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[CHANGED] whenever small Gem Ores drop a flawed or chipped Gem, they will drop 2 or 4 of them respectively. [ADDED] Bumble Bees. Totally not a Forestry Bee Ripoff or something. The System is quite a bit different and less forgiving. Bumblebees have a chance of Mutating over time for every generation. This makes short Lifespans very useful if you want to upgrade the breed. The Lifespans can range from 1 Minute to 2 Hours. However a short Lifespan also means that the chance of mutating in the wrong direction is more likely, because the Mutation can also happen to be a Downgrade, so in the end you likely want a long Lifespan on the highest Tier of Bumblebee to make it less likely to downgrade randomly. Every Bumblebee Species has a different Texture. Most of them are quite funny. Also there appears to be a Bumblebee Species that seems to have access to some substance I would never add to the Game. XD [ADDED] Bumble Hives. Harvestable with Scoop. They spawn mostly on the Side of Hills, as they have to be 1 Block below ground, while still having to be visible from the Side. The more Drones a Hive drops, the better the Offspring Count of the Bumblebees of the broken Hive. (1 = Bad, 4 = Max) The more Combs a Hive drops the better the production Rate of that breed of Bumblebee (1 = Bad, 10 = Good) Hive Blocks can be collected, but they won't drop any more Bumblebees if you place and break them. You can paint them or use them as Deco if you want. [ADDED] Bumblelyzer (Beealyzer BLOCK for analyzing Bumblebees with the help of Liquid Honey or Honeydew, I don't plan for an Item Variant to exist at all) To scan a Bumblebee it has to attach a tiny piece of Paper to the Bumblebee with the Data printed on it (the inkless kind of printing). It can process up to a whole Stack of Drones for just 10L of Honey(dew), since it only needs to scan one Bumblebee and then attach the Paper Tag to all 64 of them. If for some reason an already scanned Bumblebee enters it, it will not cost anything but a little bit of Energy to deposit it in the Output Slot.

