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3.10.1013 [ 编辑 ] 2019-10-28


• The Minoshroom has a brand new ground smashing attack!
• Block and Chain Goblins now fling their flails at their enemies
• More Patchouli additions


• Adjusted some TCon Integration values
• Ur-Ghast got some tweaks
• ru_ru lang updates
• zh_cn lang updates


• The Snow Waifu.. I mean QUEEN.. now targets non-players correctly

• Improved Dark Forest gen
• Fixed leaf placement in tree generators
• Improved chunk generation speed
• Birbs now actively try to avoid drowning.
• Fixed Uberous Soil failing to render correctly without CTM
• Improved death checks for Phantom Knights
• Fixed Wood Door/Trapdoor recipes

3.9.984 [ 编辑 ] 2019-08-07
  • • 添加了骑士盾牌
    • Nagastone Pillars received another property, which dictates which direction the arrows are pointing.
    • 新的木板,包括所有的木材类型 (暮色橡木,苍穹木,红木,黑木,时光树树木, 变化树树木,矿石树树木,分类树树木)以及对应的台阶,楼梯,活板门,按钮,门,栅栏门,栅栏等
    • 新的进度
    • 添加了月相罗盘,它能告诉你月亮的相位
    • 添加了黄金米诺陶战斧,只有32点耐久,有可能出现在牛头人手上
    • 添加了铁梯子

  • • 添加了对Patchouli模组的支持,如果添加了Patchouli,那么游戏中会添加一本手册来引导玩家
    • 添加了更多的微缩模型

  • • 德鲁伊小屋现在有更多的变种和地下室

  • • More mobs now draw loot from loot tables, allowing for easier loot customization 
    • 更多配置选项

  • • option to only allow portals to form in 'safe' locations
    • customisable weights for the various small 'ruin' structures
    • options to customise the ore blocks that spawn in stalactites
    • 添加了法文翻译

  • • 添加更多音乐
    • 给生物添加更多音效
    • A single Phantom Knight now spawns with a Knightmetal Shield while in Hard Mode
    • Alpha Yetis now throw ice bombs during a rampage
    • 鹿现在会远离玩家


  • • Compressed some of the textures again.
    • General Recipe re-organizing/refinements
    • Skylight Forest Tweaks
    • Hollow Trees can optionally spawn in the Skylight Forest
    • The player is now required to wipe all of the Knight Phantoms again before accessing the Dark Tower.
    • Skeleton Druids are now a little more like Vanilla Skeletons, and will only do Druid things when holding a hoe. He's coming to steal yo girl.
    • Expanded possibilities for sheep-derived vandalism with the Crumble Horn.
    • Reshuffled all of the items' rarities in the mod to their more-appropriate rarities.
    • Huge Lilypads are now properly colored.
    • 'twilight_hunter' advancement can now only be obtained in the Twilight Forest
    • "kill X mob in Y structure" advancements are now data-driven
    • Cleaned up some log output in places
    • Small tweaks to Tinkers' material stats
    • Re-organised chisel groups for blocks to be a bit more complete and consistent
    • Corrected ru_ru.lang translations, thanks klmendor!


  • • Tweaked some mobs so they'll obey mobGriefing gamerule better.
    • Tweaked the Portal teleportation logic.
    • Trophies will no longer lose data.
    • More optimizations.
    • We found a place where we accidentally hardcoded the dimension ID. It's like playing whack-a-mole with ourselves.
    • Uncrafting Table's Recrafting mechanic works properly again now.
    • Tons of textures had weird very-translucent bits on them. We dusted them off, and they're looking better now!
    • The Lich Shields syncs a little better between the server and client.
    • Rotated some stair icons, they were facing the wrong direction like the bunch of step-me-downs they are.
    • Made it a little harder for players to milk deer. A bug allowed players to potentially milk them. We swear this isn't a weird mutation thing.
    • Pick-Block logic now works better on slabs.
    • Raven feathers now work as regular feathers too
    • Tree of Transformation should be faster to finish converting an area
    • Adjusted map colours of various blocks to better match how they look
    • Maze/Ore map no longer colours all our blocks pink. It was just a phase.
    • Fix various blocks connecting to Troll Roots. The gift from Mojang that keeps on giving, this.
    • Fix incorrect FOV changes with bows
    • Fix maze maps sometimes not updating correctly
    • Small shrubs now actually appear in swamps
    • Various fixes for particle spawning
    • Lots of other minor fixes, code cleanups and performance tweaks

3.8.689 [ 编辑 ] 2018-09-18


Extra Mob transformations for Powder of Transformation!


Improved textures for Uncrafting Table, Trophy Pedestal, Block-Chain Goblins, and Hermit Crabs.

Shield Scepter's magic shields render fully lit now, unaffected by darkness.

The magic shields also render in first-person.


Fix crash when parrying Naga.

Fix crash with Trophy Pedestals upon unexpected Moonworm.

Small-time optimizations and code tidying here and there!

3.8.654 [ 编辑 ] 2018-08-18


  • Added a Quadraxis to the team, A great addition to the mod.

