德鲁伊工艺 (Druidcraft)
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    • Druidcraft is a druid-themed mod that is in an extremely early stage! It's full of 1.14 vanilla-friendly features, and will always receive constant updates. Plans for the future include a spell system, magical plants, runes, rituals, totem-carving, conjuration and more! Plus, it just looks great!


      Current features include but are not limited to:


      - Bone armour, tools and weapons! Stone/chainmail level, but with the durability of iron and a ton of enchantability.


      - Industrial hemp for all your string-related needs! Grows up to 2 blocks high and can also be used in the creation of rope, a soon-to-be-placeable block that at the moment can be used to make leads without requiring slime!


      - Darkwood trees, a new type of tree bearing a lightweight, ashy wood. If you're the adventurous type, they're found in the darkwood forest, a biome that spawns in cool regions.


      - Four new ores! Moonstone, amber, rockroot and fiery glass. They're slowly accumulating uses, but while they're still a little useless, they'll be dropping double experience, just as an incentive! <3


      - Decorative wood blocks! Introducing wooden beams and wooden panels. The beams are a nice, robust block to make all your builds look a little more sturdy and the panels are a soft, vertical variant of planks, making great walls and floors!


      - Beetles! The beetle is a hostile, tanky looking bug that has grown to such a size that it can't fly, nor does it need to! It's extremely dangerous, but if you're feeling cocky then golden apples should suit its tastes. To heal it while it's tamed, use regular apples. Try adding a chest onto it for massive storage!


      德鲁伊工艺 (Druidcraft)-第1张图片

      - Dreadfish! Ever wanted a glow-in-the-dark, skeletal ghost-fish? Well now you can have one! While hostile normally, should you tame it with prismarine crystals it will love you forever! It's even dyeable!

      畏怖之鱼!是否曾经想过在黑暗中发光的幽灵鱼骨架?现在你可以见到了! 在通常情况下它充满敌意,但你可以用海晶砂粒驯服它。它甚至可以被染色!

      - Mud bricks, an amazingly early-game building material that is bound to please the eyes. To craft it, you just need some dirt, and to be standing in the water. It's a bit of dirty work, but it's well worth it! Once made, place them down, and they should dry over time.


      - Sickles! Who doesn't want to mow the grass out of an area in a pinch? Say goodbye to the water bucket and hello to the sickle! The higher the tier, the bigger the area, and the best part is that they make decent weaponry too!


      - Soulfire, the flaming soul of a dreadfish. Should you manage to slay a few of the spooky fish, you should come across this magical stuff. It's placeable as a light source, and can be dyed in a crafting table, just like the living thing!


      - Fiery torches! They're like regular torches, but much better! Using fiery glass, you can create a waterproof, brighter torch that just looks more amazing than the old, boring torch you're probably used to. 


      - Moonstone gear, made from the elusive moonstone! It's a tier above diamond, but will require diamond to obtain. 


      - Chitin armor! As a reward for fending off all those beetles, you can use the chitin they drop to make decent armour! It's roughly between iron and diamond tier in quality.


      - Fiery glass is now smeltable! It'll do a good 12 smelts, so make sure to grab a bunch.


      - New lanterns! Ceramic ones, jars with moths in them, or even magical ones that cause baby animals and plants to grow faster!


      - Lunar moths! Moths that spawn randomly in the world like most animals do. They can be caught in bottles and put on display, or let out in a custom farm back at the base to farm the glowstone they shed. Try to collect all six colors!


      - Rope is now placeable, and connects up to blocks. It wraps around fences and small beams when placed next to them, and it's climbable too! You can even hang all the lanterns from it, even the vanilla one!


      - Elder trees are now added! Let them grow, and they'll cycle from bare, to flowers, to berries! Either collect the flowers early, or let them grow into berries first, it's up to you! If left for too long, the berries will decay, and some will drop passively off the tree.


      - Blueberries! They act similarly to sweet berries but due to not being a thorny bush they will not prick you! Not too hard to find around the plains or forests.

      - 蓝莓!它们的类似于甜浆果,但由于不是带刺的灌木丛,它们不会刺伤你!在平原或森林周围不难找到。

      - Lavender! This has a use for later, but at the moment simply acts as a pretty flower!


      - New foods are on the table! Blueberry muffins, apple-elderberry crumble, or elderflower cordial are the only things on the current menu.


      - Crates are similar to barrels, but add an aesthetic change, for now at the very least. They have later plans, but for now just enjoy!





      Users of 1.14 also trying to use Optifine, they will need to install a fix that unfortunately turns rope invisible here. Make sure to install it and make sure it's selected. Optifine is funky and clashes with some of the older code.

      1.14的用户也尝试使用Optifine,他们将需要安装一个修复程序,不幸的是,这会使绳索隐形。确保安装并确保已选中它。 Optifine很时髦,并且与一些旧代码冲突。

      If you have any questions or issues regarding the mod, or just wanna keep an eye on progress, come by Druidcraft's Discord! Come check out the Mystic Modding Team's Discord, too!