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[DEV-NOTE] The randomcode.jar updated, but I think Addon Devs dont need to redownload it.
[FIXED] Garnet Sand, Quartz Sand and several other Ores had "null" Materials in their Components due to Classloading Orders, since the moment I made Rutile part of a type of Sapphire.
[FIXED] RTG is now compatible without crashes, even when GT6 Streets are enabled.
[FIXED] Wooden Stick Cutting being 32 RU/t instead of 16 RU/t on the Cutter.
[FIXED] Some Wooden Devices such as Reinforced Chests did not have the "Flammable!" Tooltip.
[FIXED] Ore Blocks inside Marble, Basalt or Limestone were slower to break than they should have been.
[CHANGED] The Nexus Building is different when no Streets Generate, and made of Stone Bricks instead of Concrete.
[CHANGED] Pincers now last 10 times longer by using less durability for Molds.
[ADDED] More Byproducts for Manganese related Ores such as Pyrolusite.
[ADDED] Cheap Barrel variants for Bismuth, Bronze and Brass (so not just Lead anymore).

[NOTE] I am playing/playtesting a Modpack with Twilight Forest, Erebus, Tech Guns, Thaumcraft and ofc GT6 in it, so I can fix minor Bugs that I stumble upon.
[CHANGED] Thaumcraft Nitor now counts as Torch for Tool based Torch placement and removal. This also makes it universally harvestable by GT6 Tools in Adventure Mode (previously required Crowbar).
[ADDED] Et Futurum Coarse Dirt is now able to be turned into Mud by Swampwater.
New Biome Diversity at the Center Area of the Map that can be enabled in the Config, just like the Streets.
It contains most Biome Specific Resources but pretty much no Ores.
It also contains all 5 current GT6 Rock Types, Both Colors of Clay, Hardened Clay, all 3 Types of Dirt, Sand, Red Sand, Black Sand, Snow, Ice, Packed Ice, Cactii, Rocks, Sticks, Flints, Flowers, Tall Grass, the first 4 Vanilla Tree Types, Cocoa, Pumpkins, Melons, Lily Pads, Glowtus and Mossy Cobblestone.
Nexus Building at the Center of the Overworld (Disabled in Config per default), which contains inactive Portals to the Nether, the End and Twilight Forest.
[FIXED] Coin Stacks that have more than 127 Coins did not drop anything when shoveled...
[CHANGED] Any Rightclick on a GT6 TileEntity with a Thaumometer will be ignored entirely, so you dont have to hold shift for scanning GT6 Stuff anymore.
[ADDED] Recycling Recipe for Glass Bottle to Glass Block in vanilla Furnace, and most Books and Papers are mortarable now, but you only get the Paper Chad off of it, not the other parts!.

[NOTE] No, I will not sell my Soul to the Changelog!


[COMPAT] The 7 Botania Quartzes get handled properly by my Machines and Recipes now.
[FIXED] Plenty of Bugs with: Wrenches in IC2C, wrong Tooltips on Spikes, GT6 Cinnamon Bark harvesting without Pams installed, Glass/Sulfur not being Mortarable, and more.
[CHANGED] I just noticed that my "registering TechGuns Ammo as not auto-insertable to the Storage Inserter" was pretty much useless, since the Mod actually has an Ammo Inventory (which isn't and wont be scanned by said Storage Inserter), that I didn't think about when doing that. So that Registration will be undone for everything of TG.
[CHANGED] Mortar Recipes can now accept larger Items like Ingots, Plates and Gems if the Materials they are made of are Brittle! Coal, Salt, Redstone, Sulfur, Stone and similar count as Brittle.
[ADDED] Rubber Pipes. They are the only Pipes that can directly be "broken" by Hand (kindof like unscrewing a Rubber Hose). Also changed the Max Temperature on Wooden, Plastic (97°C) and Rubber Pipes, so Steam is no option for those ever! if you don't like their Black Color, then paint them. :P

