Built with:

- Forge: 31.2.44 (Requires 31.2.37+)

- ObserverLib: 1.15.2-1.2.1

- Curios: 1.15.2-


- (Re-) Adds "asIgnoreSkylightCheck" Gamerule to completely disable access-to-sky checks for all features of the mod

- (Re-) Adds Celestial Gateway


- Starlight collection for the crafting altars undergone a large overhaul

- Colored Lens "Push" now affects players. This can be configured

- Aquamarine is now added to the item tag forge:gems/aquamarine

- Astral Relays now check for proximity to other relays again

- Spectral Wings is no longer disabled/enabled with the perk-effect keybind

Fixes:- Fixes elytra flight being broken with forge 31.2.37+

- Fixes JEI recipe transfer handling on multiple occasions

- Fixes GUI blending issues on several screens

- Fixes attunement altar highlighting not being visible if constellation is not active

- Several Corrections in the language file

- Fixes issues around several constellation effects not working properly

- Fixes issues around the tree beacon catching any growing tree regardless of proximity

- Fixes starlight network issues around network building delay

(Beta) 1.12.9

Built with:

- Forge: 31.2.35

- ObserverLib: 1.15.2-1.2.0

- Curios: 1.15.2-


- Added Tree Beacon

- Added JEI Integration


- Fix not all player skin parts being visible during camera flight

- Fix FPS drop on observatory

- Fix several issues with layering on screens

- Fix several issues with rendertypes on tile rendering

- Fix UV selection on facing atlas sprite texture particles

- Fix domic aoe preview not representing the actual are size correctly

- Fix structure preview size description

(Beta) 1.12.8

Built with:

- Forge: 31.2.35

- ObserverLib: 1.15.2-1.2.0

- Curios: 1.15.2-


- Fixes tome being placeable in lecterns only working client-side only

- Fixes illumination wand not correctly removing/replacing previous lights

- Fixes PotionDuration perks not working

- Fixes several issues around rituals and ritual effects

- Fixes output on altars not displaying on the altar screen

(Alpha) 1.12.7

Built with:

- Forge: 31.2.35

- ObserverLib: 1.15.2-1.2.0

- Curios: 1.15.2-


- All constellations have new shapes

- Marble and Sooty marble variants can now be crafted via stonecutter

- The Tome can now be placed in a lectern

- A lot of perks and perk attribute types now require starlight charge to function

- Reach does no longer automatically increase entity reach. Reach may affect entity reach now via a new key perk 'Honed Influence'

- Configuration for marble generation is more in line with other worldgen options

- All worldgen configurations now feature a "enabled" flag to allow disabling/enabling globally in addition to the other options

- Horologium enchanted weapon-related items via refraction table can now get Cooldown Reduction on them

- Constellation papers are now stored in player progress data rather than on the tome item itself


- Fixes inability to unlock perks on a dedicated server environment

- Fixes a classloading issue on startup

- Fixes inability to claim epiphany perks

- Fixes negative starlight charge maximum

- Fixes desync on player positions on player attunement on dedicated servers

- Fixes item overlay on item related wands

Note:This is an alpha build. Some things are missing and/or maybe broken.Please report found issues on github: https://github.com/HellFirePvP/AstralSorcery/issues

(Alpha) 1.12.6

Built with:

- ObserverLib: 1.15.2-1.2.0

- Curios: 1.15.2-


- The perk tree is now entirely json-datadriven. Check the /data/perks/ directory for the perk tree configuration/perks. (A summary-file called "_full_tree.json" can always be found in the perks directory as well: https://github.com/HellFirePvP/AstralSorcery/blob/master/src/main/resources/data/astralsorcery/perks/_full_tree.json)


- Fixes a inconsistency in the tome regarding dynamism gems, asking for glowstone instead of now illumination powder

- Fixes all client players being pulled into the camera flight on attunement altars

- Fixes common and client configuration files not generating

- Fixes crystal merging occasionally yielding incorrect merge results

- Fixes issues regarding perk-modifiers on held/worn items not losing their effect under certain circumstances

Note:This is an alpha build. Some things are missing and/or maybe broken. Please report found issues on github: https://github.com/HellFirePvP/AstralSorcery/issues

(Alpha) 1.12.5

Built with:

- ObserverLib: 1.15.2-1.2.0

- Curios: 1.15.2-


- Fixes dynamic enchantmenteffects being applied to any itemstack

- Fixes copyconstellation altar recipe crash

- Fixes engraving effects for potions & enchantments selecting lowest enchantment regardless of range

Note:This is an alpha build. Some things are missing and/or maybe broken. Please report found issues on github: https://github.com/HellFirePvP/AstralSorcery/issues

(Alpha) 1.12.4

Built with:

- ObserverLib: 1.15.2-1.2.0

- Curios: 1.15.2-

Fixes: - Fix collector crystal crafting not yielding an attuned collector crystal

- Fix missing rendertype for in-world constellation render

- Fix wrong texture reference in texture-state rendertype declaration

- Fix int-div in AstralRelay, causing relays to not feed starlight to altars below y140

- Fix stackoverflow with damageable items relying on enchantments for their durability

- Fix advancements for t4 altar granted by crafting t3 altar

- Fix nocturnal powder removing unbreakable blocks which give off light

- Fix premature config access crash due to missing entries

Note:This is an alpha build. Some things are missing and/or maybe broken. Please report found issues on github: https://github.com/HellFirePvP/AstralSorcery/issues

(Alpha) 1.12.2

First alpha 1.15.2 build.

The mod was code-wise rewritten from scratch.

AstralSorcery now requires ObserverLib.

A library mod that unifies the structure-checking needs of both AstralSorcery and ModularMachinery, as well as other utility.

