!!!
Magnetite Ore itself in any form will no longer generate, in favour of the new Black Sand.
I did increase the amount of Small Hematite Ores to compensate the new lack of small Magnetite Ores. You can be happy that you have 2 more Inventory slots free for Ores that way lol.
As for the Large Magnetite Veins (that includes Ferrovanadium too), they will no longer happen in new Terrain, meaning that all other Large Veins have a slightly higher chance of spawning now.
[NOTE] I have hit the 2^16 Byte Limit of Code on MT.java yet again and needed to trim it down further in order to get GT6 to compile, this means large Code changes and some removals inside that File.
[FIXED] Several Tools being available for Stone despite not being intended to be like that.
[FIXED] Dust Funnels not dropping their partial Content when broken. They will no longer store it, making it possible to clear a Dust from the Dust Funnels.
[FIXED] Sealed Wood Pipes were unintentionally Gas Proof (back then it might have been intended but we have better solutions now). I fixed that by making them leak Gasses aswell, and buffing their Capacity from 50 to 75.
[CHANGED] Some Acids can no longer be electrolyzed into their Components anymore. Same goes for most Sulfur containing Chemicals.
[CHANGED] Fake 'Osmium' is now easier obtainable when Mekanism is installed. It can be processed in a Furnace too now.
[CHANGED] If a Material has a Fluid form and can be electrolyzed or centrifuged, you are going to have to use said Fluid form for that now, and can't use Dusts for it anymore.
[CHANGED] Tungsten Ore, if you happen to find any (due to other Mods or old GT6 Worldgen) will crush into 2x Scheelite instead, to ensure proper processing, while also giving a slight Bonus compared to actual Scheelite.
[CHANGED] Small Tungsten or Pinalite Ores of GT6 to Scheelite Ores. And added small Pyrolusite Ore with the same location and rarity as small Gold and Silver Ores.
[ADDED] Plastic Rods can now also be used instead of Wooden Sticks for most Tool Handles.
[ADDED] Made GC Rockets Recycleable.
[ADDED] Selenium as Byproduct of some Ores (I will likely use it for Batteries). I also added it into the Moon-Cheese Veins, since Selenium is literally named after the Moon.
[ADDED] Sodium Nitrate and a bunch of Saltpeter related Chemical Recipes.
[ADDED] New Processing for getting Elemental Sulfur from Sulfur Dioxide. It is similar to the Claus Process but far easier, due to not having to Filter other Materials out of the SO2.
[ADDED] Potassium and Sodium based Chemicals can now be interchanged in a lot of Recipes, but not all of them.
[ADDED] Lots of Chemistry related Materials and Recipes that didn't exist before, to make things more complete.
[ADDED] Crowbarred Covers now go directly into the Inventory if possible.
[ADDED] Tungsten Chemical Processing for Tungsten containing Ores.
[ADDED] Pyrolusite + Hydrochloric Acid Processing and removed its Electrolyzer Recipe.

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