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6.11.00 [ 编辑 ] 2019-08-04

//=== Version Number Jump due to changes in the Multiblock API ===//

[FIXED] Jackhammer not placing Torches anymore, the Mode Switch accidentially overrode it.

[CHANGED] Oil Shale can be used as Fuel now, it’s only as efficient as non-coked Lignite, but it works. You get Stone as “Ashes” from burning it.

[CHANGED] Atlarus (Metallurgy) is now available through Bedrock Drill and UUM.

[ADDED] GT5Us three HSS Steels.

[ADDED] Osmiridium and Carborundum IV Wires.

[ADDED] Carborundum Coils (The Large Electric Oven can alternatively accept those too).

[ADDED] Roaster Recipes for Carbon Monoxide from Carbon Dioxide.

[ADDED] Railcraft H.S. Rails and Adv. Rails can now be made with Silver, Electrum or Platinum.


Working on the GT6 Version of an AE or Logistics System.

Note, that this isn’t gonna be a Storage GUI or Crafting on Demand, this is purely for automation!

I hope I at least get the Basics done til Sunday.

You are going to need at least 110 Crystal Processors of varying Types to craft this thing, I would go and craft at least their Sockets in preparation if I were you. ;)

This thing is gonna be customizable, so which Processors you choose can determine what Type of Management it will do best/fastest.

6.10.28 [ 编辑 ] 2019-07-28

[NOTE] Having over 30°C three days in a row kinda did a number on me, so not much being done, at least programming wise, I did do some other Stuff in the Basement, where it’s colder.

[CHANGED] All Sensors now run during the End of the Tick instead of the normal Tick, this should give much more consistent Results.

[ADDED] Tachometer Sensor for RU on Axles.

6.10.27 [ 编辑 ] 2019-07-22

[FIXED] Mini Portal Chunkloading Issues. Now I just validate the Targets more often.

[FIXED] Some Mining Tools were not able to harvest Silverfish properly.

[FIXED] A Bug that made the Dust Funnel way slower than intended. It essentially only converted one single Item per tick into Dust Percentage, instead of one Stack.

[FIXED] Some Redstone thing with the Mini Portals. They should now react faster to the other end being disabled or unloaded.

[CHANGED] The Higher Tier Smelters now use Carbon Crucibles instead of Tungsten Crucibles.

[CHANGED] Ender Air when centrifuged gives Krypton, Xenon and Radon now, instead of Helium, Neon and Argon.

[CHANGED] Dust Funnel wont do visual Updates anymore if an opaque Cover is ontop of it.

[ADDED] Titanium-Gold Alloy can now be mixed.

[ADDED] Ender Bumblebees can now produce Chorus Fruit, and Chorus Fruit can now be mixed with any type of Fire Potions to make Dragon Breath when Et Futurum is installed.

[ADDED] Jackhammer Mode to not break Ores while mining. Note that this does not apply to those huge Layers of Salt, Coal or Bauxite Ore and the likes, only regular Ores.

[ADDED] Wooden Buckets for Maple and Rainbow Sap. They can both be used to make Torches too now. The Glass Bottle Variants work too. Also String has no longer to be crafted into Wool to make those Torches.


Nanoscale Fabricator, or Nanofab for short.

The Main Purpose of this Device is to create certain Graphene based Products such as Wires, Foils, Plates and Rotors out of Carbon Dust (see Sugar+Acid Recipe).

This makes the creation of several previously unavailable Graphene Products possible. Including the Carbon Crucibles and their Accessories (Yes I know those usually are Graphite, but this is more of a Game Balance than a Realism thing).

IC2 Carbon Fibers got way nerfed as they are now behind the Nanofab in the Tech Tree.

You will need Small Lasers in the Crafting Recipe and Electricity for this to work. Because of the precision required I wont let this thing run on LU, as that is more for large Scale Production like Welding.