  • Added Auroralized Glass.

  • Added actual Castle Brick Stairs, literally the sequel to Jesus.

  • Cicadas can now be shot from an Immersive Engineering Railgun. You monster.

  • Added the Skylight Forest.

    • Skylight Forest is a skyblock variant of Twilight Forest with only structures generating on their own little islands and everything else as void.

  • Parrots can now mimic any and all mobs in the mod. [PartyParrot]

  • Added the Scepter of Fortification

    • A new scepter dropped by the Lich that summons five (5) shields around you that each block a hit.

    • Progression advancements each grant three (3) shields that don't decay over time.

  • The Naga Can now be dazed if it rams a blocking shield with its charge attack, knocking you both backwards in the process.

  • Giant Tools now have a longer reach.

  • The Uncrafting Table is now compatible with shapeless recipes. It totally didn't become twice as broken in potential!

    • It can now also cycle through multiple recipes in case of conflict.

  • Added tool shaders for Immersive Engineering with their own rarity, these include:

Twilight, Firefly, Pinch Beetle, Snakestone, Mazestone, Underbrick, Towerwood, Carminite, Auroralized, Ironwood, Steeleaf, Knightly, Fiery, Final Castle, Cube of Annihilation, Questing Ram, Naga, Lich, Minoshroom, Hydra, Knight Phantom, Ur-Ghast, Alpha Yeti, Snow Queen.


  • Reworked the Druid Huts completely.

    • Druid Huts are no longer the number one fire hazard in the forest.

  • /tffeature now can locate structures and can use tab-completion for so.

  • Phantom Armor when worn is now kept on death.

    • It also cannot be enchanted with Curse of Binding and Curse of Vanishing anymore.

  • Improved handling of items displaced by a Charm of Keeping, should be more reliable now.

  • Tweaked Axe damage and speed values to better match vanilla.

  • Blacklisted surface lakes from some of the biomes.

  • Mobs like Deer, Boars, etc. are now unable to spawn on the Glacier.

  • The Minoshroom's charge attack now breaks through blocks.

  • Spiral Bricks are now in the creative menu.

  • Maze ceilings now always generated if there is no terrain.

  • Strongholds are now marked as clear on the last Knight's death.

  • Tweaked the Synergy tool trait.

  • There can now be multiple portal activations items specified in the config.

  • Twilight Saplings can now be used as Furnace fuel.

  • The Encased Firejet and Smoker now count as a wood material instead of stone.

  • Arctic Fur Blocks now break faster with shears.

  • Fiddleheads now require Shears to harvest.

  • The Lich's shields are now proper 3D models instead of two textures loosely glued together.

  • TF now registers its TEs under our own namespace, not the default. We have a datafixer that handles the transition, but once updated to this version the datafix is irreversible.


  • The file TFFeature has been split up into separate files, a massive improvement for large pregenerated worlds.

  • Players can no longer spawn on top of the portal which would teleport them back into the overworld right away. Good lord that was annoying.

    • Improved a lot of the logic relating to the Twilight Forest portal.

  • Fixed an issue with Trophy Pedestal progression where it didn't unlock after the Lich.

  • Remeasured the sizes of goblin's feet. Their boots should render on and fit them again.

  • The Seeker Bow now actually, you know, seeks again.

  • Fixed crash related to getting localized names of saplings on servers.

  • Removed a redundant language key in the Forgotten Explorer book for Yeti Caves.

  • Fixed Minotaurs dropping Magic Map foci instead of Maze Map.

  • Fiery tool heads now correctly have the missing Twilit and Flammable traits.

  • Changed the grip on the Moonworm Queen to be more comfortable, now correctly holding it as a tool in third person view.

  • Fixed a portal generation issue where it would generate underwater.

  • Added a null-check to tile entity access, fixing a crash with Mystcraft.

  • Cleaned up Bauble handling code, fixing console spam.

  • Fixed the blockstate rotations for Castle Brick Stair variants.

  • Fixed the lighting on some of the stair blocks.

  • Fixed incorrect level cost being shown for some recrafting recipes.

  • Giant blocks now correctly tile their texture.

  • Fixed a lighting issue on Fiery Blocks.

  • Portals are now prevented from generating inside of structures.

  • Refactored Naga Courtyard code, hopefully fixes generation issues.

  • Alternate Naga Courtyard Terrace pieces now generate again. #BlameDrullkus

  • Fixed a crash with the Uncrafting Table by adding some more checks.

  • The Fiery Pickaxe now correctly smelts every item a block drops if it drops multiple.

  • Fixed a Repeater in the Dark Tower not repeating what should be repeated, with delay.

  • Giant Leaves are now correctly tinted in inventories.

  • Fixed Uberous Soil not generating at the correct height.

  • Fixed the Snow Queen marking the wrong structure conquered on death.

  • Fixed the Charm of Keeping effects.

  • Setting the game to peaceful now correctly has the Snow waifu Queen put her spawner back.

  • Snow Queen minions now correctly spawn inside of the boss room during the fight.

  • Giant Tools are now held in a more human like fashion.