Built with:

- ObserverLib: 1.15.2-1.2.0

- Curios: 1.15.2-

Notable Changes:

- New sounds for a multitude of mechanics (big thanks to TechnoMysterio!)

- Rearranged and reworded tome entries

- Some items have changed textures and/or models

- Changed perk tree (including new types of attributes to be gained)

- Changed perk level cap by default to 40

- Changed crystal properties and thus mechanics derived from it

- Multiple things, such as mantles, now require starlight (previously "alignment") charge

- Tool wands have multiple modes now

- New slab and/or stair variants for marbles and/or infused wood

- Starlight infuser recipes can now take any type of fluid

- Enchanting via Refraction table may now add perk-like attributes to armor/weaponry(And probably additional stuff i forgot now atm)

Notable Things not present yet:

- Tree beacon

- Evershifting Fountain + Primes

- Celestial Gateway

- "asIgnoreSkylightCheck" Gamerule

Disclaimer:This is an alpha build. Some things are missing and/or maybe broken. Please report found issues on github: https://github.com/HellFirePvP/AstralSorcery/issues

(Alpha) 1.12.3

Built with:

- ObserverLib: 1.15.2-1.2.0

- Curios: 1.15.2-


- Added mineralis ritual replaceable state configuration (which was previously introduced in 1.12.2-1.10.25 but not yet ported to the 1.15.2 version)


- Fixed dedicated server startup crash

- Fixed config data registries being accessed resulting into a crash on startup

- Fixed discidia mantle crash upon being hit

Note:This is an alpha build. Some things are missing and/or maybe broken. Please report found issues on github: https://github.com/HellFirePvP/AstralSorcery/issues



- Fixes scorching heat accidentally deleting items in rare occasions

- Fixes random flares spawning in unloaded chunks

- Fixes liquid spark crowding

- Fixes amulet enchantment interactions with dungeontactics

- dungeontactics enchantments are being removed from amulets, existing amulets resulting with 0 enchantments will automatically reroll

- Fixes a chunkloaded ritual pedestal wiping starlight network data on world load (Credit to @ BlueAgent)


- 修复灼热附魔偶尔删除物品的bug

- 修复耀斑随机刷在未加载区块的bug

- 修复液体水花(Liquid Spark)堵车的bug

- 修复了璀璨棱镜对地牢战术附魔的影响

- 璀璨棱镜不再支持地牢战术附魔。因该改动而失去所有属性的棱镜将自动洗属性

- 修复受区块加载的效应放大器在加载世界时抹去星能网络数据的bug(鸣谢 @ BlueAgent)



- Built against newer Forge version:


- Actually add the previously implemented attunement altar config options

- Fix clamping issue when using the vis inoculation and last breath perks

- Fix ExU2 issue causing log spam (thanks again ExU2 for doing something wrong)

- Change DataSerializers to use the forge registry instead of the default vanilla registry (credit to LXGaming)



- ko_KR language file (Credits to KittoAndFriendo)

- Configuration option to the mineralis ritual to change what blocks are able to be turned into ore (defaults to minecraft cleanstone)

- Configuration option to disable the attunement altar timeout waiting for player attunement (should help people with high latency or bad performance)


- Lowered particles on AS mantles if in 1st person

- Lowered particles on Vicio AS mantle if looking at yourself in 3rd person

- Constellation papers are now always sorted alphabetically (in englisch language) in the tome's interal inventory

- Small mechanical change to the lucerna ritual, potentially allowing more spawner-like things to bypass the lucerna effect nowFixes

- Scorching heat now fires before Spatial Manipulation, allowing for drops to be smelted before being auto-collected


Thanks again for people pointing out potential exploits in the current version.


- Removed player-specific restriction on shooting stars and their loot

- A lightwell's contained fluid can be changed by just making the lightwell produce a different fluid. previously contained fluid is voided.


- Convert missing crystal properties to blank crystal properties on several occasions

- Make spectral tools persistency more resilient towards missing data

- Fix enchantment gained by enchantment perks persisting gained levels

- Fix negative gem attribute modifier config option not being functional

- Adjustments to some translations (zh_CN by @S0ar1ngDeath)

- Fix evorsio ritual breaking its own ritual link when placed too close

- Remove efficiency restriction on crystal tools



- Fixed a falldamage exploit

- Fixed unbounded glass engraving

- Fixed an issue accessing the altar inventory

- Fixed an issue where the lightwell's contained fluid was not resetable



- Russian and italian translation improvements

Fixes:- Possible fix for mouse issues on MAC systems

- Possible fix for lag due to unused/inert starlight network endpoints

- Fixed crystal shovel being more effective than intended.

- Fixed accidental chunkloading for associated altars by spectral relays



- Added chisel integration for sooty marble variants


- Fixed incorrect behavior with scorching heat enchantment in certain situations

- Fixed incorrect behavior with tombstone

- Fixed spatial manipulation handling drops too early

- Fixed the potion effect perks incorrectly extending duration of higher level potions

- Made the potion effect perks no longer affect harmful potion effects



- Add config options to make marble and aquamarine be able to replace other blocks than normal to allow for easier integration into other dimensions

- Updated zh_CN and ru_RU language file (thanks at yuanjie000 and f-sage)

- adjusted some texts in the tome


- Fix incompatibility with the Capsule mod

- Fix liguid-sparks created by chalices being despawned if there is no player nearby

- Fix "Breaking Aim" perk having a very high chance of activating

- Fix some default blocks not having any translated names

- Adjust Discidia ritual to attack only any hostile creature

- Fix attunement altar state being set async

- Fixed aevitas ritual not taking modifiers of traits into account

- Fixed a CME on item comparison checks



- Make spectral tools not collide with the player


- Only create structure matchers for relevant relays

- Fix perk crashes with dynamism gems

- Fix visual glitch with translucent blocks

- Fix recipes being unable to be crafted if the item to be crafted on was manipulated by other means

- Fix cooldown not being applied for phoenix perk

- Check for chunks being loaded when running a block search



- Added debug logging config option for tree beacon block capturing and processing


- Don't create a dedicated fake player for each chain mining operation

- Elytra flight now properly grants exp

- Potion duration perk does no longer extend existing potion effects

- Remove obsolete debug print

- Fix phoenix blessing perk not triggering correctly

- World no longer being accessed off the main thread on packet




- AstralSorcery Research manager crashing without crafttweaker installed.

