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6.11.22 [ 编辑 ] 2019-12-02

[NOTE] Enabled Weather and Fire Related Explosions now. But not the Overcharge ones.

[COMPAT] Plantmegapack has had some Stuff done such as its Bamboo Types being Wood Types now.

[FIXED] Mode Selector Covers now update their visuals whenever a Block Update happens. This only ever happened if someone was dumb enough to use 2 Mode Selector Covers on the same Block.

[FIXED] GalaxySpace Ores were not recognized for removal.

[CHANGED] Nerfed ZPMs again to be 500 times less, and therefore exactly as much as they were pre-buff. I decided instead of realism the ZPM has to be a convenience.

[ADDED] ZPM Dechargers. One for QU and one for EU, so you have to decide if you just wanna use a ZPM for Massfabs, or if you also wanna use it for Electricity but then inefficiently convert from EU to QU.

6.11.21 [ 编辑 ] 2019-11-24

[COMPAT] Some MineFantasy II Stuff is now supported, but not much of it.

[COMPAT] Soil Types of Enhanced Biomes now have more individualised Sifting Recipes.
[COMPAT] Water Blocks from the Streams Mod count as Infinite now, just like River Blocks. Please be aware those Stream Blocks do spawn vanilla flowing Water around them which do NOT count.
[FIXED] Compatibility with Tinkers Gregworks for GT6. It broke whenever I renamed some Variables.
[FIXED] Lack of certain Types of Support/Recipes for Milky Quartz. Now it should be just as compatible with GT6 as Nether Quartz. (This does not mean decorative Blocks yet)
[FIXED] Rails are now no longer considered Furnace Fuel even though they have Wood in them. This caused Issues with the Railcraft Tunnelbore and should be fixed now.
[FIXED] Long Distance Electric Transformers are no longer infinitely producing Energy when IC2-Exp is installed. HOW THE FUCK DID THIS NEVER GET NOTICED!?!
[CHANGED] Lazurite and Sodalite can now be used to make IC2 Coolant too.
[CHANGED] I decided Niter is now a 50:50 mix of KNO3 and NaNO3, that way mixing those two together can be used to craft it if needed. Also KNO3 and NaNO3 Ores have now been replaced by Niter Ores. Should you want to separate KNO3 and NaNO3 for certain Chemical Recipes, use a Centrifuge. Most Mixing Bowl Recipes such as Gunpowder allow Niter too now.
[CHANGED] Dryer and Distillery are no longer subject to Overclocking Penalties.
[ADDED] NEI Handler for "Other Relations" which is dedicated for random helpful Information, such as "Air Vent -> Air" or "Drain -> Water".
[ADDED] Adamantium Gearboxes and Axles as a high Tier, so that it's never impossible to transmit large amounts of Power.

6.11.20 [ 编辑 ] 2019-11-17


It has been over a year since I ran at “full Energy” due to Asthma. I’m glad that my motivation is finally back in full capacity, regardless of which project I’m working on!

Like look at all this crap I got done this week. I actually did things, instead of spending half the day in Bed and working only one or two days a week, instead of almost every day now!

[COMPAT] Electrical Age had some work done Itemwise. But not gonna do its Power System.

[COMPAT] Rotarycraft Dry Ice can be made with Freezer now.

[COMPAT] The Reactorcraft Fluorite Crystals are now OreDicted by Color and properly compatible in Recipes if that matters to anyone.

[IMPROVED] There is now Code in place to make sure OreDicted Items from other Mods are not deleted from GT6 Storages (Mass Storages, Compartment Drawers, Advanced Crafting Tables, GT Chests etc, not Player Inventories!) should you uninstall those other Mods. This will fix the underlying Issue of mandatory Unification for certain badly written Mods killing your well earned Items when you uninstall them.

[FIXED] Crucible Issue with Graphite and other things that just vanished when you inserted too much of them at once.

[CHANGED] Crucibles in Galacticraft Planets now require Oxygen above them in order to be able to get Air from KU to make Steel.

[CHANGED] Ruby now uses the same Texture Set that Sapphires have to make more clear that Rubies are technically Sapphires, and so they are less confused. Ofcourse I thought about Fools Rubies too. :wink:

[CHANGED] Some Glass alike Gems now use a Slimeball alike Pearly Texture.

[ADDED] Coal, Charcoal, Coke etc. Bricks. They are Ingots, meaning Nuggets and Chunks also exist for them (meaning better Fuel regulation). Vanilla Coal and Charcoal can easily be handcrafted and generified to the more shapely Bricks and vice versa.

[ADDED] Ingots, Plates and Gem Plates can now be placed in World.

[ADDED] The 9 Colors of Fluorite as well as the 6 Colors of Aventurine as small Ores.

[ADDED] Milky Quartz Rock Layer. Purpose being a Surface Level Quartz Ore so you dont need to go to the Nether. Totally not because Rockhounding has that Quartz Type and I did not add a Surface Quartz yet. (Quartzite does not count)

6.11.19 [ 编辑 ] 2019-11-11

[COMPAT] Wood and some Gems from the Rockhounding Mod are now supported.

[CHANGED] The Iron Recipes now require Carbon instead of Dark Ash (well a Carbon Version of those Recipes already existed before), and Carbon can be supplied by Coal and Charcoal now. This made Dark Ash much more useless, but also stops you from burning shit for the sake of getting Dark Ash. I looked up the IRL Recipes again and did not see the need to introduce a new Flux.