[OOPS] I overrode the previous version with this one... Guess I gonna combine the Changelog Parts for that then... [NOTE] I changed the way how Mechanical Safes and similar synchronise their Owner to the Client, by basically only sending over the Information of "That Safe is not yours" to the Client, instead of sending the whole 16 Bytes of Player UUID, what would waste way more Network Bandwidth than I'm comfortable with, considering I just added spammable private C-Foam Blocks. [FIXED] Way too many Recipes, so that they use counterpart Materials properly. Like Knightmetal or Meteoric Steel being able to be used in more Steel requiring Recipes and similar. I really did way too much of those fixes, and now I don't know if I find the time to make actual new Features this week... [FIXED] Measuring Pots and Clay Jugs were not able to fill a Cauldron with Water and Bathing Pots and Mixing Bowls will fill with Rainwater now. [ADDED] The Magnifying Glass can now identify Rocks. [ADDED] Iron alike Rocks can be used for Flint&Tinder now. This includes Meteoric Iron Rocks if you really don't wanna smelt them into 2.25 Nuggets. [ADDED] Advanced C-Foam Spray made mixing Palladium Dust with regular colored C-Foam. It can only be broken by its Owner, or strong Explosives. Also prohibits Tool usage or putting on Covers by anyone other than the Owner. [ADDED] You can now add Potion Effects to solid Food Items by bathing them in the Potion Fluid or in Medicine/Laxatives. The whole thing is capped at 1 Potion Effect per Food Item though, so no Effect combinations. It does not work with Splash Potions or Lingering Potions. There is not going to be any Tooltip showing what Effect there is on the Food, so you can't see if someone is gonna poison you. [COMPAT] Made sure some Bluepower Items were properly recognized by my System. [FIXED] The Death Point Function of the Compass to work on Servers now. [FIXED] Some Creative Tab Issues. [FIXED] Flint bearing Rocks not generating at all in 75% of the Chunks, because I forgot to remove a randomizer that I used in Berry Bush generation, also lowered the per Chunk spawn Rate of Rocks, because of this being fixed now. [FIXED] Debarking Non-GT Trees not causing the Fast Leaf Decay Update. [FIXED] Cauldron washing Ores was not working properly when the item starts bouncing around. [FIXED] Meteoric Steel missing the alloying Recipe. Also Meteoric Iron/Steel is a good Crucible Material and easier to handle than Vanadium. [FIXED] Forgot to fire an Event when a GT6 Tree grows from a Sapling. [FIXED] Tools made from Infused Water Shards from Thaumcraft didn't require the Thaumium Handle for some reason. [CHANGED] The Adventure Mode Starter Kit is now disabled per Default, and it now just contains some Sticks, some Flint, some Dry Grass, a Large Sandwich and a Sixpack Purple Drink. [CHANGED] The Texture of the regular Rock Item to make it easier to distinguish from the Ore bearing ones. [CHANGED] Berry Bushes are now Light and Rain sensitive. Rain will let them grow twice as fast. If the Bush is within Sky Light, it won't check the actual Light Level and just grow as usual. Only the Center of each Bush is going to be checked for Light and Rain. [CHANGED] Crucible Molds can now be hand harvested. (only if you placed them after this update!) [IMPROVED] I made a special Crafting Recipe Type for Toolhead+Handle to reduce overall Crafting Lag and NEI clutter, meaning that no Recipe will be visible, and that the Tooltip is essentially required to determine the needed Handle. Also in some cases you can for example use different Types of Wood or Steel Handles now. [IMPROVED] The amount of Crafting Recipes is now drastically decreased, by replacing shapeless Crafts of Nuggets to Ingots etc, with one Recipe per Type instead of one Recipe per Type+Material. This basically killed NEI support though, so I need to think about how to solve that. [ADDED] Tooltips to hint at Shapeless Recipes for Nuggets, Ingots and the likes that lack NEI Handlers. [ADDED] Small Ores for Salt and Rocksalt, and also Small Ores for Teslatite and Electrotine when their respective mods are loaded. [ADDED] Sticks to Worldgen, the same way as Rocks basically. [ADDED] Tooltips showing which Handle you need for a Tool Head, and if the Toolhead needs to be sharpened. [ADDED] Gem tipped Steel Pickaxes, which however only have a quarter of the Durability of their Full Gem Counterpart. Useful if you have flawed Gems (2 per Pickaxe) and don't know what to do with them. In order to make them you need Steel, so you need to be willing to "waste" 3 Units of Steel for making one. Also some Gems are NOT a good Idea to use for this purpose!

[FIXED] Zombie Pigmen don't drop the same stuff I added to Zombies anymore. Instead they drop different slightly more Nether related things now. [CHANGED] Adventure Mode Axe is now Adventure Mode Knife. [CHANGED] Dirty Water and Seawater filled Wooden Buckets can be emptied by Sneak-Rightclicking. [ADDED] Fast Leaf Decay Functionality to all Trees now. It can be turned off in the Config if seriously needed. That makes the fast Leaf Decay Mod worthless to have since it's now integrated into GT6. [ADDED] Zombies can now drop regular Stone Rocks too, at the same chance the Flints are dropped.