- 修复星辉研究管理器在没安装CraftTweaker时崩溃的bug。


[Don't ask... thanks]



Added moar patreon stuff


- Fixed playerdata failed on being saved during server shutdown

- Fixed worldreference being kept, keeping the an empty world in ram for no reason

- Fixed night vision enchantment applicable to any armor piece


Added more patreon stuff and things :D


- Added logging to structure matching to allow for more extensive debugging

- "Requires starlight shining on it" and normal AS craftingtable recipes are now visible in JEI (Thanks @ Hubry)


- Make retrogen trigger on surrounding chunks and based on their information rather than building a retrogen queue

- Make status-effect rituals run if starlight is present rather than having at least enough starlight for 1 full cycle



- Added missing AT entry

- Adjusted handling for sextant target requests

- Fixed perk cleanup being done after player already got cleared on clientside


IMPORTANT NOTICE: This version includes a new command: "/as migrate-data"

- This converts some old, imperformant data format to a new format. For larger worlds, please make sure you BACKUP your world before doing that! It might take a long time if your world is larger keep that in mind!


- Yet again MOAR patreon effects! :P

- Command: "/as migrate-data" - Check the notice.

- Logging for perk-related behavior


- Perks around the "Consistent Luck" and "Spectral Wings" perk are at least a bit useful now as their prior negative effects could be avoided with perk seals anyway

- A better multiblock highlighting for sextants! Actually points out errors and makes for a better building-guide!


- Tome no longer being given out infinitely

- Item comparisons messing up crafting checks

- Chalice interactions not working on the highest-Z-level-chunk

- Misleading JEI error message from AS removed

- Prevent structure spawning on non-opaque ground

- Lightwell's itemhandler not being visible to pipes trying to interact with it

- Fix crash with step assist key perk

- Fix stardust was not accepted as repair material for mantles

- Fix inventory misbehavior with ritual pedestal


Changed patreon integration to automatically query updated patreon information.


- Add sky-check ignoring gamerule (astralSorceryIgnoreSkyCheck)


- Fixed cave illuminator spawning lights on higher y-level than itself

- Catching JVM errors during blockstate deserialization (no more Exu2 crashes...)

- Fix crashes when using a trait-recipe without additional outer items

- Make sure gateway teleporations actually point towards another gateway

- Change research lookup to use fallback always-false progression instead of missing player data

- Fix dangling recipes from JEI reload are not removed

- Fix itemphysics rendering being broken again (credit to CreativeMD)

- Fix effectAmplifier for ritual effects not adding additional cycles to effect executions

- Fix crystal pickaxe not being able to mine redstone ore with proper speed


Moar Patreon effects!


- Perk statistics overview-

Japanese and Italian language files (Thanks to Davoleo and 2z6c)


- Player-progression saving is being done async now

- Cut down on unnecessary block change monitoring during chunk decoration

- Various performance improvements

- Changes to block change detection, making AS once again compatible with Sponge


- Fixed gelu perk displaying wrong information and providing detrimental effect

- Fixed ritual link pattern preview on sextant

- Correct altar starlight gain above y120

- Fix recipe effect recovery wrongly applying to NBT sensitive recipes

- Fixed ritual pedestal causing overly excessive light network save calls

- Fixed overly large player data files due to random UUID knockback modifiers




- Tier4 Altar Crafting (Including JEI integration)

- 五彩祭坛的合成功能和JEI兼容

- New Constellations: Evorsio and Pelotrio

- 解离座、唤生座

- Recipes for Constellation Papers in Tier4

- 可以用五彩祭坛制作星图

- More descriptive Constellation-Detail pages

- 更具描述性的星芒宝典星座介绍页面

- Mantle of Stars (For all 'bright' and 'dim' constellations)

- 星斗披风和主要、次要星座的升级

- Wand Augments (For 'bright' constellations)

- 共鸣星杖的主要星座升级

- More lightwell recipes

- 添加一些聚星缸融化物品的合成表

- Growing rock crystals in liquid starlight with max size can potentially yield 2 crystals (one of them with more purity than the old one)

- 满尺寸水晶分裂的机制(1.6.0不是添加过了吗)

- MOAR decorative sooty marble variants

(And more to come in the next updates!)

- 增加了一些熏黑大理石的变种(以及预告一些以后会有的变种)



- Massive amounts of model and texture updates thanks to wiiv, the texturing god

- 在wiiv触的帮助下改了一大堆模型和材质

- Nerf Bootes ritual effect, Buff discidia ritual effect

- 削弱了牧夫座仪式,增强了非攻座仪式

- Changes to several journal texts, making features a bit more clear (This is also probably going to be the case in the next few updates)

- 修改了一些星芒宝典词条,使一些特性讲得更清楚(以后还得改)



- Removed solar eclipses darkening the world (fixes several worldgen and other issues/crashes with various mods)

- 日食不再使世界变暗(容易和其他mod发生冲突)然而都1.10.27了还是会变暗

- Fixed Tools not breaking blocks properly in some cases

- 修复工具有时不好好挖方块的bug

- Fixed client lightbeam rendering overlaying with multiple sources, causing massively bright lights

- 修复了客户端显示光线时与其他光源叠加,形成超亮光源的bug(玩家的眼睛终于保住了)

