- Added a Quark Programmer Art resource pack, that's automatically available the first time you load the mod.
- Changed some internals regarding registry calls.
- Fixed the Weather Detector having a name that mismatches with the vanilla one.
- The trowel can now use reacharound, and so can any other modded items that add in the new tag.


- Fixed mossy cobblestone bricks not being craftable with the stonecutter.
- Fixed a typo in the config restrictions not allowing the "the_end" biome to be read, which caused big dungeons to spawn in the end. You have to reload the part of the config to fix the issue in your end.


- Added a recipe to smelt bones into bone meal
- Added Wooden Posts
- Fixed client/server desync when using horizontal reacharound
- Fixed shingles having incorrect map colors (pau101)
- Mega caves are now a bit smarter when generating, so as to not expose themselves to the sky and handle liquids properly (TelepathicGrunt)
- Removed and optimized files in the built jar to lower file size


- Fixed a crash when generating mega caves underwater

- 修复了当生成水下巨型洞窟的时候回崩溃的问题
- Fixed infinity water buckets converting other bucket stacks into copies of itself

- 修复了无限附魔水桶会跟其他普通水桶堆叠导致复制自己的问题
- Fixed the blue foxhound spawn data overriding the red foxhound spawn data, and causing red foxhounds to not spawn

- 修复了红色火狐不生成的问题
- Fixed the matrix enchanting incorrectly capping the amount of pieces an item with enchantability higher than iron can generate

- 修正了矩阵附魔错误地限制了附魔能力高于铁的物品数量

- Improved underwater mega cave generation

- 改进了水下巨型洞窟的生成


- Added the ability for Chains to connect blocks when moved with pistons
- 现在当锁链链接的方块被活塞移动时,会带动锁链另一边的方块了

- Removed some code that didn't work with the latest forge. The code was unused anyway so you won't notice any difference other than it probably won't crash now lol

- 移除了一些没用的代码,大概没什么区别但是现在大概不会崩溃了lol




This version changed Pipe behaviour to help improve RAM usage. If you had Pipes placed down in your world, upon updating tothis version, you'll have to break and place them again.Apologies for the trouble, I had to change the block states for pipes to fix the issue.





- Fixed a huge memory issue with pipes. Expect having to use ~400MB less RAM now.

- 修复了管道大量使用内存的问题,现在管道应该使用少于400MB内存。
- Fixed animals looking up when eating from feeding troughs.

- 修复了动物通过饲料槽被喂食的时候,看向天空的问题
- Fixed animals not eating from feeding troughs (this only occured after the mod was compiled due to a mapping issue).

- 修复了动物不使用饲料槽的问题(这个问题仅当由于映射问题而编译时存在)
- Fixed crevices and mega dungeons that intersect oceans not having water in them.

- 修复了裂缝以及大型地牢在位于海洋生物群系时没有水的问题
- Made the Config button for Quark in the mod list work. (Hubry)

- 在mod列表能看到夸克配置按钮了
- Pipes now connect flush with chests.

- 现在管道和箱子能无缝连接了
- Removed the ability to have pipes connect to fences. This is tied to the memory issue mentioned earlier.

- 现在管道不能与栅栏相连接了,这个问题也涉及到管道的内存使用问题
- Tweaked JEI integration a bit. (Hubry)

- 稍微调整了JEI集成

- When the Console Experience mod is loaded, the gui buttons are now shifted a bit to accomodate for the X button it adds.

- 当控制台体验模块被加载时,gui按钮现在会些许位移,以适应它添加的X按钮。


- Updated to 1.16.3

- 升级到1.16.3
- Added a network profiler thing that's disabled by default and I used to test the network traffic issues, you probably shouldn't use it but it's there

- 添加了一个默认禁用的网络档案器,我用来测试管道网络流量的问题,你可能不会使用它,但它就在那

- Added the ability to burn a vine to prevent it from growing more

- 为了防止藤蔓过度生长而增加了一个能使藤蔓燃烧的能力
- Fixed pipes and matrix enchanting outputting a ridiculous amount of network traffic

- 修复了管道和矩阵附魔输出的荒谬的网络流量的问题
- Fixed pistons not rendering when moving blocks

- 修复了当活塞移动方块时不渲染的问题
- Fixed quark's config never loading restrictions

- 修复了夸克配置从不加载的问题

- Glass item frames can now be placed on signs

- 玻璃物品展示框现在可以被放置在告示牌上了
- Leaf carpets now break instantly and can be replaced with other blocks