[COMPAT] Some remaining TechGuns Material Data and Recipes were done.
[FIXED] Crash Bug with the Thaumonomicon and Item Tooltips that have a Wildcard Metadata on them.
[FIXED] Fluid Tooltips now no longer state that Air is lighter than Air.
[FIXED] Prospecting not working on GT6 Rock Types... Don't know how I could have let that happen for such a long time... It definitely never worked in the first place...
[ADDED] Selector Tags 0-15 can be used as Mode-Selector-Cover now. They cant be switched to any other Mode without detaching them from the thing they are placed on! (otherwise the Manual Selector Cover would be obsolete)
[COMPAT] Remaining Erebus Items got their Recipes and Stuff done. Most notable would be the Erebus Bug Repellant Spray Can that has a canning Machine Recipe with GT6 Spray Cans now, and said Empty Cans will be dropped whenever you use the Repellant, instead of being voided.
[COMPAT] Mo'Creatures Horses drop Horse Meat and its Logs and Planks are now registered in the OreDict.
[COMPAT] The Highlands Mod's Biomes and Items should be more compatible now, even though I cant believe how bad it was before I fixed a lot of those things... Its Ironwood Trees actually give small amounts of Liveroot Dust when shreddered too.
[COMPAT] TechGuns
RF Powered Devices will accept up to High Voltage Electric GT6 Power, just like Open Modular Turrets, Galacticraft or Applied Energistics.
Its Ammo Items are now recognized as Ammo by the Storage Inserter, meaning you won't just insert your not-in-hotbar Ammunition into a Wall of Mass Storages, when doing your normal Storage business, because that would be annoying.
The Undead Mobs of Tech Guns now drop similar GT6 Items as the Vanilla Zombies and Skeletons.
Boxing Machines can fill/empty Magazines with Bullets and such.
GT6 Crowbars can be used to break "Ore Clusters", just like the Tech Guns Crowbar. Note that they lose a lot of Durability for that!
[COMPAT-FAILED] HBM's Nuclear Tech
Could not be added Compatibility to, because it takes more than half an hour to load, when GregTech is installed (and the Lag is on HBMs Side, even though caused by the enormous amount of GT6 Items).
Note that I used a "Just GT6 Pack" for this that usually takes 2-3 minutes to load and added HBM to it.
And also NEI takes Minutes to load Recipes when I look up Recipes, meaning I can't check the Data at all with HBM installed.
And no, I didn't even run out of Memory, It only used 2 of the assigned 8 GB RAM, so that's not the Lag Source, it's likely the NEI Handler of HBMs that fucked up, or that HBM iterates over its entire Recipe List to find a fitting Recipe, what is utter garbage considering there is a thing called "HashMaps".
TL;DR; HMBs Nuclear Tech needs MASSIVE optimizations, or else I will simply not be able to add Compatibility for it, even though I want to. I saw that it still did updates 2 weeks ago, so not all hope is lost.
Edit: Okay I did add at least some Blast Resistance Tooltips to Blocks and compatibility with its Hazmat Suits, because that I can do without looking at Recipes in NEI.
[FIXED] Berry Bushes didn't work properly for some reason.
[FIXED] Wires and Pipes didn't properly connect to Non-GT6-Blocks per default when placing them directly against their Side.
[CHANGED] The Adv Crafting Table will now only craft all Items at once, if you Shift-Rightclick the Crafting Output Slot. That way it cant accidentially happen when you just Shiftclick Items out of the Grid. Also Shift-Leftclick now crafts only a Stack (kinda like regular rightclick) but dumps that one Stack into your Inventory, without it sticking to your Mouse.
[CHANGED] The Club will now make Vanilla Stone drop Stone Rocks the Hammer will continue dropping Gravel or Cobblestone in that case.
[CHANGED] Meteorite Rocks have a 1 in 12 chance to spawn instead of Flint Rocks, instead of a 1 in 16 chance, now.
[CHANGED] Ore Blocks that can generate in the Overworld will stay after you remove their corresponding Mod, such as Underground Biomes, PFAA, Et Futurum and Chisel. So you only need to replace their Rocks with Stone using MC Edit before removing them.
[ADDED] Air Vent Cover. It collects Air around it and inserts it into the Tanks/Pipes it is attached to. Doesn't work on Galacticrafts Planets for obvious Reasons. It will give slightly different Air depending on Dimension (namely Nether and End).
I went through the List of Items Erebus adds, to see what they could be used for.
I did not expect THAT many potentially compatible Items, when looking for the Mod that adds Jade, that I saw it in one of Ethos Videos.
Damn, even needed to add Ore Generation Handling to it in order to make Umberstone properly Ore-Generateable.
And I fixed some of their Bucket related Fluid things too, as it uses the Biomes o' Plenty Honey instead of the Forestry Honey.
[NINJA-FIXED] Loot Chest Replacing didn't work properly.
[FIXED] Some Stone alike Gears were not craftable the new intended way (4 Rocks + 4 Stone Blocks), and they were not usable as Buildcraft alike Gears despite being made of Rock.
[CHANGED] You can no longer use Stone alike Blocks for crafting Hammers. The Clubs can still be made with Blocks.
[ADDED] Breaking the GT6 Cobblestones with a Hammer, Club or Jackhammer will give you Rocks that can be used for Basic Tools. Don't worry, the natural Smoothstone still drops Cobblestone, so you can still Jackhammer the Granites and Stuff.
[ADDED] There is now more earlygame Tools available. Bamboo and Petrified Wood can be used as Handles and more Rocks can be used as Toolhead.
[ADDED] Sanding Machine. It does the same Stuff that the Grindstone does, but in Machine Form.
Long Distance Item Pipelines and Fluid Pipelines.
They are similar to Long Distance Wires, and they are also One-Way.
Unlike the Long Distance Wires, they don't have any Loss, since they don't really transport Energy.
The Transfer of Items and Fluids is instant, basically Teleportation, but lets just pretend it's going through that Dummy Pipe.
Nonuple and Quadruple Fluid Pipes work with the Long Distance Fluid Pipeline too.
[FIXED] When Roads were enabled, all Vanilla and GT6 Surface things close to the X and Z Axis ceased to generate, regardless of being in the Overworld (where it is intended) or not (such as in the Nether, the End or Twilight).
[CHANGED] The Bedrock Ore Variety has increased a little, because I felt like it while assigning Flowers to the Bedrock Ores.
[ADDED] Config to turn off Death by the currently 5 Types of Food Poisoning. You will be left with Half a Heart though!
[ADDED] Config to disable overground (>= Y:50) Mob Spawns close to Spawn. It is defaulting to TRUE, so for about 144 Meters in each direction from Spawn there is no Mobs spawning.
Special Flowers generating in Grassy or Deserty Terrains.
They indicate the Location of the rare Bedrock Ore Mining Spots.
Bedrock Ore mining Spots do have a bunch the regular Ore around them, so they are still useful.
If you want to produce more of these Flowers, you will have to use Bumblebees to create more of the ones you already found.
The Desert Flowers work for both, regular Flower Bumblebees and Desert Bumblebees.

