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6.12.02 [ 编辑 ] 2020-02-28


[NOTE] This one automatically triggers the outdated Major Version Notification to nonupdated Users (once it is released), because ofcourse the first one or two of a Major Version tend to be buggy.

[FIXED] TerraFirmaCraft Attack Damage Multiplier for GT6 Tools to be 80 instead of 10 and actually showing in the Tooltip.

[FIXED] Thaumcraft Aspects for Nuggets and Ingots now check if they are supposed to be Metallum, and if not, then they will replace it with Ordo.

[FIXED] Reactors blew up when no Coolant was in them while a minimal amount of Power was left over and they did not have any Rods.

[FIXED] IC2-Classic Watermills should now accept Ocean and River Water. This requires a pending update on the IC2-Classic Side aswell.

[FIXED] GT6 Tools should now work with Treecapitator installed as long as Treecapitator detects them as valid Tools.

[FIXED] A Rare NEI Recipe List Crash. (Concurrent Modification Exception when clicking Progress Bar)

[FIXED] Bedrock Ores did not generate Indicator Flowers and Indicator Rocks in Twilight Forest due to its Terrains normal Height of Y31 instead of Y63.

[FIXED] The Code that made Plates, Ingots and Rocks placeable did not check if the Stack was already a Block, meaning it just replaced things like Greatwood Planks or Silverwood Planks with the Stack-of-Plates Block.

[FIXED] Gearboxes sometimes breaking/overloading on World Load.

[FIXED] Some Issue with Coke Ovens and other Ignition based Basic Machines, hopefully.

[FIXED] Bumbliaries were lacking Tooltips.

[FIXED] Reactor Rods in general were not ON/OFF sensitive.

[FIXED] The Running-Possible Sensors now also return Redstone when the Output happens to be blocked at that moment.

[FIXED] Made Tooltips for Power Input/Output of Machines now have a special verbiage for a Minimum of "1 Unit per Tick" or less, by saying "up to MAX per Tick" instead.

[CHANGED] Coke Ovens now have 9 Output Slots due to the Recipe that outputs 5/6 Chunks of Coal Coke, so that each Coke Chunk gets 1 Slot.

[ADDED] Chili Crop which was missing.

[ADDED] Snow Golems can have their poop picked up by GT6 Hoppers automatically without constantly breaking a Snow Layer Block. Also works with Et Futurums silent replacement for Snow Golems, yes I luckily noticed that...

[ADDED] Reactors can use Distilled Water as Coolant, but that uses a different System so beware. Also it is not tested or finished yet! Also Reactor Explosions are disabled yet again until.

[ADDED] Geiger Counter Sensor courtesy of Erik3003.

6.12.01 [ 编辑 ] 2020-01-21

[FIXED] A doubled up Magnifying Glass Tooltip on the Large Heat Exchanger.
[FIXED] Large Heat Exchanger did not let Pipes connect to its Output.
[FIXED] The ON/OFF State of a Reactor while setting it up is more consistent now. Also Soft Hammers can turn it ON/OFF too now.
[FIXED] Crucible Crossings were rather directional when chained together.
[CHANGED] Purified and Refined Coal Ore in the Coke Oven will give 5 Chunks of Coke instead of 1 Gem.

6.12.00 [ 编辑 ] 2020-01-14

[NOTE] Bugfix Releases will still happen ofcourse. ;)
[FIXED] A long going Bug in the Steam Engines that made it impossible to run them at their upper Limit. I would still not recommend running them that fast but I cant tell you what not to do.
[CHANGED] Large Fermenter Auto-Emits Items and Fluids at different places now. Fluids stay at the same Position, Items are one block above.
[CHANGED] Reactors can explode now.
[CHANGED] Welder has 9 Input slots now. Because someone wanted to add GalaxySpace Recipes to it via MineTweaker.
[ADDED] NEI Recipes for GT6 Machines are more sorted now thanks to a Code submission by codewarrior.
[ADDED] Singleblock Diesel Engines for easier usage of Rotational Units. They run at 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 and 512 RU/t depending on Tier.
[ADDED] A Crossing for Crucibles so that more Molds can be around one Crucible without having to use limited Universal Extenders.
[ADDED] Squeezer Multiblock, even though it was not on the List. It was easy to just copy most of the Multiblock Shredder to do this, also it was kinda needed for the Multiblock Fermenter.
[ADDED] Multiblock Heat Exchanger. 16384 HU/t split evenly over the 8 Heat Transmitter Outputs, so cover them all up in Heat Accepting things or some large Heat Accepting Multiblock.