- 树叶地毯现在可以被瞬间破坏,且可以使用其他方块来直接替换了(类似草)
- Quark chests will now replace chests in vanilla structures

- 现在原版结构里夸克的箱子会取代原版箱子了
- Red foxhounds can now be shiny (1/256)

- 红色火狐现在可以发光了
- Soul campfires will now pull you down if you fly over them with the elytra

- 灵魂营火现在会在当你使用鞘翅从上方飞过时将你向下拉了
- Soul sandstone can now hold blue fire (bageldotjpg)

- 灵魂沙岩现在会正常点燃灵魂火而不是普通火了


- Fixed foxhounds spawning in insane rates in the soul sand valley

- 修复了火狐疯狂生成于灵魂沙峡谷的问题

- Fixed quilted wool not having a block variant

- 修复了缝边羊毛没有方块变种的问题


- Added Bamboo Mats
- Added blue foxhounds, which spawn in the soul sand valley
- Added the ability to tie leads to fences and paper lanterns
- Added the Ingame Config System - you can now configure the mod from inside the game using the q button!
- Candles now have a default enchantment power of 1 rather than 0.5, as the enchanting table doesn't like adding up numbers with decimals
- Changed the message that appears when you reload a config to be a bit more indicative
- Fixed a bug where every time you reloaded your config, pipes got twice as slow
- Fixed Crab spawn biomes not being configurable
- Fixed crash on macos
- Fixed emote sounds not working
- Fixed foxhounds only spawning in netherrack, they can also spawn in soul sand, soul soil, and basalt now
- Fixed players in spectator mode triggering monster boxes
- Fixed quark ladders not making sound when climbed (EltrutLikes)
- Fixed quilted wool not being usable as a fuel
- Fixed slime in a bucket reporting incorrect values (Tethik)
- Fixed the chest minecart recipe not accepting non-vanilla chests (EltrutLikes)
- Fixed the mouse 4 binding to back buttons not working
- Fixed the q button disappearing if put on the right
- Fixed trowels not being able to be smelted into iron nuggets
- Increased toretoise spawn rate
- Pathfinder maps are now only sold by expert and master cartographers, in order to still allow explorer maps to be easily acquired


- Updated to Minecraft 1.16.1
   - 1.15 worlds SHOULD be compatible, but make sure to do a backup
   - If you choose to transfer a 1.15 world, Quark chains and compatibility chests will disappear, this is normal
   - The block ID for Quark Basalt (now Voidstone) remains quark:basalt, only the display name is changed


- Added a utility recipe to craft Red Nether Bricks with Nether Wart Block
- Added back JEI integration for runes
- Added Blackstone to the list of materials that can be mixed to create stone tools
- Added Blue Nether Bricks
- Added Crimson and Warped wooden block variants
- Added stonecutting recipes for Magma Bricks, Charred Nether Bricks, and Blue Nether Bricks
- Added Terracotta Shingles (shingles with no dye, you can dye them separately)
- Added vertical slabs for Blackstone, Polished Blackstone, Polished Blackstone Bricks, Crimson Planks, and Warped Planks
- All types of mushrooms and fungi can now be placed on Glowcelium
- All types of quark chests can now be placed in boats, not just wooden ones
- Extended the cutoff date for the BLM screen til the end of September
- Fixed a cloud dupe
- Fixed custom emotes crashing the game on startup
- Fixed Foxhounds not boosting blast furnaces or smokers
- Fixed Foxhounds rounding off improperly, causing one less item to be smelted than intended
- Fixed nether wart sack not being compostable
- Fixed shulker box drop-in destroying items if added to a shulker box from another mod with a larger than standard size
- Fixed the Bottled Cloud block being able to be gotten through pick block in creative
- Fixed the Bottled Cloud block being flammable
- Fixed the Pickarang not emitting a sound when thrown
- Fixed the potted Sunflower facing the wrong direction
- Items in Pipes will now remember where they came from when they bounce from a full inventory, and will attempt to not go in that direction
- Leashed animals can now walk over grates
- Moved automatic recipe unlock to a separate thread so that it causes less lag when a player logs in
- Reloading the quark config no longer automatically reloads game resources, but rather, prompts you to do it
- Removed compatibility features for Abormals mods' wood chests as the mods themselves will have them now (bageldotjpg)
- Removed the mirror shader for the camera mode as rendering changes in 1.16 broke it
- Removed the quark chain block, defering the functionality to the vanilla one
- Renamed quark's Basalt to Voidstone and made it spawn in the end
- Updated sound effects for netherrack and nether brick variants
- Voidstone and Duskbound Blocks are now dragon immune