[ADDED] Hammers can now be placed on Anvils.

6.11.18 [ 编辑 ] 2019-11-04

[FIXED] A bunch of Multiblock Crucible Bugs.

[CHANGED] Steel is now made with Air instead of Carbon! In order to supply Air to the Crucible just slap an Engine at it and pump in Kinetic Units (KU).

[ADDED] Made Royal Jelly a Liquid now. Should make some Recipes work better. Royal Jelly can be used like Honey in a lot of Recipes, usually being 10 times more efficient in some way or another.

6.11.17 [ 编辑 ] 2019-10-28

[FIXED] Long Distance Wires/Pipes now actually know when they are a Receiver when they are looked at with Magnifying Glass. 

[ADDED] 3x3x3 Multiblock Crucible. It is 100 Units in Size with 27*16=432 Units of Capacity. The Heat Efficiency compared to a normal filled Crucible is about twice as good, as long as your Batches are large enough. Due to me experimenting with Rendering and not wanting to go back on it (way too stupid effort to make it work properly), the Crucible will permanently glow in the Dark to prevent Light glitches, may have a bit of Z Fighting at the Top Corners, and might render Covers weirdly.

6.11.16 [ 编辑 ] 2019-10-21

[CHANGED] Bars Block now lets Items, XP Orbs and Projectiles (Arrows and such, somehow Enderpearls and Snowballs don't work) go through from all directions, making it more useful for Mob Grinders and physical Defenses.
[CHANGED] Cryo Distillation Tower now Outputs condensed Ice. Let's just assume that no matter where the Air comes from, there is at least a little bit of humidity. Also Dark Ash for Nether Air.
[ADDED] Recipe for Carbon Pipes in the Nanoscale Fabricator.
[ADDED] Tantalum Hafnium Carbide, Melting Point 4263K. Crucible Equipment, Burning Boxes, Pipes, Drums and Capsule Cell Containers included.

6.11.15 [ 编辑 ] 2019-10-14

[FIXED] Axles were not saving their Rotation Direction, leading to weird Low Power Issues after loading a Chunk.

[REMOVED] Dirty/Impure/Pure Piles of Dust do no longer generate Items unless they are from Stone. This will make existing Impure Piles useless, so get rid of them. (Note: I already removed them from all outputs, so you should actually not have any that stem from non-Stone anymore, except the ones from Mekanism if that is installed, but those stay too)

[CHANGED] Small Ores will now drop regular Dust instead of Impure Dust as a Stone Byproduct Pile. This means Impure Bedrock Dust should be the only Impure Pile of Dust to remain obtainable.

[CHANGED] Certus Quartz and Nether Quartz related Sifting Recipes are now more streamlined, and also dont output Charged Certus Quartz Dust anymore.

[CHANGED] The Ore Byproduct List now has the Indicator Rocks instead of Purified Dusts.

[CHANGED] Regular Distillation Tower now uses Nonuple Pipes instead of Gears in its Recipe.

[CHANGED] Both Distillation Towers now accept Energy Sideways if it comes into the Heat Acceptors.

[ADDED] Cryo Distillation Tower for separating Air into other Gasses. The old Centrifuge Recipe for that does no longer exist.

[ADDED] Large Autoclave. Can do 16 Processes at once.

6.11.14 [ 编辑 ] 2019-10-07

[FIXED] Mekanisms Fake Osmium being used in Mixer Alloying Recipes for Osmiridium instead of Real Osmium by accident.

[CHANGED] Mixer Recipes for Alloys now have a Selector Tag in them! (Also added a few useful shortcuts for Mixer Alloying thanks to that)

[CHANGED] Bark can now be used to make Paper and Dynamite.

[ADDED] Hand Drill for basically drilling Trees.

[ADDED] Geiger Counter for measuring Neutron Levels in Reactors.

[ADDED] Fluid Slot to the Welder because someone requested it. I don’t have much use but maybe someone with MineTweaker wants to do something.

[ADDED] Liquid Methane from GalaxySpace should now be convertable to 643 Liters of regular Gaseous Methane.


1x1 Reactor Core.

Yes it is possible to mix 1x1 and 2x2 Reactors with each other

But apart from saving Material on Neutron Reflectors and Absorbers its not THAT useful to mix them, because fuel Rods in a 1x1 Reactor will split their Neutron Emissions in half over the 2 adjacent Slots of the 2x2 Reactor.

And as always, the Patreon Post should follow up later today or somewhen tomorrow. :wink:

6.11.12 [ 编辑 ] 2019-09-30

[CHANGED] Chloroplatinic and Chloroauric Acids, and Stannic Chloride now have slightly different electrolyzation Recipes. Still not quite realistic from what I found out from comments afterwards, but definitely more convenient.

[ADDED] Vanilla Cobble Stairs and Slabs should be possible with GT6 Rock Types now in a 2x2 Grid. Please be aware that Cobble Slabs need to use the lower half of the 2x2 Grid to craft.

[ADDED] Ludicrite Rod from that one Reactor Mod, just forgot to add it. XD

[ADDED] Recipe for Frost Hazmat using Asbestos Plates.

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