6.11.26 [ 编辑 ] 2019-12-31

[FIXED] The Ender Garbage System and some other things, did not save their contents properly when the Server was shut down because of Forge "resetting the Item and Block IDs to what they were when the Client was started" for no reason whatsoever.

[FIXED] You can no longer jumpstart a Fusion Reaction using a cheap Fuel just to run an expensive Fuel afterwards for nearly free.

[FIXED] Multiblock Baths, Coagulators and Centrifuges were conducting Logistics like the Logistics Core.

[FIXED] Part of the NEI Lag Spike Issue when clicking the Progress Bar for the Recipe List.

[CHANGED] Normal Electrolyzer, Centrifuge, Distillery and Dryer now can process multiple things in Parallel (ofcourse for increase of overall Duration).

[CHANGED] Adamantium has its Melting Point lowered by 200K to 5225K. Now it can actually be molten properly in the highest Tier non-Adamantium Crucible.

[ADDED] More Fusion Recipes in general. Not all are useful, but if you want to get rid of Helium, you can do that now.

[ADDED] Recipe for Vibranium using the Fusion Reactor and molten Adamantium with Beryllium-7. It's also a good working Fusion Fuel as in outputs lots of Tritium, Helium-3 and Helium.

[ADDED] Multiblock Fermenter. Should make Biomass Production much less bothersome.

6.11.25 [ 编辑 ] 2019-12-23

[CHANGED] Matter Fabricator Multiblock now uses Ventilation Units instead of Galvanized Steel Walls.

[ADDED] A few new Ore Processing Recipes to make getting Lithium-6 possible and Nuclear Ore Refinement more possible.

[ADDED] Fluid Display Items can now rightclick fill Blocks with their Fluid directly.


Fusion Reactor.

An Octagon fitting in a 19x19 Square. If you dont know what an Octagon is, the Sesame Street has you covered https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7jpz_55EdM

The Center has a Computer shaped Cube in it.

Its GUI has Instructions as to how to build it in simple 3 Pictures. The Tooltip states how much of each thing you need.

You need to power the thing with Laser Units in order to start it up, but once it is running you can turn off the Lasers. Laser will have to go into the "Glass" Windows of the Ring.

8192 EU/t Output on the Sides that have the Electric Interface on it.

6.11.24 [ 编辑 ] 2019-12-16

[FIXED] Taped Mass Storages were voiding Items when used with the Storage Inserter. I’m sorry for anyone losing Resources due to that.

[FIXED] Botania Ingot Shiftclicking on Beacon resulting in placing Ingot instead of summoning Spirits.

[CHANGED] Adamantium, Gaia, Bedrock-HSLA and Draconium Fluid Pipes now have a higher Capacity.

[CHANGED] Chemtubes can now be used for setting Fluid Filters.


The Matter Replicators are working 256 times faster/cheaper now, and Matter Fabricators are half as fast now (to offset the cheapness).

This means the actual Matter Fabrication is gonna be the Bottleneck now, and it also means that it’s easier to produce on Demand, if you have enough Matter fabricated in advance.

I did this because Multiblock Matter Replicators don’t make sense since they could only do one Material at a time. (And I also dont wanna deal with all the USB Blueprint Stuff for a Multiblock)

[CHANGED] Matter Fabricators and Matter Replicators now no longer require constant Power Input and can be interrupted without losing Progress. Same goes for Time Based Machines such as Bath, Coagulator, Coke Oven, Generifier and Autoclave.


Matter Fabricator Multiblock.

Accepts any Power Input between 1 and 2097152 QU/t and has a 100% Efficiency. (Made to accept ZPM Levels of Quantum Power)

Made with a crapload of Lead (to shield against “radiation” from making the Matter), Osmium Coils and Quadcore CPUs.

6.11.23 [ 编辑 ] 2019-12-09

[NOTE] I’m sick since Thursday Evening, that’s why this Release is so small. I hate going outside…

[FIXED] Dust Ores were able to be Crushed due to a derp in the Code. They were supposed to be Sifting Only.

[CHANGED] Gearboxes wont jam anymore if mismatching Power enters them, but they will WASTE most of it now when mismatching! Note that Power coming from the opposite rotation will STILL jam the Gears!

6.11.22 [ 编辑 ] 2019-12-02

[NOTE] Enabled Weather and Fire Related Explosions now. But not the Overcharge ones.

[COMPAT] Plantmegapack has had some Stuff done such as its Bamboo Types being Wood Types now.

[FIXED] Mode Selector Covers now update their visuals whenever a Block Update happens. This only ever happened if someone was dumb enough to use 2 Mode Selector Covers on the same Block.