- Rotation does no longer influence pumpkin -> cake transmutation :P

- 南瓜的朝向不再影响其经由星光转化术变成蛋糕

- Celestial gateway is now working in the nether without access to the sky

- 天体星门现在在下界不需要露天也能工作

(And probably others i forgot to include here)



- Added: Scroll of written expertise (Knowledge sharing + Creative-Give-Me-All-Knowlegde-Item)

- 添加:知识共享卷轴(普通、创造模式)

- Added: Marble slabs

- 添加:大理石半砖

- Added: When growing max-sized crystals, it might occasionally split in 2 and yield 2 crystals - 1 with higher purity

- 添加:满尺寸水晶分裂的机制

- Added: Illumination powder and nocturnal powder now have a proper dispenser behavior

- 添加:辉光粉和暗夜粉的发射器兼容性

- Added: Visual indicator to display if the collector crystal can see the sky or not

- 添加:聚能水晶露天时的视觉效果

- Visual Change: Marble pillars have a new model

- 视觉改动:修改了大理石柱的模型

- Visual Change: Vortex wand has a new texture

- 视觉改动:修改了冲击星杖的材质

- Change: Enhanced collector crystal structure has 1 block changed (the previously submerged pillar is now engraved marble)

- 改动:修改了天体增幅水晶的多方块结构(将浸在星能液中的大理石柱改为凹面大理石)

- Change: Constellation-section in the journal got a major redesign . it should look more visually appealing and provide better information

- 改动:修改了星芒宝典的星辰页面。现在应该看起来舒服多了

- Change: Altar now gains more and more power the higher you build it

- 改动:添加了高度对祭坛星光量的影响

- Change: Collector crystals in shrines now automatically link to altars aswell

- 改动:自然生成的聚能水晶可以自动与祭坛链接

- Change: Collector crystals "produce" less starlight

- 改动:削弱了聚能水晶

- Change: Crystal tools gain more size when growing

- 改动:加快了水晶石工具的生长速度


- Added: Nocturnal Powder

- 添加:暗夜粉

- Changed: Starmetal and aquamarine are now oredict-ed and should get at least picked up by processing like AA or related

- 改动:为星辉锭和海蓝宝石添加了矿辞,使其可以被AA等矿物处理系统接受。

- Changed: All marble types are now registered on the blockMarble and stoneMarble oredict as the conversion from raw marble to their types is 1:1 anyway

- 改动:为所有种类的大理石添加了blockMarble和stoneMarble矿辞。反正它们之间的转换率都是1:1。

- Changed: Illumination powder had a registry name change. Migrated over to 'itemusabledust' and shares the itemid with nocturnal powder

- 改动:将辉光粉的注册名改为和暗夜粉一样的 "itemusabledust"。

- Changed: Infused glass has higher durability

- 改动:增加了聚能玻璃的耐久度。

- Changed: Crystal tools now lose durability/cutting faster and grow more/faster in liquid starlight

- 改动:加快水晶石工具在星能液中增加尺寸和减少抛光度的速度。



- Fixed saving and loading of AIR diff-blockstates

- Fixed oredict being unavailable for items until init


Added moar patreon effects


- Fixed player being unavailable after client disconnect

- Fixed attunement relay structure match on both sides


Some moar patreon effects~


- Entire structure-matching was rewritten to a much more performant system. Structures being invalidated as a result might need to be updated again (usually just breaking & placing the block that requires the structure, e.g. an altar)


- Fix async perk modification

- Fix gamestages integration breaking search indexing

- Fix advancement triggers not deserializing properly

- Fix crafting did not respect item fluid containers on fluid inputs



Fix major constellations not being unlockable early on.



- Fix JEI errors when using newer JEI version

- Fix perk modifier multiplier of CT scrips applying incorrectly to Stacking-mulitplicative modifiers


Fixed crash on startup for dedicated servers when loading the perk tree.


It is now recommended to run AstralSorcery together with CTM (ConnectedTexturesMod) as it helps to create better looking effects more easily, generally opens up a lot more options to us and we're relying on some of its functionality going forward. You are of course still able to run AS by itself, but CTM is very much suggested.


- Moar Patreon effects :D
- Added perk-tree gems
- Added a WHOLE BUNCH of new perks and expanded the perk tree by A LOT
- Structures can now be viewed layer by layer in 2D view (also rotatable)
- A TON of new and changed textures, models and rendering (Massive thanks to wiiv)
- Add JEI Item-transfer to altar recipes
- Configurable level cap for perk levels
- Add config option to disable festive block textures and models (sad times...)
- GameStages crafttweaker integration for level cap and constellation discovery (See AS-GameStages-Example.zs for further information)
- Add Oredict input as grindstone recipe input for crafttweaker scripts
- Well and chalice now emit redstone signals depending on their fill levels
- CTRL + Clickable perks and altar-recipes if F3-screen is enabled/shown to copy their registry names
- Rightclicking search inputs on perk and fragment tabs clears the field (Credit to Hubry)
- Generified perk modifier handling to allow for better display of perk effect results
- Batch perk rendering to increase performance of the perk tree gui MASSIVELY


- Fix observatory knowledge & glowstone flower dupe
- Fix evorsio wand effect deleting items
- Fix constellation discovery not triggering on main thread
- Fix thorns, allresist, dodge and other perk calculations
- Fix knowledge data being read before knowledge was registered, leading to the loss of all data on startup
- Fix several block texture errors
- Fix overly excessive particle spawning in conjunction with specific rituals or effects
- Fix bounding boxes on several blocks
- Fix resonator upgrade recipe removing previous NBT data