- Added mushroom tags for compatibility with Extended Mushrooms. (cech12)
- Added Rainbow Rune back, using a new texture provided by shadeOfAwave.
- Fixed cobblestone bricks not being stonecuttable.
- Fixed enchanted armor with no runes not looking right.



- Updated to 1.15.2
- Added Backpack to Oddities
- Added Hive Chest for Buzzier Bees mod compat
- Added Magnets to Oddities
- Added nice messages to when the night turns day
- Added Pipes to Oddities
- Added Ravager Hide to Oddities as a crafting material for Backpacks
- Added Rosewood Chest for Atmospheric mod compat
- Added secret bee feature
- Added the Mobs module
- Added the Oddities module back, you'll still need the separate jar for it
- Added Toretoise
- Chains can now be hung from fences and walls
- Changed Foxhound models and texture
- Changed the Candle item textures
- Changed the Iron Ladder recipe to use nuggets
- Changed the patreon Dance and Jet emotes, as the full ones can't be done now
- Changed the Soul Sandstone textures
- Fixed a slime dupe with the Slime in a Bucket
- Fixed Frogs spawning with sweaters when not in the holidays
- Fixed Mega Dungeons spawning over the surface, any pieces that would portrude are now culled.
- Fixed Mouse 4 as Back keybind not being localized
- Fixed quark's chests being flammable
- Fixed Thatch not being able to turn back into wheat
- Fixed Thatch not being compostable
- Increased the Cave Root drop rate by 2.5x
- Made Turf craft 4 rather than just 1
- Moved Emotes to Tweaks
- Moved Foxhounds to Mobs
- Moved Item Linking to Management
- Moved Stonelings to Mobs
- Removed Color Runes (the rendering changes in 1.15 make it not doable)
- Removed the ability for emotes to move model parts (not doable in 1.15)
- Removed the needlessly complex hitbox for the Iron Grate
- Removed the Vanity module (features from it were moved to other modules)
- Split Passive Creatures into separate Frogs and Crabs modules, and moved them to Mobs
- The Ender Watcher is now analog and outputs based on how close to the center you're looking


- Fixed server crash
- Added more funny


Initial public 1.14 release.

This is a full rewrite of the mod to make it compatible with the newer version and the things it requires, and as such, a lot of stuff changed.



Please check the full release notes on this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/feedthebeast/comments/ds9hva/quark_20_is_now_available_for_minecraft_1144/


Builds 178-197 were available for private beta testing only.


- Fixed massive log spam caused by a bad packet


- Management: Fixed a dupe with chests in boats.
- Misc: Fixed the Horse Whistle having a very tiny range.
- Misc: Iron Chains no longer cause minecarts to never shut up.
- Tweaks: Fixed the slabs to blocks recipe not working sometimes.
- World: Fixed stonelings always spawning with frogs.
- World: Fixed stonelings not being tamable properly.
- World: Fixed stonelings spawning with frogs and then despawning and leaving the frogs behind.


