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[CHANGED] Crucible Drains can now work on a vertical distance, even if there is multiple Drains inbetween them and the target, and they will also fill Crucibles below them, as if they were Molds. [CHANGED] Vanadium is now slightly harder to obtain, because Ferrovanadium is now giving V2O5 instead of V. The V2O5 can still be molten into Vanadium, but you lose half of it if you do it that way.

[FIXED] Missing Recipe for Rice Vinegar [FIXED] Bauxite Ore and Yellow Sapphire now give Rutile instead of Titanium, when electrolyzed. [CHANGED] Electric Tiers: Aluminium is MV now, while Galvanized Steel is LV. (see Crucible Drains below for another relevant Change) NOTE: Your existing Machines will stay the same Tier they were before, nothing breaks. [CHANGED] Selector Circuit Concept entirely, including initial Crafting Recipe. Also has a new set of Textures now. [CHANGED] Garnierite (Nickel) and Pyrolusite (Manganese) now give more output, due to being Oxide Ores. [ADDED] Magnifying Glass now works on GT Engines. [ADDED] Carrot Juices. May or may not improve eyesight, but that is just a Myth. [ADDED] Crops for Blueberries, Gooseberries, Candleberries, Cranberries, Black White and Red Currants, Blackberries, Raspberries and Strawberries. [ADDED] Basins. They work like Molds, but for Solid Blocks. Requires a Crucible Drain ontop to be filled. [ADDED] Crucible Drains Works when placed next to a Crucible. They will fill Molds and Bathing Pots below them (also Mixing Bowls if the melting Point is low enough and the Fluid is simple enough) They are Redstone sensitive too. NOTE: Not everything will go into a Bathing Pot, sure molten Zinc for early galvanization will, but other Stuff may be too hot for the Bathing Pot. --- Stuff from one Version later --- Crucible Drains can work on a vertical distance, even if there is multiple Drains inbetween them and the target, and they will also fill Crucibles below them, as if they were Molds.

[FIXED] Some Issue in the Adv Crafting Table.
[FIXED] Exorbitant Plow Durability Loss.
[FIXED] Security Leak in Key Locked Safes. Not gonna mention Details though, but make sure you are not using Key Locked Safes until this Update.
[CHANGED] Piston Doors to use colored CFoam rather than Vanilla Metal/Gem Blocks.
[ADDED] Magnifying Glasses can be used to show whats inside a Shelf without "taking out the Item, opening the inventory and hovering over it to see its tooltip".
[ADDED] Different Icons for different Forestry Letter Sizes in the GT Bookshelf.
[ADDED] Redstoned Versions of the GT Bricks. (and used them to power the Redstone Lamps in the Strongholds)
[ADDED] Spawn Height and Room Density Config for GT Strongholds.
[ADDED] Barracks to the GT Strongholds.
[ADDED] Chests to "T" shaped Corridor Segments. Also improved Corridor placement by optimizing useless Corridors away.
[ADDED] Surface Entrance, meaning it is visible on Surface now, meaning I can half the chance so it is 5% instead of 10% to be within the currently loaded chunks.
[ADDED] End Portal Room. This can be turned off in the Config though.

[IMPROVED] Rendering of GT Blocks by adding a Parameter that tells which sides are obstructued to IRenderedBlock and IRenderedBlockObject.
[FIXED] Colored Books being hidden in NEI
[FIXED] Light Opacity of GT Stone Blocks
[CHANGED] The tiny secret Dungeon to be a larger Stronghold alike Dungeon. Its not limited like vanilla, but still rare per default. Also it kinda looks like my own Base Design, lol.
[ADDED] Corridors, Piston Doors, Crate Storages and Libraries so far.
[ADDED] Safes can generate Loot too now, they have the special quirk of having always all 15 Slots filled, when you open them.
[ADDED] Bookshelves can generate Loot in GT Strongholds now. Note, that they generate it if a player gets closer than 32 meters (square radius) to it, since the Books are usually a visible thing, unlike Chest and Safe content. Also ONLY loot that can be placed inside a shelf will be generated, if something couldn't be placed then it will get replaced by a vanilla Book.
[ADDED] Redstone Mechanics to the Shelves. Buttons, Levers and Redstone Torches can be used to add secret Book buttons/switches to the Shelves.

[FIXED] Thaumcraft Stuff not wanting to be in Bookshelves if Ars Magica isn't loaded. Guess when a copypasta went wrong... [CHANGED] Ilmenite and Rutile are now harder to process, and won't allow the Electrolyzer anymore. Molds accept Fluids if you didn't know that already.

[FIXED] Rutile Ore Processing being done in a Crucible instead of a Mixer. (forgot that Stuff can vaporize, yes this means you need a Smelter and a Mixer now) [FIXED] The Mixing Bowl no longer accepts non-simple Fluids. [ADDED] Apple Vinegar (fermenting Cider further), Rice Vinegar (fermenting Sake further) and Cane Vinegar (fermenting Rum further, Pirate Brew now needs distillation). Yep, just variations of Vinegar. Should be usable in all Vinegar requiring Recipes.

