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    1. 1.7.10
    1. 格雷科技5 (GregTech5)是此MOD的前置
    2. GTTweaker (GTTweaker)需要此MOD才能启动
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    • 来着作者的介绍:

      Adds plates and ingots for various materials to cover missing recipe cases.加入了多种材料对应的板和锭来补充一些合成配方遗失的情况。

      Adds a Universal Battery, for converting RF<>EU in obscure use cases.加入通用电池,用于EU和RF的转化

      Adds a Powered healing device (Large swarths of EU for minimal hp. w.i.p.)加入能量理疗机(电疗!)(利用大量的EU来实现少量的生命恢复?)

      Adds Hot foods, which cool over time. Restoring mre HP the cooler (Sometimes hotter) it is.加入了热的食物,其会随着时间而冷却。越冷其储存的HP值越高(有时是越热越高)

      Sandstone Hammer - Breaks down Cobble and Sandstone.沙石锤子:锤烂沙石和圆石

      Tunnel Digger - A 3x3 pickaxe substitute.隧道挖掘者:一个3x3的镐替代物

      Tree Feller (Or whatever I called it) - Cuts down most trees and their branches. (Will happily add more tree support)砍树机(我想叫他什么就叫什么):砍下大部分树和他们的枝条(我很乐意加入更多支持的树木)

      Adds many new materials;加入了一些新的材料

      1 - Energy Crystal,能量水晶

      2 - Blood Steel,血钢

      3 - Staballoy,稳定合金

      4 - Tantalloy (60, 61),钛合金

      5 - Bedrockium,基岩素

      6 - Quantum,量子素

      7 - Potin,铜锡锌合金

      8 - Tumbaga,铜金合金

      9 - Inconel (625, 690, 792),镍铬铁合金

      10 - Tungsten Carbide,碳化钨

      11 - Tantalum Carbide,碳化钽

      12 - Niobium Carbide,碳化铌

      13 - Zirconium,锆

      14 - Zirconium Carbide,碳化锆

      15 - Stellite,钴铬钨硬质合金

      16 - Talonite,热轧钴铬钨硬质合金

      17 - Maraging Steel (250, 300, 350),时效钢

      18 - Zeron-100,零号金属-100

      19 - Hastelloy (N, W, X & C276),哈氏合金

      20 - Incoloy (020, DS, MA956)耐热镍铬铁合金


      Machines (There are multiple tiers of these)多种等级的机器

      Rocket Engines (single block diesel generators for higher tiers)火箭引擎(用于高电压的单方块柴油发电机)

      Safe Blocks (Protect your things, indestructible too)安全方块(保护你的一切)

      Energy Buffers, because battery buffers are portable and hold nothing, seriously!能量缓存器,因为电池缓存箱是可以移动的并且其中没有任何东西

      4 Tiers of Chemical Dehydrators, for processing materials for nuclear fuel.四个等级的化学脱水器,用来生产用于核燃料的材料

      Fluid Storage Tanks, not quite as large as Quantum, but far cheaper.储液罐,可能没有量子缸那么大的储量,但是我他妈便宜!

      SUPERCONDUCTIVITY! Experience lossless power transfers when using 

      the new set of SuperConductor Wires and Phase Change Stations to handle your long distance/high capacity EU/t needs.超导!!!!!当你需要远距离/大数量传输电力时,用新的超导线和相变站来体验无损的电力传输吧!