- General: Added the new Oddities module, including more complex which requires the Oddities addon to be installed.
- General: Moved some things around in the q Button menu to accomodate new buttons and the Oddities module.
- Automation: Added Iron and Gold Buttons. Iron is slow, Gold is fast.
- Automation: Added a Sugar Block. It dissolves if next to water.
- Automation: Added the Redstone Randomizer, made like a comparator but with Biotite.
- Automation: Fixed broken redstone behaviour with observers. (quat)
- Automation: Fixed the Chute desyncing a bit when just placed.
- Building: Added Framed Glass, a new glass type made with iron that looks cool for medieval builds.
- Building: Added Pavement for all types of stone.
- Building: Improved the Carved Wood texture. It no longer looks like a terrible mismash of wood plank textures (which it was).
- Client: Added a better looking effect for mobs on fire.
- Client: Better Vanilla Textures now makes Beetroot Seeds less awful.
- Client: Dropped items now flash when they're almost despawning.
- Client: Fixed panorama screenshots messing up the player's rotation and sending an error message instead of confirmation. (quat)
- Client: Fixed using the search bar when having invalid enchanted books in an inventory crashing the game. (quat)
- Client: Fixed the description for the panorama screenshot feature saying it's triggered by F12 instead of F2.
- Decoration: Added Flower Pots being able to hold every flower. (KnightMiner)
- Decoration: Added Paper Lamps.
- Decoration: Added wood variant Pressure Plates and Buttons.
- Decoration: Colord Flower Pots also have the ability to hold every flower. (KnightMiner)
- Decoration: Fixed paper walls breaking instantly and not having the proper sound assigned.
- Decoration: Paper Walls now have a big variant.
- Decoration: Tallow can now be used as a fuel source, smelting one item each.
- Experimental: Added [DATA EXPUNGED].
- Management: Added the ability to add chests to boats by right clicking them in.
- Management: Added the ability to right click shulker boxes with items to add the items to the box.
- Management: Better Crafting Shift Clicking now supports Villagers.
- Management: Delete Items now has a trash can icon you can drop stuff in.
- Management: Dropoff/sorting now supports forge SlotItemHandler. (asiekierka)
- Management: Fixed a possibility for world corruption with dropoff. (palaster)
- Misc: Added Parrot Eggs. Feed a parrot some Beetroot Seeds and it may pop out an egg after a bit!
- Misc: Fixed a crash with the Slime in a Bucket if the NBT data isn't correct.
- Misc: Fixed some log spam thanks to the glowstone dust and gunpowder blocks not having item models.
- Oddities: Added Pipes, a fancy way to transport items, designed so you need some thought to make them work.
- Tweaks. More Stackables now supports potions, soups/stews, and saddles.
- Tweaks: Fixed minecart interaction not dealing well with cart items that were replaced by other mods like Railcraft. (palaster)
- Tweaks: Fixed villagers that don't know how to open doors being forced to open two doors at a time crashing the game. (palaster)
- Tweaks: Improved Sleeping now turns itself off if you have SleepingOverhaul so it doesn't break it.
- Tweaks: Improved the code for hoe harvesting, it should be able to detect plants from Biomes'o'Plenty now.
- Tweaks: Signs from the Minecraft Guideposts mod are now blacklisted from sign edit.
- Vanity: Fixed desyncs when sitting in stairs.
- World: Added Fairy Rings, new rare flower structures with some cool ore under them.
- World: Added Speleothems (stalactites and stalagmites) to caves, they come in all 7 stone types, as well as netherrack. You can craft them too.
- World: Fixed Cave Crystals not working with Chisels & Bits.
- World: Made world stone clusters more common by default.


- General: Major Config Update

         - Redid the entire ingame config UI to be much more user intuitive
         - Added a "first load" menu that shows up the first time you load quark (when it has to generate the config file)
         - Added a button to the main menu and pause menu to access the config (can be turned off)
         - Added the ability to disable features from the quark website and import them into the game
         - Improved some config descriptions to be more descriptive

- Building: Bark Blocks now default to a 3x3 recipe instead of 2x2 so they don't conflict with Forestry. The config to change to 3x3 has been changed to a config to change to 2x2.
- Decoration: Added a config option to enable recipes to revert quark chests to vanilla chests, case you're using mods that don't use the ore dictionary key.
- Misc: The first time you use Rotation Lock, you'll get a message in chat saying what you did and the keybind to revert it, since a lot of people seem to do it on accident.
- Tweaks: Enderman Anti Cheese is now only enabled in Hard difficulty by default.
- Tweaks: Fixed jump boost step assist not being the correct height. (InsomniaKitten)
- API: Added two new hooks: IFuseIgnitable and IRotationLockhandler
- API: Any GuiScreen with IChestButtonCallback is now accepted as Chest Button enabled.


