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0.495 [ 编辑 ] 2018-01-11

Almost there!

-added custom boss bars for the Titans!!

-added cross mod content

-added my first crops ever: Malgrum and Pleasant Blade

-gave a ender colossus EYE LASORS!!

-re-did the regen system for Titans

-buffed the titans again

-changed the Ultima Blade model, and makes it check for worthiness

-added health boost to the armors










0.49 [ 编辑 ] 2017-08-30

Hooray! Legit content!

-animated the ultima iron golem titan

-gave a ender colossus a stun method

-updated the ender colossus crystals

-squashed avaritia armor

-finished with other unfinished business

-titans can kick you for cheating

-slime and magma cube titans don't have damage limits

-reduced the number of registered entities: orespawn should work again

-added bishops: a new minion type

-giants, withers and ender dragon minions have more health

-buffed the titans













0.475 [ 编辑 ] 2017-05-13


-stuff. I forgot what I did



0.45 [ 编辑 ]

More content!

-adjusted titan spawning

-updated the metaness of titans




0.425 [ 编辑 ]

We're even better now! Really!!

- multiplayer compatibility has been re-enabled

- Ender Colossus has been fully animated

- some other Titans have gotten new attacks (fight them to see which ones)

- new dimension: the Nowhere, a land of failed RNG

- new ores and armor and tools

- harcadium finally has a block form

- Titans have gotten even more buffs

- final known method of one shotting the Titans has been patched

- Titan on Titan fights happen slightly faster

- Wither Skeleton Titan has become the first Titan to be elevated in status

- Zombie Titan can regain his sword

- Creeper Titan's animations are better

- I'm still alive















0.42 [ 编辑 ]

 Getting closer

- fully animated the Skeleton and Wither Skeleton Titans

- fully animated the Zombie Pigman Titan

- added the Anti-Ground and Siege Wither Turrets

- fixed a bug where other mobs would be instantly destroyed by Titan attacks

- Titans vs Mobzilla, The King and The Queen is now possible

- little extras hidden in the mod have been added

- fixed a bug with the Zombie Titan

- begun animating the Ender Colossus. Expect more content in the future

- Witherzilla now doubles in size when in his Omega form

- Ender Colossus is 50% bigger

- increased chance of special minions from 1/1000 to 1/100






-泰坦对抗Mobzilla,The King和The Queen现在可能了







0.41 [ 编辑 ]

No longer beta

- fully animated the Zombie Titan

- Creeper Titan has a death animation

- Ultima Blade bug fixed

- Ultima Blade now tells you of nearby ores when right clicking, and the location of nearby hidden monsters at random

- Witherzilla now restrains his full power in the void, just so he can get to the Overworld

- Minions no longer attempt to spawn in on Peaceful

- fixed some other bugs









0.4 beta [ 编辑 ]


- beginning the process of animating the titans

- severely buffed all titans up

- added the absence set

- added the adminium armor

- changed wither turret recipe

- buffed up all minions

- Witherzilla's every more meta: he can ban you from your own world (works on servers). Only does it when he's armored

- Titans cause much less lag (any lag is no longer "Godzilla lag")

- certain titans now have to be stunned in order to be hurt











0.3915 [ 编辑 ]

 the most requested update since forever

- the Titans has a 1.7.10 version. Lots of bugs to work out, but it's here



0.391 [ 编辑 ]

the first triple digit update

- hopefully lowered lag

- Minions got revamped: Templar without a visible master are capable of turning into their unseen master's avatar

- Wither Minions now play with each other

- Titans can now Re-grow should they feel it nessicary

- all Minions spawn naturally in your world

- added info on how the Titans mod was first thought up







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