      Industrial Centrifuge (High Tier Multiblock Centrifuge, for rapid material processing)工业离心机(高级的多方块离心机,用于快速生产)

      Industrial Electrolyzer (High Tier Multiblock Electrolyzer, for rapid material processing) 工业电解机(高级的多方块电解机,用于快速生产)

      Industrial Material Press (High Tier Multiblock Bending Machine, for rapid material processing) 工业压缩机(高级的多方块压缩机,用于快速生产)

      Industrial Wire Factory (High Tier Multiblock Wiremill, for rapid material processing)工业线缆厂(高级的多方块线缆轧制机,用来快速生产)

      Industrial Coke Oven (Because 20 Coke Ovens/Boiler is no fun, recipes are based on real Coke refinery processes)工业焦炉(因为20个炉子/锅炉不是一件让人愉♂悦的事情,这个机器的合成是基于现实的焦炉精炼过程的)

      Iron Blast Furnace (Allows you to skip the bronze one if you've got patience, may be faster than tin hunting)铁高炉(能让你这个非洲人跳过青铜高炉阶段,或许这比你去寻找锡要来的更快一点)

      Multiblock Matter Fabricator (Fancier than Gregs)



      3 new tiers of Circuits. (Makes recipe creation for late game stuff easier, but not for you)3个等级的新电路板(使得后期合成更加简单,但是对你而言并没有┑( ̄Д  ̄)┍)

      4 new tiers of machine components (Electric Piston/Pump/Motor/etc) (If Gt 5.8 is loaded)4个等级的机械元件(电动马达,泵,活塞等)(前提是你得装上Gt 5.8)

      1 new tier of Battery (EV)EV级别的新电池

      Custom Item Casings & GUIs for all machines. (fancy/flash/wow)定制的用于所有机器的物品栏和交互界面(梦幻而闪耀!)

      Adds a secondary Battery alloy.加入了第二种电池合金

      Adds an alternative way to produce Helium.加入了一种可以选择的方式来获取氦

      Adds Gregtech 4 Content; the Personal Cloaking Device.加入了Gt4的内容:隐身机


      Adds four new Kinetic Windmill/Watermill Rotors, along with respective components.加入了新的动能风车和水车,以及各自对应的组成

      Energetic Alloy, TungstenSteel, Vibrant Alloy, Iridium. (Respective mods required as per material)能量合金,钨钢和振动金属,铱(每种材料都需要各自对应的mod的兹瓷)

      Adds a Gregtech 5u Extruder shape specifically for Windmill Shafts.加入了用于Gt5非官版中压模机用于挤出风车叶片的模头

      Iridium Windmill lasts forever - Feel free to remove or change the recipes up.铱风车拥有无穷无尽的寿命!你如果想修改它的合成或者取消它的合成的话,请便!


      Adds OreDict. support for shards. (If enabled in config)加入兹瓷元素碎片的矿物词典(如果在cfg中打开了的话)

      Adds recipes using shards.加入了使用碎片的合成

      Extra Utilities

      Adds an alternative recipe for the divison sigil.


      More Planets

      General Xmod compat.对Xmod的兼容

      Adds in some plates and other common Gregtech-style items.加入了一些板和其他产检的GT风格的物品

      Adds recipes for all MP materials into plates.加入了MP材料制成板的合成

      Forbidden Magic

      Adds OreDict. support for shards. (If enabled in config) 加入兹瓷元素碎片的矿物词典(如果在cfg中打开了的话)

      Adds recipes using shards.加入使用碎片的合成


      Adds Brewing recipes for Growthcraft Cellar (community edition 2.3.1 and below, I believe)加入了对于Growthcraft的酒窖酿造合成表(我感觉是社区版本2.3.1及以下可用)

      Adds multiple kinds of fish and treasure to the fish traps. (Has a 

      soft dependency on HarvestCraft, but still works fine without it)加入了许多种的鱼以及从鱼身上获得的物资(对HarvestCraft有那么一丢丢的依赖性,但是没有它的话也无妨)


      Adds Custom Alveary Blocks (For Frames and Mutations)加入了自定义化的Alveary方块(用于框架和突变)

      Adds 4 Bee housing Frames for Forestry if a version > 4 is installed. (Accelerated, Working, Void and Mutagenic Frames)如果林业版本在4以上的话,加入了4中蜂窝框架(加速框架,工作框架,无效框架和诱变框架)