- Add more information to Altar-recipe deprecation notes

- Fix desync on potion duration extension between client & server

- Fix Altar-recipe crafting advancements being given out incorrectly



- Fixed granted free-perks not being saved and thus get lost

- Fixed Crafttweaker altar recipe removal/addition not working properly


Sorry for the long wait :P


- A ton more patreon effects (sorry for the wait :v)

- Added some advancements
- Reworked the entire perk system; more perks, more levels, more options, more effects and more!
- Added Perk Sealing
- Added Shooting Stars
- Added Domic Resonator upgrade
- Added persistent Storage system to store certain progress through multiple modpacks (much like PSI's persistent level saving)
- Added Permanent Knowledge System
- Illumination Wand can now color and accelerate the Cave Illuminator
- Enhanced Shifting Stars
- Day-Length for AS-specific logic is now configurable
- Generify Bootes ritual handling to accept more and different animals
- Architect and Conversion wands can now 'pick' multiple, different blocks and place them randomly
- ...Probably some other things i forgot... yell at me if i missed something important :V

- Remove seenConstellations on player research loading (Fixes data from SP leaking over visually into MP)
- Fix Fluid tint in lightwell not being applied
- Fix observatory causing inventory desync between client & server
- Fix spectator and creative users losing flight through vicio ritual
- Fix typos in tome
- Move swim-speed modifications to forge's swim speed entity attribute
- Fix Resplendent prism's enchantment effect sometimes not being applied
- Fix lucerna's mantle effect being visible to other players than the wearer
- Fix worldgen issues in conjunction with other mods (like betweenlands, TF, exu, ...)
- Fix building wands not respecting world height constraints (< 0 and > 255)
- Fix arc perk targeting players in the same team as you
- Fix non-mob entities being affected by armara's ritual
- Fix crystal duplication on ritual pedestal

- Fix struct-controller tileentity sometimes crashing the world on data saving
- Fix telescopes and observatory not respecting rain-intensity for display


Added MOAR patreon effects and flares :D Thanks folks, hope you like them.



- Add configuration option to enable AS worldgen on flat-worlds (Credit to DJJBanx)

- Players will no longer be attuned when approaching the attunement altar while sneaking

- Corrections to language file entries

- More updates for chinese language file (Credit to yuanjie000)



- Fix telescope-like GUIs not adjusting to rain properly

- Disallow mounting of observatory while sneaking

- Fix horologium seed desync for showup after solar eclipses

- Fix lucerna vs. pelotrio spawn prevention

- Fix breedables perk working on entities currently being ridden

- Fix enchantment interaction crashes when enchantment types are null

- Fix interaction issue with Tough As Nails

- Fix crystals being placed into ritual pedestal that already had a crystal

- Fix broken entity rendering with itemphysics

- Fix OreStages/Gamestages interaction crash

- Ignore Wildcard meta when testing for enchantment amulet application
- Fix issues with capping crystal properties on various occasions


Added effects for more patrons - Thanks for your support guys


- Fixed grindstone chances being '1 - chance'. Flipped the chance to work properly now.

- Fix moonphase iteration crash on worlds with massive negative world time (*looking at you AGAIN GC*)

- Fix Gateway nodes not at all visible for gateways in the same dimension

- Tweak perk effects for the breedable-perk. Caused massive animal overflow "problems"

- Fix client/server desync client-crash from evorsio cape effect


- Ingame Configuration for all of AS' configurations
- Added Patreon-Effects for some Patrons (The rest didn't tell me what they want yet :V)


- Fix client crash when breaking blocks out of sync with evorsio cape

- Fix Amulet-Capability attaching itself to empty itemstacks

- Fix world generation crash with structure controllers not getting a specific type set during population

- Fix client desync on containment chalice after pulling fluid out of it via pipes (same for lightwell btw)

- Fix crystal disappearing from ritual pedestal after relogging in SP

- Change gateway target ordering so it'll always show closest gateway first if they're in the same direction (to avoid some gateways being inaccessible through certain other gateways)

- Fix ritual pedestal chunk-update rates in SP

- Fix infinite loop if worldtime is negative (GC why you do this..)


- Illumination-Powder-Lights spawned with the illumination wand can now be removed with the illumination wand (rightclick a block in such a way that where it'd normally try to place a light there already is a light and it will remove the one that's already there)

- For a given position the ritual is at + the constellation you're channeling the ritual of, the lens positions for the ritual enhancement are going to be the same


- Fixed translucent rendering bug on observatory

- Fixed icons in sextant gui cutting into the sextant frame

- Fixed Knowledge sharing application on fakeplayers (which would previously crash)

- Fixed bootes ritual not working on non-fed animals

- Fixed constellation cycles being broken for negative seeds (specifically for the 4 new ones)

- Fixed dropmodifier accidentally being obtainable through mobs

- Fixed accidental printing of ASM debug classes

- Fixed ritual pedestal not dropping crystal after being broken

- Tried To Fix (since i couldn't reproduce it) gateway sky-shield still being there after gateway being broken with a 3x3 or larger block breaking device across chunk borders

- Fixed evorsio ritual not being functional when ritual anchor'd

- Fixed attunement altar accepting trait-application on non-attuned crystal (which previously resulted in the crystal being voided)


BACK UP your worlds before updating from 1.8.X to 1.9.0! Things changed internally which MIGHT break things; Unlikely as it didn't do so during testing, but stuff *can* happen.


If you want to get sneak peeks, custom fancy stuff or want to show your support, consider visiting my Patreon page Support is greatly appreciated.