6.10.26 [ 编辑 ] 2019-07-12

[NOTE] I’ll probably have to reschedule the Release Cycle in some way, due to real life Stuff that takes away two days of each week from now on.

[COMPAT] The Mineralogy Mods Rock Types are now generated with my Stone Layer Generator. Note that I wouldn’t recommend that Mod as it generates Sand, Sandstone and Gravel Layers that I cannot replace.

[FIXED] Universal Spade wasnt able to harvest all Rails like the Crowbar was.

[FIXED] You can now put Covers on the Top of Hoppers and Queue Hoppers.

[CHANGED] Ores from Ore-Layers, such as Salts, Coals or Bauxite, are now considered Dense Ores, effectively doubling the amount of Crushed Ore you get from them, and therefore halving the amount of time you need to spend mining at entire Layers.

[CHANGED] The Crusher now has 6 Output Slots instead of just 4, which should make the Dense Ores from Ore Layers better to configure.

[CHANGED] Germanium can now be used as substitute for Silicon in Circuit Recipes. Yes you can make Germanium Boules now.

[CHANGED] The First Tier of Crystallization Crucible now uses a Quartz Crucible in its Recipe instead of Iridium.

[ADDED] You can now generify any OreDict registered Fish to the original Vanilla Fish.

[ADDED] Tier 3 Crystallization Crucibles can now do colored Sapphire Boules. The Lathe can also make Boules into Long Rods now.

6.10.25 [ 编辑 ] 2019-07-05

[NOTE] Soul Forest is not going to get Compat, it’s just too bad of a Mod… Putting Titanium Gems on Sticks to make Titanium Rods just overdid it for me, along with giving each item its own ID and not registering literally anything to the OreDict, not that I would want it considering all the exploits that would cause…

[COMPAT] Funky Locomotion should now accept GT6 Electricity just like it does RF. Don’t be scared about wasting Power, those Motors just have a huge Storage of 64000 EU (= 256000 RF).

[COMPAT] Abyssalcraft Material Data has been added. And some similar standard Greg Compat Stuff such as using Spades on its Grass Types.

[FIXED] Fluid Densities did not match up with the Material Densities, but now they do.

[FIXED] Electrolyzation of Eudialite is now possible.


Implosion Compressor

It works almost just like in ye olden Days. You insert Gem Dust, a Selector Tag and your Explosive of choice and BOOM it makes the Gem or Gem Plate you wanted.

There will ofcourse be Noise complaints as this thing definitely does an Explosion Sound anytime it processes something.

The Multiblock is a hollow 3x3x3 of Dense Tungstensteel Walls, while the Main Block is centered at the Bottom of whichever Side it is facing.

Explosives Supported are Vanilla TNT (8), IC2 ITNT (4), GT6 Dynamite (2) and GT6 Strong Dynamite (1).

6.10.24 [ 编辑 ] 2019-06-28

[FIXED] The Fluid Rendering Height Fix from 6.10.19 was slightly broken for other Mods. Now it works again.

[FIXED] Some Furnace Recipes being missing due to me accidentially removing most of my own Furnace Recipes in the previous Versions change. XD

[CHANGED] Smelting any Material based thing other than Dusts and Scraps in a Furnace will give EXP depending on the Tool Quality of the Material + 1.

[CHANGED] IC2-Exp “Pahoehoe Lava” will now give slightly more outputs when centrifuged, but also uses more Power.

[ADDED] The Generifier can now turn IC2 Steam and IC2 Superheated Steam into regular Steam. It will go by the Power Value instead of the Water Amount, so no Power is lost, but it might lead to an infinite Water Recipe Loop or at least a “Turn Power into Water” Loop.


Heat Exchangers

Turns Lava into “Pahoehoe Lava” and generates 80 HU/L or 80000 HU/Block from it. Same goes for IC2 Hot Coolant to Coolant (20HU/L).

Be aware that IC2 Hot Coolant cannot be stored in GT6 Tanks, as it is a power conducting Fluid just like Steam!