  • Firefly, Moonworm, and Cicada no longer use Soul Sand as their breaking particles.

  • Fixed the texture auto generator only processing first texture in array.

  • Lampposts can now generate again after several years. Neat.

  • Large mushrooms should no longer piggyback on top of each other.

  • Seeds even with only numbers were being used as seeds to make a random number seed instead of directing being used as a random number seed. Confusing, we know!

  • Hotfix: Fixed a crash that happened on dedicated servers due to the new IE shaders.

3.7.424 [ 编辑 ] 2018-05-13


We split the progression into three separate lines, meaning that instead of clearing one dungeon and moving to the next in line, you now have the choice after defeating the Lich to go to the Hydra, Ur-Ghast, or Aurora Palace first. Defeating all three is still necessary to gain access to the Highlands.

Tinkers' Construct integration!

Added Tinker's Construct Integration with Naga Scales, Steeleaves, Fiery Ingots, Knightmetal Ingots, and Raven's Feathers to make materials & tools out of.

Added unique traits for each material:

Twilit appears on all Twilight Forest materials, meaning your tool gains +2 speed in the Twilight Forest and deals +2 damage in any other dimension.

Precipitate appears on Naga Scale materials, it lets you use the tool quicker with the lesser health on your Player.

Synergy appears on Steeleaf materials, it will passively repair the tool if you have Steeleaf in your hotbar. The more Steeleaves you have in the hotbar, the faster it repairs.

Stalwart appears on Knightmetal materials, it will make you more resilient in combat.

Veiled appears on Raven's Feather materials, it will render arrows invisible.

Baubles integration!

All charms can now be used in the off-hand and also equipped in the Baubles inventory.

All tiers of the Charm of Keeping will keep the Baubles Inventory.

Thaumcraft Compat: Live & Reloaded! All items and blocks (aside from unobtainable and some WIP items) now have aspects.

Added a config option to make the Portal creation lightning not cause fires, disable it if you're against pyromania derived fun.

Made a new potion effect for the ice render effect from Ice Bombs, Ice Bow, etc. instead of putting it on the Slowness effect.

This also stops ice getting applied getting the slowness effect under certain conditions.

The Block and Chain now disables shields like an axe.

Added config option for players spawning for the first time to spawn in the Twilight Forest. Off by default.

Added config option to make Twilight Portals create a blocked-off portal at their destination. Toss in the activation item to unblock the portal. Off by default.

Added recipes where Iron armor and tools can be crafted directly into their Fiery counterparts.

Added Shield-Parrying for all Twilight Forest Projectiles. Installing https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/parry Shield Parry mod causes Twilight Forest to skip its parrying methods.

Updated the Japanese language file.

Updated the Chinese language file.

The Russian language file now covers everything in the mod.


Changed the Creative menu icon to the Miniature Portal item.

The advancements Past the Thorns and So Castle Very Wow now have a [NYI] tag in their names to signify they are not functional yet.

All tiers of the Charm of Keeping now preserve items in the off-hand slot.

Charm of Keeping usage now drops any items that would be overwritten by an item saved to prevent item loss if something is put in the player's inventory.

Code Improvements for Naga Courtyard.


Magic Maps now properly update after switching Dimensions

The Zombie Scepter no longer joins its zombie kind by destroying itself at 0 durability.

Special leaves in Twilight Forest are now using the ore dictionary properly. (This totally wasn’t solved previously and went undocumented we swear.)

Ore magnet no longer checks ModID in the registry string.

Mazestone and its variants once again consume 16 durability from your mining tools when mined.

Castle Doors no longer have their texture broken.

Charm of Life effect upon death now uses the correct sprite.

Improved algorithm for the Miner's Tree, it should be less confused and stuck when trying to pull ores from the ground.

Fixed some blocks missing getBlockFaceShape overrides, causing glass panes, fences, walls, etc. to connect to blocks when they shouldn't.

Fixed the placement problems with Spiral Bricks and took off the [WIP] tag.

Finally fixed texture and UV problems with Knightly Armor and Phantom Armor; rejoice!

Ur-Ghast's tears should be visible again in Multiplayer when it's throwing a tantrum.

3.6.398 [ 编辑 ] 2018-04-27


3.6.342~3.6.345 [ 编辑 ]


Not yet fully implemented Tinkers' Construct compatibility for some of our materials to make tools out of.

Fixed our Forge minimum version dependency string being behind.

Fixed potential console spam related to weather rendering when the mod 'Fancy Block Particles' is present.

Added a message that if Sponge is installed the max bounding-box-size should be adjusted for Hydras to show up properly.

Removed the structure layout print debug that appears in the console, made it into the release on accident.

Fixed a config-related crash.

Fixed a generation problem with terraces being mashed together despite us telling them not do.


Fixed server crashing related to packet fix last release.


Fixed players disconnecting from servers due to bad packet missing default constructor.

3.6.324 [ 编辑 ]















3.5.263 [ 编辑 ]











固定与其他mod 的兼容性







3.4.239 [ 编辑 ]


























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