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    This is the channel about my creative works in Minecraft, as well as my game programming stuffs & original music!


    1. 作为一个台湾省Youtuber,你会上传Minecraft中文视频吗?

      A: For the fact that the audiences on my channel are worldwide, I have to post the videos in English, whereas some popular videos may also contain Chinese CC subtitles.

    2. I can't open the map "Republic of FlashTeens" in my Vanilla Minecraft.

      A: Check your Minecraft version, which should be currently 1.13.2 to play this map.

    3. I can't find some advanced tutorials about how to make your subway system or other mechanisms.

      A: You may suggest the idea(s) on this channel or on my Instagram.

    4. I have other problems about your map.

      A: Please check out the FAQ section on my blog.

    5. What is your server IP?A:  From Oct. 31, 2020 on, there is a Beta server that shows my current development progress for visiting purposes. Please check out my Instagram for the IP.