  • Add Sextant

  • 添加六分仪

  • Add Observatory

  • 添加Observatory(天文台)

  • Add Infused Wood

  • 添加Infused Wood

  • Add Resplendent Prism

  • 添加璀璨棱镜

  • Add Fysallidic Prime

  • 添加Fysallidic基座

  • Add 'Faint' Constellation-Tier

  • 添加“Faint”星座类型

  • Add 4 new Constellations to the 'Faint' Constellation-Tier

  • 给“Faint”星座类型添加4个新星座

  • Added 'Fracturing' as a new mechanic to rituals

  • 添加“Fracturing”作为新的仪式效果

  • Added '/as slnetwork' to allow for single-block starlight-network debugging

  • 添加“/as slnetwork”允许对单个方块使用starlight-network调试

  • (Re-)Added Sky-darkening effect during a solar eclipse

  • 日食期间添加天空昏暗效果



  • Changed visuals/models on several models (massive thanks to wiiv)

  • 修改一些视觉上的模型

  • Adjusted strength of several mantle effects, perks and ritual effects

  • 调整一些披风效果、强化和放大效应的强度

  • Adjusted strength/efficiency of crystal tools

  • 调整水晶石工具的攻击力和效率

  • Higher level altars will craft lower level recipes faster

  • 高等级祭坛将更快地合成低等级的配方

  • Horologium will be... harder to find Flares are no longer push-able; they also cannot push the player anymore

  • 时钟座将更加难以发现,耀斑不再推动任何实体,包括玩家

  • The infused pickaxe will now properly handle changes made on client side by orestages/gamestages

  • 充能水晶石镐现在可以正确地处理通过orestages/gamestages在客户端的改变。

  • Adjust some refraction table enchantments

  • 调整恒星映射台的附魔

  • Allow for additional block states being configurable to replace with rock crystal ore during world generation

  • 允许额外方块状态可配置,以取代世界生成的水晶矿石



  • Fixed several issues regarding constellation-distribution mapping

  • 修复有关星座布局绘制的一些问题

  • Fixed several network concurrency issues

  • 修复若干网络并发问题

  • Fixed formation and conversion wand not handling blockstates correctly

  • 修复秩序之杖和转位之杖不能正确处理方块状态

  • Fix/Added special rock crystal ingredient for crafttweaker scripts

  • 修复、添加特殊水晶石材料对crafttweaker的支持

  • Fixed problematic botania mod integration

  • 修复与植物魔法的兼容性

  • Fixed rendering and consistency bug with grindstone

  • 修复砂轮的渲染和一致性漏洞

  • [... probably some more ...]

  • 也许还有很多


Unfortunately, the Astral Sorcery 1.9.0 release is still getting delayed until at least after the 20th May. There might be another bugfix update before that. Maybe.


  • Ignition lens now supports in-world block smelting if possible.

  • Actually make marble slabs available and craftable.


  • Fixed patch transformer causing issues if needing to reference patches on hardcoded paths.

  • Remove unused config option for rock crystals.

  • Fixed enchantment nbt tag leaking into non-related items.

  • Fixed crash related to gateway rendering.




  • 燃烧透镜现在支持世界中方块或物品的烧炼,如果可能的话;

  • 真正地使大理石台阶可获取,可合成;


  • 修复补丁转换器是否需要引用硬编码路径补丁时产生的问题;

  • 移除涉及水晶石的尚未使用的配置选项;

  • 修复附魔NBT标签输入到无关物品中的问题;

  • 修复与天体星门渲染相关的崩溃。



  • Structurally enhanced celestial crystals now shine with the color of their respective constellation

  • Dimensions can now be configured as whitelist for structures and some other worldgen features


  • Evorsio attuned wand now proc's more often (with default configurations)

  • Buffed evorsio cape (with default configurations)

  • Crystal tools now are longer more efficient, but have a steeper drop-off for lower cutting values


  • Default rock-crystal ore configuration now spawns rock crystal ores instead of denying it...

  • Fix bug that the infused shovel or axe sometimes duplicated blocks

  • Fix bug that the crystal pickaxe or axe would not degrade over time on efficient material

  • Fix a bug that caused a crash with the ritual pedestal in conjunction with the ritual anchor

  • Fix lucerna ritual denying mobspawning for the pelotrio ritual


  • 强力天体水晶结构现在发出各自星座颜色的光芒;

  • 现在能够配置自然生成的维度白名单。


  • 解离座共鸣之杖现在变得更常用(使用默认配置);

  • 削弱解离座星斗披风(使用默认配置);

  • 水晶石工具现在变得更有效率,但是低抛光值时,效率大幅度下降。



Hotfix for 1.8.7:

Fixed a critical bug preventing proper startup related to the new rock crystal config entries.





  • Chalice-Liquid-Interactions can now be modified with Crafttweaker

  • Tab-Complete for AS commands (thanks @ codewarrior0 for submitting this)

  • Several config options for rock crystal-generation Check your configs! The old config options are gone and are now listed in worldgen/rockcrystals !

  • Vicio ritual now grants localized flight

  • Vicio's and lucerna's ritual effect-radius are now dependent on the amount of lenses focusing back onto the ritual

  • AS now depends on Baubles

  • Lenses and Prisms can now be placed sideways and upside down


  • Fixed visual bug with moon phases

  • Added a potential fix for the network-connection issue (thanks @ cpw who hinted at a potential cause for this)

  • Bootes ritual not performing well with sheep-wool drops

  • Fix issues with the telescope interaction

  • Fix celestial gateway teleportation issue when teleporting across dimensions

  • Fix Invisible items of translucent blocks showing up in the inventory

  • Fix translucent blocks not being cleaned up properly in some cases

  • Fix translucent block capture of the treebeacon messing with block setting

  • Evorsio ritual now teleports drops onto its platform instead of polluting the area with them

  • Fix gateway UI not displaying under certain circumstances

  • Fix config load order on several instances, fixing derivative loading crashes

  • Fix slab and stairs lighting issues

  • Fix rendering order in general.