//=== Version Number Jump because of Fluid Pipes changing a bit ===//

Fluid Pipes have their Tank Capacity halved, but they still transfer the same amount of Fluid per Tick.
DRAINS NEED TO BE ON PIPES TWICE THE SIZE TO WORK PROPERLY!!! (unless they are in an Ocean, Swamp or River)
This will also affect filling of vanilla Cauldrons and Advanced Worktables, as you need a Pipe twice the size for that now.
Don't worry, excess Fluid in Pipes on loading the World wont be voided, and it likely won't overflow anything either.
Yet still I verily recommend to turn off all Steam related things before the Update.
I will let my Test Bear run all his pipe connected Boiler Setups before and after the Update, to make sure nothing blows up on your end either.
[COMPAT] Fallen Meteors Mod
I checked it for OreDict related Information. I added 5 new Materials due to that.
The Magnetization Enchant of it is now applied to all Magnetic Materials of GT6 if it is installed.
[COMPAT] Railcrafts Implosion Enchant will now automatically be applied to a lot of Gems. Implosion = Extra Creeper Damage.
[FIXED] A Bug that crashed GT6 with Ars Magica.
[FIXED] Large Ore Veins were generating all over the Y Axis, having a different Y Coordinate for generating in each Chunk.
[CHANGED] Electrolyzer and Centrifuge decomposing Recipes will now use 14 instead of 16 as a Basis for GU/t.
Some Alloys can now have multiple Attack Enchants attached to them.
Black, Red and Blue Steel now have their Sharpness slightly nerfed due to that, since they got quite a few additional effects now.
Electrum now has Smite, Disjunction and Werebane for example.
Damascus Steel is still Sharpness 5.
[ADDED] Universal Spade can now place Torches
[ADDED] A more convenient Recipe for Dispensers, using Droppers as step inbetween, without having the unstackability of Bows make things a bitch.
[ADDED] Slime Fluid and Slime Bottles that can be used like Glue Bottles. It gives you a chance of Jump Boost.
[ADDED] Plastic Storage Boxes, that are like Mass Storages, but for 128, 256, 512 or 1024 Items at a time and way cheaper than even the Item Barrels, once you get Plastic.
Optional Worldgenerated Asphalt Streets along the X and Z Axis.
I know from own experience that Roads are a Server Infrastructure thing nobody really wants to work on, so Worldgen it is. Maybe I can later add Structures to this too.
The Roads have Signs every 512 Meters, close to the Region File Borders. The Signs tell what Coordinates the 4 Region Files have at the Chunk Border between the Sign and the U-Turn Section.
Once the Middle Crossing at 0, 0 is Generated, it will automatically set the Server Spawn Point to itself once (It won't try to do that anymore after the Crossing generated). The Compass may point to the old Spawn until you reload the Client.
They are disabled by Default because they could be seen as not only unfitting for the more Medieval/Fantasy Playstyles, but also because they are easily exploitable Sources of Asphalt and Concrete.
Note, that GT6 Dungeons do not spawn close to these Roads (at least 256 Meters away), so they won't help you find them at all!
GT6 Trees, Logs, Sticks, Rocks, Bushes, Glowtusses, Bumblehives, Black Sand and Clay Pits are at least 64 Meters away from the center of a Street Section to not interfere with the Road itself.
I know that Tunnels sometimes have Light Update Issues, but unlike with the GT6 Dungeons where I fixed them already, those Issues are pretty much unfixable for Roads, as I would have to cause an Infinite Worldgen Loop to make those Lights work! THAT's how Terrible Minecraft is!

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