[FIXED] Bushes attaching to already attached Bushes, even though I only intended the grounded Bushes to be attached to. [FIXED] Juicer voiding excess Fluid if you juice too much Stuff at once. [FIXED] Mortar is now also craftable with Steel Ingots, not just Iron Ingots. [FIXED] Saplings were not burning as Furnace Fuel. Also fixed several burn Values for Wood related Blocks. [FIXED] Exploits regarding Wood and Iron Doors being worth 6 units even though some Mods add the x3 Doors Recipe of future MC Versions, ending up making it worth only 2 Units. I will x3 the Iron Door Recipe too from now on. [CHANGED] Regular Honey Combs and Wax Combs can now be done via Squeezer, Juicer and Mortar. Not just via Centrifuge. I only do the Forestry-Only Combs as a Centrifuge exclusive, because their thing is a Centrifuge aswell. [IMPROVED] Juices (but not Smoothies) have more Food Value now, so they are a bit more worth it. [ADDED] AE Presses can be made from Scratch using the Tier 3 Laser Engraver, making it more possible to disable those annoying AE Meteorites. [ADDED] Horses, Donkeys and Mules now drop Meat when killed. They will also drop more Meat if they have good Jump or Health Stats. (I intentionally left out the Speed Stat, because it's not variable for Donkeys and Mules) [ADDED] Zombies now have the following additional Drops when killed by a Player (Looting does not affect these chances): 25% Flint; 20% Stick; 10% Mud Ball; 5% Matches; [ADDED] Compass that actually points towards North. It even has a few Modes, like pointing into the direction that you Face like on a Map (aka inverse North) or pointing to Spawn like the vanilla Compass. Even to your latest Death Point, if you don't quit the Game like a whiny Ragequitter. Relogging without entirely closing the Client won't delete that Point. All Compass Modes aside from the North Mode are hidden from NEI. [ADDED] Tiny Rocks that are spread over most Biomes. Their worth is 0.25 Units of Material + 0.25 units of Stone. (also ofcourse I got that Idea from Terrafirmacraft) They can indicate that there is a Large Ore Vein up to 25 Blocks below the Ground in a closeby Chunk, if the Rocks themselves contain a certain Ore. Some Rocks are also dropping Flint, that can be used for Flint Tools. There is a 1 in 32 chance that the Flint will be a Meteoric Iron Rock instead (I also tweaked Meteoric Iron and Meteoric Steel). Other will just be literal Rocks that can be used for some early Tools but not for Swords or Knifes. They can also be crafted into Cobblestone Blocks if you got 4 of them. The Coal Variants can be burned in a Furnace too, if you desire to use them that way. It should be possible to find those Rocks in the Nether and the End aswell, just not that abundantly. Rightclicking will directly insert the Rock into your Inventory, but I would use a Fortune Pickaxe on it instead.

[ADDED] A Config to use Electric Cables from GT6 as RF Emitters (1EU:4RF Ratio so it is 1:1). Placing Stuff adjacent to a GT6 Battery Box or Dynamo will work too. You can power most random RF Mod Stuff with GT6 EU using this Config (but NOT the other way around!). If anyone prefers this kind of Compat over the inbuilt Engine RF Compat, they can turn it on. Note that it will not convert EU to RF for GT6 Machines that happen to accept RF (such as the RF Converters), unless you have a RF Conductor inbetween. This is because my Stuff always prioritizes my own Interfaces and not the RF ones.

[FIXED] Basic Machines when they got interrupted, while having the Running Possible Circuit on them, were not restarting as soon as possible, unless you inserted somethign that would match the recipe. [FIXED] A ton of Bugs regarding the recharging from IC2 Battery Armor Pieces. [FIXED] Several Issues that happened when no version of IC2 was loaded, and reworded the Requirements List on the Download Page to reflect this fix. [FIXED] Engines were not working with the Adjacent Machine ON/OFF Functionality. [CHANGED] Clay Jug and Clay Measuring Pot Recipes now require the Rolling Pin to be made aswell (in order to flatten the Clay easier before shaping it). [CHANGED] Flint Tools, except for the Pickaxe, the Sword and the Club, can now be made in a 2x2 Grid (I made every Flint Tool only require one Stick/Bone, just like regular GT6 Tools do, since those are also 1xHandle + 1xToolHead) [CHANGED] Sneaking while rightclicking a Dust Funnel with a Monkey Wrench will now cycle backwards through its Modes. [ADDED] Battery Boxes can now finally charge and decharge IC2 Items, I made the Tier conditions very loose, so you can do MV Stuff in LV and vice versa. Note, that Energy and Lapotron Crystals will not work in them and are blacklisted. However the Armor Pieces are not blacklisted. [ADDED] Jugs and Measuring Pots can now fill Growthcraft Rice Paddies with Water by clicking the Rice ontop of the Paddy. It will reduce the Water content by up to 70 Liters for a fully dry Paddy. [ADDED] Brown Clay Blocks, aside from being Brown-Orangeish they are almost exactly like normal Clay Blocks. This variant is slightly different as it contains Potassium instead of Sodium. The Lithium Content stays the same as the one of regular vanilla Clay. It is possible to generify any Brown Clay into vanilla Clay, what essentially would be able to turn its Potassium into Sodium, but that would be pointless considering how infinite Sodium is through Ocean Water. [ADDED] Clay "Veins" below Grass in Plains and Savanna alike Biomes (Independant from the Ore Vein Generation Grid). It will generate 3 times more often with Brown Clay than with Vanilla Clay. So you can now have large 48m x 48m Clay Mining Pits that are at most 7m deep. I did this also because Clay is annoying to acquire when digging for it in Water, and because Bricks look nice as Building Material. Also also, Mesas shouldn't be the only Biome where you can get Mass amounts of Clay for Clay Dust. [ADDED] Mud Blocks, which will slow down anyone walking on them and are Spade compatible. Swampwater will turn all adjacent Dirt or Grass Blocks into Mud Blocks when updated or freshly generated. You can Plant Sugarcanes on Mud even without an adjacent Water Source. [ADDED] A Prototype for Berry Bushes (Prototype as in no Crossbreeding System what-so-ever for now, they DO Generate). The one you can get from the Creative Menu does not have a Berry assigned to it, just rightclick the Bush with a Berry of your choice to set it. There is no benefit in attaching a Berry Bush to another, it just looks better and has a smaller Size, while giving exactly as much as a regular sized Bush. They will generate in Forests and Plains with random Berry Type.