  • Fix stacking of certain enchantments which was unintended

  • Fix fluid consumption of chalices (once again)

  • Fix altar I/O handling, so it stops consuming unneeded inputs

  • Fix two issues with constellation cycles causing crashes on occasion

  • Fix gateway lookup crashing on rare occasions due to race conditions

  • Fix ignition lens not supporting multiple-sized furnace outputs

  • Fix recipe recovery not handling particles correctly

  • Fix key I/O handling on the tome which causes some issues when keys are reassigned

  • Fix ritual anchor not properly looking up ritual origin and player origin

  • Fix discidia mantle effect again

  • Fix ingredients (not talking about transformers and stuff here) are not being usable in CT scripts

  • Fix architect wand not handling place-states correctly

  • Fix general typos and inconsistencies in the tome texts

  • Fix treebeacon's preferences now prefers harvesting logs over leaves on more occasions

  • Fix chalice interaction recipes not creating results

  • Fix color multipliers being left out from certain sprite-texture renderings


  • 遏制圣杯液体相互作用现在可以用CraftTweaker修改;

  • 完成星辉魔法命令标签(感谢codewarrior0);

  • 水晶石生成的部分选项,请检查你的配置!旧配置选项已失效,现在被列入世界生成/水晶石,必要时可删除配置文件以重置;

  • 虚御座效应现在给予一定的飞行能力;

  • 虚御座和圣芒座效应效果半径现在取决于聚焦到效应放大器透镜数量;

  • 星辉魔法现在需要饰品栏(Baubles)作为前置模组;

  • 透镜和棱镜现在能够侧放或倒放;


  • 修复月相的视觉漏洞;

  • 增加对潜在的网络连接问题的修复;

  • 牧夫座仪式不能很好地作用于羊的羊毛掉落;

  • 修复望远镜的互动问题;

  • 修复使用天体星门跨维度传送问题;

  • 修复半透明方块的不可见物品显示在物品栏上;

  • 修复在某些情况下不能清除半透明方块;

  • 修复烽火树的混乱方块设置下的半透明方块的捕获;

  • 解离座仪式现在转移掉落物到平台,而不是污染这个区域;

  • 修复天体星门的UI在特定情况下不能显示;

  • 修复部分实例中的配置加载顺序以及衍生的加载崩溃;

  • 修复台阶和楼梯的光照问题;

  • 修复全局渲染顺序;

  • 修复无意中堆积的特定附魔;

  • 修复遏制圣杯的流体消耗;

  • 修复祭坛输入/输出操作,因此停止消耗不需必要的输入物品;

  • 修正星座周期导致崩溃的两个问题;

  • 修复由于竞争条件下查找天体星门产生的罕见崩溃;

  • 修复燃烧透镜不支持多个熔炉的输出;

  • 修复恢复配方时不能正确处理颗粒;

  • 修复星空日记中按键被修改后进行输入/输出操作产生的问题;

  • 修复效应链接通道不能正确地查找仪式起点与玩家起点;

  • 再次修复非攻座星斗披风的效果;

  • 修复材料在CT脚本中无法使用;

  • 修复秩序之杖不能正确处理放置状态;

  • 修复星空日记文本中的全局打字错误和矛盾;

  • 修复烽火树偏向于收获树叶上的原木;

  • 修复遏制圣杯互动配方不能创建结果;

  • 修复在某些精灵材质渲染中颜色乘数被遗漏的问题。



Important: After updating to this version, keep in mind to visit all of your dimensions that contain celestial gateways in them again before they can continue to work properly. This is due to the new loading mechanism/filter.


- Shift-right-clicking a crystal lens or prism will now unlink it from all destinations instantly.


- Grindstone now can be emptied with shift-right-click while having item in offhand

- Fix random-bounding issues with several ritual effects

- Fix issues with crafttweaker recipe removals not removing recipes

- Fix minor crafttweaker method naming typos (the old methods still remain btw, so you don't have to change stuff)

- Fix keyboard-key zoom in journal not working

- Fix skybox/constellation-appearance & telescope desync weirdness

- Fix evorsio ritual breaking its own anchor-block when not yet linked

- Fix bleeding perk applying itself to the player who causes the bleeding

- Allow for journal item-lookup to redirect to the exact same page

- Fix lightbeam vanishing when worlds don't unload correctly (should hopefully fix that weird bug where lightbeams randomly vanish thanks to certain chunkloading mods that don't wanna fix their stuff on their end)

- Fix altar slots for higher tiers being accessible even if the altar is on a lower tier

- Fix cave illuminator occasionally causing chunkloading

- Fix tank logic for chalice overfilling

- Fix treasue shrine crash if there's no stronghold in the world and/or the worldprovider doesn't handle the lookup properly

- Fix chalices sometimes randomly stopping their interactions

- Fix ritual pedestal sometimes losing its lens-positions for no apparent reason

- Fix ritual pedestal not stopping its effect after removing the catalyst crystal

- Fix ritual pedestal constant-effects not working properly (i.e. lucerna) and stacking-effects of certain rituals not working as intended (i.e. discidia)

- Fix 2 constellation papers occasionally assigning itself twice to the same constellations if picked up in very quick succession

- Fix gateway cache only loading worlds that previously got a gateway loaded in them.

- Fix teleport-event not firing for gateway teleportation

- Fix incompatibility with universal remote's player override

- Add missing check to confirm starlight transmutation actually transmutes the correct block into the desired result shortly before doing so

- Fix aevitas-breedables crash with animania animals


AS now requires Forge or newer.


- Added Crafttweaker integration for Tier4 crafting (Check the AS example script on github for details!)