6.10.23 [ 编辑 ] 2019-06-21

[IMPROVED] The Loading Step for Prefix Listeners is now much faster as I just casually kill off all MC Furnace Recipes that could potentially be wrong (dust to ingot, ore to ingot, ore to gem, etc) and then simply add the proper ones back later, so I do not have to check each and every Recipe individually.

[FIXED] Adamantium, Vibranium, Gravitonium and McGuffium were not UUM fabricateable. (if you ever happen to find samples of them ofcourse)

[CHANGED] Vitriol Electrolyzation Recipe. Now requires Selector Tag 1 instead of 0 and also needs Water, but it will output Sulfuric Acid directly.

[CHANGED] Mn + H2O to MnO2 Recipe now outputs Hydrogen.

[ADDED] The Lightning Processor can now produce H2O2, K2SO4 and Na2SO4.


Duct Tape!

For the purpose of making Mass Storages carryable.

Note that depending on the amount of stored Items more durability is used in order to make the Mass Storage moveable.

There is multiple Tiers of Tape, the basic one having a Limit of 10000, Duct Tape having 100000 and “BrainTech Aerospace Advanced Reinforced Duct Tape FAL-84” having a Limit of 10 Million.

The Tapes act like Tools, similar to Sprays, so I might add a functionality for using Tape on other things.

You have to manually remove the Tape from a placed Mass Storage or Item Barrel again to use them. For this you can use Scissors or Knives.

6.10.22 [ 编辑 ] 2019-06-14

[FIXED] Bushes were not working in Plant Pots.

[FIXED] Very few PNG Files were somehow “grayscale” instead of “grayscale+alpha” resulting in java somehow messing up Transparency, even though all Image Editors could still see the transparency.

[FIXED] Even fewer PNG Files were somehow much brighter than they were supposed to be, such as Gray colored Black Sand.

[CHANGED] Circuits now have Roman Numerals on the top left of their Texture making Tiers easier to see at a quick glance.

[CHANGED] Several Purified Ore Acid Bathing Recipes now output slightly more Stuff. Platinum Group Sludge got buffed too after I found out it gives 12 times less Sludge than other Methods of getting Iridium from the same Ore…

[ADDED] Prismarine Pylons to Deep Ocean Biomes in order to make Prismarine available.


4 Shades of Grass (they are all a Shade of Green).

The Grass doesn’t spread, get eaten, need Light, spawn Mobs nor change its color because Biome.

It is crafted with 8 pieces of regular Grass (use a Spade for Silk Touching it) and a Dye (Green, Lime, Black or Light Gray). Also possible in the Bathing Pot to save on Dyes.


Item Retriever Cover.

Similar to the Item Filter Cover it can only Filter for 1 Item (or Filter for all but 1 Item).

Though you can just not Filter at all and make it take all Items stack by stack.

It can only be placed on Item Pipes, and will pull Items from Inventories connected to the Pipe Network.

6.10.21 [ 编辑 ] 2019-06-07

[IMPROVED] Ran all PNG Files through a PNG Optimizer to reduce Filesize (optipng). This reduced the total size of the GT6 Jar from 17.8 MiB to 15.7 MiB. There might be some broken Textures where Minecraft somehow does not recognize Transparency. Please report any findings of this sort.

[FIXED] Fixed unavailability of HOP Graphite due to Coal Coke Dust not being Unificated.

[FIXED] Maricultures Natural Gas Bottles were not obtainable through GT6 Natural Gas.

[ADDED] Config for adding a minimum distance to 0,0 for the old type Worldgen Large Ores.

[ADDED] Universal Plant Pot. Basically a way to place any Type of Crop (except IC2 Crops because they are fucked up) ontop of a single decorative yet slightly difficult to craft Block.

6.10.20 [ 编辑 ] 2019-05-30

[FIXED] a Serverside Crash because Mojang accesses Render IDs for Pathfinding on the Server…

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