[COMPAT] With Ars Magica Items, regarding Unification and Bookshelf Stuff. [COMPAT] Some more Mariculture Material related things. Added Polished Wood into my Material Database. Also its Custard can be made in a Mixing Bowl now. [FIXED] Tap/Funnel not working properly on Basic Machines. [FIXED] The Mod Redstonic causing GT to be crashing on startup. [FIXED] Zeolite composition and Ore Byproducts. [FIXED] Cake not being craftable the GT way. [REMOVED] The option to unificate towards GT Items inside the Unification Config, because it confused too many people. [CHANGED] Titanium Ore Processing a little (not as much as planned, but still requires at least Magnesium in a Crucible to work). And removed all the direct Titanium Ores/Byproducts and replaced them with Rutile. [ADDED] 10 new Crops, not all Crops, but it is still 6 Food Crops and 4 Magic Flowers. [ADDED] Several Juice related things, including a drinkable Bottle for Forestrys generic Juice. I also ordered my registrations a bit better so it's easier to add the remaining Juices in the future (that took a lot of time...). Blueberry Juice counts as Blue Dye btw. Tomato Juice and Ketchup are two different things now. And yes, I added both of them too, since there is a Tomato Crop now, it was kinda mandatory.

[API] I added a Material Array Parameter to the PrefixBlocks and PrefixItems, so it is possible to generate less many Items. [COMPAT] With a Mod which adds Crops, that I don't wanna mention here, due to its content. People who have that Mod will notice it probably. [FIXED] Lumium Wires counting as "painted" despite not being painted, due to their oscillating Color Value. [CHANGED] Replaced Forestry Mulch and IC2 Biochaff in Squeezer Outputs with own Items. They will generify into Forestry Mulch inside the Generifier. [CHANGED] Coke Oven to be able to process up to 16 Coal/Wood at once in parallel, but I doubled the Duration of all Recipes. This means you get everything 8 times faster from it, if you insert large Batches. Yep, I did that to combat Coke Oven Spam, because one shouldn't make way too many of them. Because of that I needed to nerf Silverwood Logs to only output 2 Charcoal instead of 4, but I buffed its Creosote Output instead. [ADDED] Tooltips to certain GT Blocks stating they are flammable if they are flammable. Some of those have been missing before. [ADDED] Adamantium Multiblock Tanks (forgot those last year, oops) and Plastic Fluid Pipes (Those originally went missing for unknown Reasons, I have no Idea why I forgot them at all). [ADDED] Insulated Versions of the Red Alloy, Signalum and Lumium Wires. This is only to prevent Visual Updates whenever the state of the Wire changes. Yes Insulated Lumium Wires are completely useless, but if you have nothing to wire your stuff with and still want it to not blink all the time, then you can insulate a Lumium Wire too.

[FIXED] Bug that caused certain reverse Recipes not to generate. This did affect Stone Crucibles for example, but also some Wood things.[FIXED] Sensors, Buttons, Taps, Funnels and some other things obstructing adjacent GT Blocks regarding Rightclicks.[CHANGED] Wooden Fluid Barrels and Wooden Multiblock Tanks no longer accept any Gasses and also certain Liquids. I manually selected the Liquids that are allowed. The Fluid Display Items will have a new Line in their Tooltip that lets you know which. Not all of them would go in there though, since their Temperature might burn it up, despite being simple Liquids.[ADDED] Adamantium Drums with insane high Capacity of 4096000L. Yes, I know Adamantium isn't obtainable yet at all and won't be anytime soon.[ADDED] "Functionality" to certain Acidous Fluids. This means that Acids need special care when using Pipes and Tanks. Tungsten (not the Carbide!), Stainless Steel, Thaumium, Voidmetal and Adamantium are the only Acid Proof Pipe/Tank Materials.[ADDED] Cheaper Wooden Barrels (both, Item and Fluid) made with Lead and regular Planks. They have half the Capacity of the ones made with Steel and Sealed Wood.[ADDED] Overflow Mode to the Mass Storages and Item Barrels (Wirecutter), which will cause them to accept 256 Items more than usually allowed, but everything going over their regular Capacity, will be emitted to the Bottom automatically. That way you don't need shitty Void Upgrades anymore, which destroy all your hard earned Resources, and you can decide yourself where the overflow will go towards, instead of forcing the deletion of Items, like every other Mod does. Seriously all Barrel and Drawer Mods I know, have a stupid Void Upgrade and no way to redirect overflowing Items like I have now... Yes, I sincerely HATE voiding Resources.[ADDED] Tiny Funnels (available in Ceramic, Plastic, Stainless Steel, Tungsten and Adamantium), which are used to insert Fluids into GT Barrels, Boilers, Tanks and Basic Machines by hand.[ADDED] Taps, like Funnels they handle Fluid Container Rightclicks. But they fill the Fluid Container instead of emptying it. They also have special interactions with Bathing Pots and Mixing Bowls below them, so you can basically use those as a Kitchen Sink now. Also I should mention that Drums can still accept Covers, in case you wanna hide them behind the Tap.

[FIXED] Cassiterite Melting Point being below Tin Melting Point.
[CHANGED] Considering Mekanism Osmium no longer as the same thing as actual Osmium. But you can still turn Elemental Osmium from GT into the Fake Osmium from Mekanism using the Generifier. This essentially nullifies all the Sources of Osmium for GT that are located in other Mods, since it's an entirely different Material now. Old Osmium Ingots and Stuff from GT will turn into the Elemental variant automatically. Also GT Tools made of Fake Osmium aren't that good anymore.
[ADDED] Fishmeal (shreddered Fish Meat) and related things such as Recipes and Food Items. Yes, it is like the Mariculture Stuff, note that due to balance reasons, I decided to make the Mariculture Fishmeal just 1/4th of a Dust (aka Small Pile of Dust).
[ADDED] Mortar Recipes for Meat and Fish related Stuff, so Mince Meat and Fishmeal are now earlygame and not Post-Shredder anymore.
[ADDED] Raw Meat and Fish Ingots can now be crafted in a Mixing Bowl, by adding Flour to the Mince Meat or Fishmeal.
[ADDED] Juicer, it does essentially what the Squeezer does, but less efficient and by Hand. It's made of Hardened Clay. Can also make Seed Oil for creating Sealed Wood.


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