- General: Added a new Client module, where all the features that don't require the server to have Quark fit. A bunch of features from other modules were moved here. Check the website for the full listing.
- Building: Added the Trowel, a new item that places random blocks from your hotbar.
- Client: Added Improved Sign Interface.
- Client: Added the Usage Ticker, a new HUD element that shows info about how many items/blocks you have left, and the status of your armor.
- Management: Fixed the Deposit chet button being able to place items in slots they shouldn't go into, such as Shulker Boxes inside other Shulker Boxes.
- Misc: Added Animal Poisoning. Baby animals can be fed Poisonous Potatoes to make them never grow up.
- Misc: Added Sweeping Edge to the list of valid Ancient Tome enchantments.
- Tweaks: Added Axe Leaf Harvesting. Axes will break leaves as fast as shears.
- Tweaks: Added Compasses Working Everywhere, which makes them work in the Nether and End, and disables them until they're crafted (to prevent recipe book cheesing).
- Vanity: Reworked Emotes.
    - All Emotes were changed to a new data format.
    - Added Weep and Think emotes.
    - Redid the emote sprites to a new 16x style.
    - Redid the emote menu to allow more to fit in larger GUI scales.
    - Added support for fully custom emotes. Here's a tutorial.


- Automation: Fixed End Rod Block Breakers not working because I'm good at object oriented programming, yes.

- Decoration: Fixed Colored Item frames having the items inside render mirrored.

- Vanity: Fixed Boat Sails not rendering. Again. Hopefully for realsies this time.


- Tweaks: Fixed a server crash with the map tooltip.


- General: Added a Misc module and moved a few features from other modules to it. Check out what got moved on the new section in the site.
- General: Compressed more textures.
- General: Fixed entities not having properly localized names.
- Automation: Pistons can no longer break blocks with end rod unless the rod is directly adjacent to the piston that's pushing. This is a needed evil to fix dupe bugs.
- Misc: Added options to panorama screenshots to change the screenshot resolution and enable full resolution panoramas.
- Misc: Fixed Snow Golems only dropping their head when they DON'T have a pumpkin rather than when they do.
- Tweaks: Added maps rendering in inventory tooltips.
- Tweaks: Added villagers following players holding an emerald block.
- Tweaks: Disabled the pumpkin face texture override by default because it looked really weird when worn.
- Tweaks: Fixed recipes for reverting vanilla stairs not being registered.
- Vanity: Fixed boat sails not rendering.
- World: Changed the cave crystal textures to animated ones by /u/yukosgiti.


- General: Updated to 1.11.2.

- Vanity: Duplicating fireworks now requires source fireworks with the same flight time as the target ones.

- World: Wraiths can now have Llama sounds.


The 101 feature update! Quark now has 101 features to spice up your game.


- General: Any features that turn themselves off when specific mods are loaded now have config options to force them on.
- General: Features now define whether they require a minecraft reload to enable or not. Furthermore, any that don't, can now properly be enabled ingame even if they were disabled before.
- Automation: Added Animals eating food from the ground.
- Automation: Added End Rods working as block breakers when pushed by Pistons.
- Building: Added Soul Sandstone Bricks and Polished Soul Sandstone to the More Sandstone feature.
- Building: Added Soul Sandstone.
- Decoration: Added Iron Ladders.
- Management: Added Deleting Items by pressing Ctrl+DELETE.
- Management: Added Inventory Sorting.
- Management: Moved the Restock button in Chest Buttons and added a Sort button if Inventory Sorting is enabled.
- Tweaks: Added Endermites burying into Purpur, turning into Shulkers.
- Tweaks: Added Food and XP display when mounted.
- Tweaks: Added Food Display on Tooltips.
- Tweaks: The Double Doors feature will now turn off if CharsetTweaks is loaded.


- General: Out of beta, baby!

- Decoration: Added Varied Bookshelves.


- Building: Added recipes for colored Hardned Clay Tiles using 8 normal Hardened Clay Tiles and one dye.
- Tweaks: Added Ladder Deploying. Right click a ladder with another one to make it go down.
- Vanity: Lowered the range in which you can sit on stairs.
- Vanity: Removed the ability to sit on stairs if you're already sitting on something else.
- World: Added a config option to register the pirate hat item only and not the mob or generator.
- World: Fixed limit break books allowing for incompatible enchantments to be used together via an anvil.
- World: Made Wraiths spawn in biomes added to the nether by other mods.


- General: Removed debugs that were left in on accident.
- Decoration: Registered all trapdoors in the ore dictionary, so they work with Forestry.
- Experimental: Added Print Suppressor. Disables STDOUT and STDERR debug messages from mods.
- Experimental: All features are now disabled by default, the module itself is now enabled by default.
- Tweaks: Fixed players in adventure mode being able to edit signs.
- World: Removed respiration and depth strider from the ancient books enchantment list due to them not working properly at higher levels than what vanilla allows.


Initial release