[FIXED] Jugs and Measuring Pots crashing when rightclicking a TileEntity while filled with Water and with IC2Classic being installed instead of IC2exp. [FIXED] Club did not give Time to Strike Achievement. [CHANGED] You can now only drink from placed Jugs if you click their Top. [ADDED] Jugs, Cups and Measuring Pots now get filled with Water when they are in the Rain. [ADDED] Jugs and Measuring Pots can now fill Growthcraft Rice Paddies with Water, and that slightly more efficiently than Buckets, but as a slight downside not in a 3x3 Area.

[NOTE] Before Updating to this Version it is advised to Update to 6.05.26 or 6.05.27 first for making sure the last Slot in the Cutter doesn't get filled with the Fluid Display Item. (I added one more Output Slot to it for the Bark) [REMOVED] The old 2D Measuring Pot and it's corresponding Item, that I once planned to use more, but that Idea got replaced entirely by 3D Fluid Containers instead. [CHANGED] Flint Tools can now not only be made with Sticks but also with Bones. [IMPROVED] Ore Byproduct List in NEI. [ADDED] Coal and Graphite Ores can now be bathed in HF to get more Graphite out of them. [ADDED] A Ceramic Jug for early drinkable Fluid Storage, that stores up to 2000L (can be filled by clicking Fluid Blocks, but won't place them in World). Also changed the Measuring Pot Recipe to no longer require a Bending Cylinder. [ADDED] A Club (weapon) so that Bear989 can go full Caveman on Mobs with slightly higher Damage than a Sword. It works like a slow Pickaxe too, and it costs 6 Units of Material and crushes Blocks, just like the Hammer. [ADDED] Ore Blocks for PFAA Stones, even though GT6 disables Ores per default if PFAA is loaded. It somehow only grabs the 16x16 Textures when copying them. I guess that is some weird PFAA Render thing and therefore not really something to fix on my side without way too much effort. [ADDED] Vanilla Furnaces now require some sort of Firestarter in their Recipe to be crafted. (Matches, Flint&Tinder, Flint&Steel, Fire Charges and Lighters work too) [ADDED] Cinnamon Tree, that has Cyan Planks. Instead of Bark it drops Cinnamon when being unbarked. The Cinnamon won't regrow though, so you can cut the whole thing down anytime. [ADDED] Tree Bark. It can be outputted in half the usual amount by the Cutter when cutting non-debarked Logs, and it counts as a Dust. It can be used for Wood Pellets too. [ADDED] Dry Bark Version of the Firestarter. Dry Bark can only be gotten from debarking Dead Logs (which do spawn even in Deserts). [ADDED] Random rotten, dry (dead), mossy and frozen Logs to the Landscape. They don't count as Logs for the OreDict, but they do have Planks (which do count for OreDict) 3 of them can be made using normal Logs in Machines. The Mossy ones spawn Mushrooms and Harvestcraft Mushroom Gardens ontop of them. So the original Mushroom Gardens, that don't really generate that nicely looking, could be disabled. [ADDED] Wood Beams for MC, IC2 and GT6 Logs, which are basically just Logs without Bark on them. Only used in Processing (gives +1 Plank) and as Decoration, not gonna do anything with Physics on them. They can be made by rightclicking a compatible Log with a Saw, Knife or Axe, the Axe only losing half as much durability as the others. Works with most Wooden Logs of other Mods, but will only result in a generic looking Wooden Beam (I tried my best to at least let the rotation match after rightclicking). [ADDED] Hydraulic Debarker. It is debarking Logs to not only get more Bark for your Bite, but also more Wooden Planks from your Logs in the Sawmill. It does work on all modded Logs too, but will only output a "generic" debarked Log in those cases that will give you a "generic" Wooden Planks Block. It has a left to right configuration in regards of Input and Output like the Sawmill, while auto-accepting Water from the top and rotation Power from the back.