[FIXED] GalaxySpace Ores were not recognized for removal.

[CHANGED] Nerfed ZPMs again to be 500 times less, and therefore exactly as much as they were pre-buff. I decided instead of realism the ZPM has to be a convenience.

[ADDED] ZPM Dechargers. One for QU and one for EU, so you have to decide if you just wanna use a ZPM for Massfabs, or if you also wanna use it for Electricity but then inefficiently convert from EU to QU.

6.11.21 [ 编辑 ] 2019-11-24

[COMPAT] Some MineFantasy II Stuff is now supported, but not much of it.

[COMPAT] Soil Types of Enhanced Biomes now have more individualised Sifting Recipes.
[COMPAT] Water Blocks from the Streams Mod count as Infinite now, just like River Blocks. Please be aware those Stream Blocks do spawn vanilla flowing Water around them which do NOT count.
[FIXED] Compatibility with Tinkers Gregworks for GT6. It broke whenever I renamed some Variables.
[FIXED] Lack of certain Types of Support/Recipes for Milky Quartz. Now it should be just as compatible with GT6 as Nether Quartz. (This does not mean decorative Blocks yet)
[FIXED] Rails are now no longer considered Furnace Fuel even though they have Wood in them. This caused Issues with the Railcraft Tunnelbore and should be fixed now.
[FIXED] Long Distance Electric Transformers are no longer infinitely producing Energy when IC2-Exp is installed. HOW THE FUCK DID THIS NEVER GET NOTICED!?!
[CHANGED] Lazurite and Sodalite can now be used to make IC2 Coolant too.
[CHANGED] I decided Niter is now a 50:50 mix of KNO3 and NaNO3, that way mixing those two together can be used to craft it if needed. Also KNO3 and NaNO3 Ores have now been replaced by Niter Ores. Should you want to separate KNO3 and NaNO3 for certain Chemical Recipes, use a Centrifuge. Most Mixing Bowl Recipes such as Gunpowder allow Niter too now.
[CHANGED] Dryer and Distillery are no longer subject to Overclocking Penalties.
[ADDED] NEI Handler for "Other Relations" which is dedicated for random helpful Information, such as "Air Vent -> Air" or "Drain -> Water".
[ADDED] Adamantium Gearboxes and Axles as a high Tier, so that it's never impossible to transmit large amounts of Power.

6.11.20 [ 编辑 ] 2019-11-17


It has been over a year since I ran at “full Energy” due to Asthma. I’m glad that my motivation is finally back in full capacity, regardless of which project I’m working on!

Like look at all this crap I got done this week. I actually did things, instead of spending half the day in Bed and working only one or two days a week, instead of almost every day now!

[COMPAT] Electrical Age had some work done Itemwise. But not gonna do its Power System.

[COMPAT] Rotarycraft Dry Ice can be made with Freezer now.

[COMPAT] The Reactorcraft Fluorite Crystals are now OreDicted by Color and properly compatible in Recipes if that matters to anyone.

[IMPROVED] There is now Code in place to make sure OreDicted Items from other Mods are not deleted from GT6 Storages (Mass Storages, Compartment Drawers, Advanced Crafting Tables, GT Chests etc, not Player Inventories!) should you uninstall those other Mods. This will fix the underlying Issue of mandatory Unification for certain badly written Mods killing your well earned Items when you uninstall them.

[FIXED] Crucible Issue with Graphite and other things that just vanished when you inserted too much of them at once.

[CHANGED] Crucibles in Galacticraft Planets now require Oxygen above them in order to be able to get Air from KU to make Steel.

[CHANGED] Ruby now uses the same Texture Set that Sapphires have to make more clear that Rubies are technically Sapphires, and so they are less confused. Ofcourse I thought about Fools Rubies too. :wink:

[CHANGED] Some Glass alike Gems now use a Slimeball alike Pearly Texture.

[ADDED] Coal, Charcoal, Coke etc. Bricks. They are Ingots, meaning Nuggets and Chunks also exist for them (meaning better Fuel regulation). Vanilla Coal and Charcoal can easily be handcrafted and generified to the more shapely Bricks and vice versa.

[ADDED] Ingots, Plates and Gem Plates can now be placed in World.

[ADDED] The 9 Colors of Fluorite as well as the 6 Colors of Aventurine as small Ores.

[ADDED] Milky Quartz Rock Layer. Purpose being a Surface Level Quartz Ore so you dont need to go to the Nether. Totally not because Rockhounding has that Quartz Type and I did not add a Surface Quartz yet. (Quartzite does not count)

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