      1 - Accelerated: Bees enjoy working for longer.加速框架:蜜蜂爱上了加班

      2 - Working: Bees enjoy working harder.工作框架:蜜蜂变成了工作狂

      3 - Mutagenic: Bees become VERY inclined to change species/mutate.诱变框架:蜜蜂出现强烈的变种和突变倾向

      4 – Void: ??? 无效框架:喵喵喵

      Extra Bees

      Adds the Frames from ExtraBees if it's not installed (Because Binnie doesn't update)加入了对应ExtraBees的框架,如果ExtraBees本身没有加入的话(因为Binnie不升级!怠惰!)

      Adds Custom Alveary Blocks (For Frames and Mutations)加入了定制的Alveary方块(用于框架和突变)

      Thermal Foundation

      Adds Cryotheum Dust & Gelid Cryotheum Fluid, if Thermal Foundation is NOT installed.如果热力基础没有加入凛冰之尘和极寒之凛冰的话,我们来加!

      Adds Pyrotheum Dust & Blazing Pyrotheum Fluid, if Thermal Foundation is NOT installed.如果热力基础没有加入炽炎之尘和烈焰之炽炎的话,我们来加

      Adds Blizz Rods & Dust, if Thermal Foundation is NOT installed.如果热力基础没有加入了暴雪棒和暴雪粉的话,我们来加!


      Adds Brewing recipes for Psychidelicraft, if it's installed.


      Immersive Engineering

      Adds a recipe options for the IE coke oven instead of Railcrafts.



      Uses Various items for recipes.



      General Xmod compat.加入常见mod兼容

      Adds in some plates and other common Gregtech-style items.加入了一些板和其他常见的Gt风物品

      Compact Windmills

      General Xmod compat.常见mod的兼容

      Adds in some recipes using Gregtech-style items.加入一些使用Gt风格物品的后续合成


      General Xmod compat.常见mod的兼容

      Adds in some recipes using Gregtech-style items.加入一些使用Gt风格物品的后续合成


      General Xmod compat.常见mod的兼容

      Adds in some plates and other common Gregtech-style items.加入一些板和其他常见的Gt、风格物品

      Big Reactors

      General Xmod compat.常见mod兼容

      Adds in some plates and other common Gregtech-style items.


      Simply Jetpacks

      General Xmod compat.常见mod兼容

      Adds in some plates and other common Gregtech-style items. 加入一些板和其他常见的Gt风格物品


      General Xmod compat.常见mod兼容

      Adds in some plates and other common Gregtech-style items. 加入一些板和其他常见的Gt风格物品


      Refer to Thermal Foundation.参照热力基础

      Upcoming Features (Probably in dev. versions if you want to test)


      Super Conductive Wire超导线

      Super Conductor Power Nodes (Since the default GT machines are lossy regardless of cable)超导能量节点(因为默认的GT机器即使不算线损的话也是有损耗的)

      Power Sub-Station (Variable voltage, 3 in, 3 out power storage multiblock)能量子站(可变电压,3接入口,3接出口的能量存储多方块设备)

      New Nuclear Power Systems新的核电系统

      New Nuclear Fuels新的核燃料

      New Recipes to make Fuels新的燃料合成方式

      New Backpack items新的背包物品

      New Custom Fluid Pipes for GT to suit Nuclear applications新的专为核电量身打造的定制GT流体管道

      New Radioactive Materials新的放射性材料(估计是辐射附魔相关)

      More New Materials更多新材料

      Better GT 5.9 Support对于GT5.9更多的兹瓷

      More x-mod compat更多x-mod的兼容

      Added fluid cells through IC2 for every new fluid I made加入了我创造的各种流体的IC流体单元

      Multipickaxes like the Tunnel Digger, just for lower tiers and from lots more materials区域挖掘镐,就像隧道挖掘者一样的,用更加低级的材料制成,也提供更多材料的选择


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