[IMPROVED] Some of the Swampwater and Oceanwater Worldgen. Also fixed Lighting in newly generated Oceans and Swamps, because Minecraft was very retarded. [ADDED] Dryer Recipe for Swampwater (less efficient in making distilled water than literally anything else, but it makes Dirt!)

[FIXED] Lighting Issues in GT6 Dungeons, if they somehow aren't fixed in NEWLY GENERATED ones, please tell me. [REMOVED] The Recipe for the Actually Additions Fermenting Barrel, because it should not be THAT stupidly easy to make Oil. [REMOVED] The Supporter Lists are now no longer attempting to connect to Dropbox, if the normal connection to the GT Website fails (what never happened so far, but hey I'm paranoid), since the Dropbox Links are invalid anyways, because Dropbox sucks. [CHANGED] Doubled the amount of Samples in the Prospecting Behavior of Hammers. Note that Sample Count has nothing to do with the Range! The Range is still the same (as in dependant on the Tool Quality). [CHANGED] Ice Cream Recipe to require Cream instead of Milk. Also added Honey Ice Cream. [IMPROVED] The Nether portal Room now contains a Chest with matches and some Nether related Items, as well as a Netherwart Farm on the Walls to left and right. [IMPROVED] The Workshop Room now has a Bookshelf that is guaranteed to contain all the Main GregTech Manuals. [ADDED] Fat Stat to the now five Food Stats a Player can have (it's about Blood Fat, not Body Fat :P), which will cause a Heart attack if it gets too high (like if you eat 2 Bars of Butter in a row or something stupid like that). [ADDED] Twilight Forest Portal Room to the GT6 Dungeons (the Portal is not lit, but it is ready to just throw the Diamond in to activate it). It can only spawn if there is a Nether Portal or End Portal already and Twilight Forest is installed. There is also a Chest containing a Diamond, 16 Liveroots and a Twilight Forest Portal Manual (for people who dont know how to throw a Diamond into that Water Pool). [ADDED] Mystcraft Library Design to the GT6 Dungeons if Mystcraft is installed. Also added a Myst Portal Room, which can only spawn if an End Portal Room already exists. [ADDED] Dirty Water to Swamps. Remember Ocean Water? Dirty Water is similar, but won't spread towards Air and will fill Bottles and Buckets with Dirty Water. [ADDED] Ore Block variants for Granite/Diorite/Andesite of Chisel and Et Futurum, Marble/Limestone of Chisel and Abyssal/Quarried Stone from Railcraft. [ADDED] Medicine Bottles which are always drinkable regardless of Hunger Bar State. There is the healing kind with 20 Hearts, so it's useful for people who have more than 10 Hearts. And the Hunger Bar reducing kind aka Laxatives, which remove 10 Hunger/Saturation (and no, I will not add anything other than the Hunger Effect to the consumer of it!).


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