- Fixed the treasure shrine's rock crystal ore not dropping rock crystals upon being mined

- Fix grindstone not sharpening crystals, crystal tools and sword sharpening

- Fix reach perk yet again, probably more stable now

- Fix issues with step assist syncing too early

- Fix potential issues with client & server communication

- Fix retrogen handling

- Fix lightbeams of colored lenses showing even if there is no starlight being transferred

- Removed a 2nd light-network recalculation upon world-load that is connected to tiles that must be exposed to skylight


- Added Grindstone CraftTweaker handling (check the example-script on github)
- Added Grindstone recipes preview on JEI
- Config options so fluid interactions between liquid starlight and other fluids can be disabled
- Add Wizardry Mana & narce to the default fluid rarity registry

- Fix crashes with menril saplings growing into trees with the tree beacon
- Fix chalice fill/withdraw no longer causing overflow
- Fix changing forward & backward keys to some non-default-keyboard keys no longer crashes the game...
- Fix armara no-armor perk description not matching the actual functionality
- Fix various issues with perks not persisting after the player entity has been killed (either by teleportation to another dimension or death)
- Fix mantle recipe removing item data (like enchantments) after re-applying the enchantment
- Fix pillar culling-display issue
- Add proper enchantment descriptions for WAWLA
- Fix crafttweaker integration for adding transmutations showing up twice in JEI
- Fix rightclick handling for the architect wand and astral tome
- Fix a potential source of lag from ritual pedestals
- Fix celestial gateways keep their naming after being broken
- Fix treasure shrine crash if the world its trying to generate in is lacking a stronghold structure
- Fix stellar refraction table bug that essentially flipped success & failure on the enchantment levels


Important Changes:

AS no longer works on 1.12.1 - It requires at least 1.12.2 forge 2501.


- Fixed resonator crash on dedicated servers

- Fixed infusing crystal tools would cause it to lose all attached data


Internal/Important Changes:

- OreTypes CT integration got removed. Instead, those can be defined in config/astralsorcery/ in a config format. More registries for different aspects of the mod will be merged to this system soon.


- Evershifting Fountain

- Neromantic Prime

- Resonator upgrade (Ichosic)

- Chalices drain from lightwells now

- Chalice-actions can be turned off via redstone signal

Visual Changes: (wiiv being a god at work)

- A good amount of Items got renamed (e.g. Journal -> Astral Tome, starlight resonator -> Fosic Resonator, ...)

- SO Many texture and model changes


- Journal will now accomodate for CT recipe changes, displaying the first found changed recipe or an info text

- The crafting-effects will get recovered after being changed by CT, displaying the altar-upgrade-recipe particles even for recipes that are added by CT

- Fix where all constellations didn't find space on the telescope at the same time

- Fix OreGenerator in treasure shrines not dropping anything at all

- Fix break lens not yielding correct drops

- Fix 2 dupe bugs

- Fix crystal cluster now actually shows some particles when being "fully grown"


Critical Fix:

- Fix journal rendering crash when trying to render sooty-marble node


- Make DamageArc evorsio perk not chain anymore

- Fix sword sharpening multiplier not being "1 + multiplier"


- Add Containment Chalice
- Add Constellation-Focus to JEI preview on tier4-recipes that require said focus

- AS' jarfile is now signed


- The size-constraint for the enhanced collector crystal (size > 400) was removed

- Buff TreeBeacon's collection speed

- Make AS load on 1.12.1 again...

- Increase the timeout on evorsio's stacking damage

- Fix altar particles showing eventhough structure was not built

- Change vicio effect slightly so particles don't spawn in the player's face while flying

- Fix vicio mantle of stars effect sometimes not working at all...
- Fix evorsio wand crash

- Fix evorsio static charge being able to target yourself

- Fix minor constellation's constellation paper being found eventhough they're not implemented yet

- Fix break lens not yielding drops

- Fix Aevitas mantle effect not working properly

- Fix details about constellations being visible way too early


Addition: Crafttweaker integration as it was back in 1.11.2/1.10.2 - Scripts have to be provided on Server AND Client. If they don't have the same scripts, issues may arise.

Fix: WorldProvider for solar eclipse overwrite was missing re-init

Fix: Enchantment registration order

Fix: GUI being closed in the network thread, causing the Blur mod to crash.

Fix: Minor visual issues.


- Fix: Issue that ritual pedestal crashes client if it's trying to fire a lightning

- Fix: Celestial Crystal clusters would dupe old crystal when the crystal cluster forms

- Fix: Celestial gateway capturing the wrong player position

- Fix: Attunement altar infinite loop sound even if data for it is invalid

- Fix: Vortex wand rubberbanding

- Change: Grinding crystals is way less punishing

- Change: Crystal growth is faster

- Change: Starlight infusion for ore -> ingot yields 3 now instead of 2


- Added: Vortex Wand

- Changed: Tool wands no longer give permanent charge when used

- Changed: Air-ish blocks can now be placed close to the ritual pedestal without causing its structure check to fail

- Fixed: Glowflower spawns properly again (couldn't spawn if snow was at its potential spawn-location)

- Fixed: Step assist perk resets properly  (mojang server-client data inconsistency about step height)


- Updated to Forge

- Fixed Config issue with structure generation

- Fixed Crash for structure pattern matching

- Fixed Crash when altar was searching for possible recipes


(Marked as Beta instead of Alpha for the sake of removing the need to manually copy it around 100.000 times)

- Fixed issue with the RitualPedestal in 1.12 now aswell

- Update to forge's new Registration system


(Marked as Beta instead of Alpha for the sake of removing the need to manually copy it around 100.000 times)

- Fix critical bug with recipe caching

- Fix bug with positions not matching shaped-offets

- Remove CraftingTable Patch (Functionality replicated through other means)


(Marked as Beta instead of Alpha for the sake of removing the need to manually copy it around 100.000 times)

Port of 1.4.2 to 1.12

- Revamped internal recipe handling.

- Removed Achievements/"Advancements"