闪烁标语 (Splash Text)


  • Not Dragon Free in the slightest!
    Literally Swamped with Dragons!
    Dragon Infested!
    Ice Sand Fire Dragons!
    Don't bother with the clones!
    The Elder Scrolls foretold their return...
    Binky fish!
    Not Funny Didn't Laugh
    Le Knockoff Mods have Arrived
    I Like Fire Trucks and Moster
    LLibrary et futurum!
    Cognito ergo sum!
    Check out Rats!
    Check out Fossils and Archeology Revival!
    Check out Bewitchment!
    Le Dragons have Arrived
    Dragons can eat cheese!
    Don't give hippgryphs glistening melons!
    Draconic Evolution!
    Full of Bugs!
    Spawning particles on the server side...
    Thank you, Alexthe666!
    Thank you, Raptorfarian!
    Thank you, Zyranna!
    Soon Comes the Lightning!
    Totally not wyverns!
    Also check out Wyrmroost!
    How to train your dragon!
    Dragons in the Aether??? 0_0
    Like looking at a gorgon!
    Fairy repellent not included!
    Stay out of the swamps!
    Deserts are dangerous!
    is that a plane? is it a bird? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO-
    Java Version Forever!
    That iron armor isn't gonna help you fight that dragon!
    Read the bestiary!
    Now in Modpacks Everywhere!
    Kentucky Fried Cockatrice!
    <Player Name> was turned into KFC by a dragon!
    Keep your eyes on the skies!
    Make a basement!
    Now with real dragons!
    Awww Man!
    Dragon forge sold seperately for only 59.99$!
    Pixies Voiced by ASDFGirl!
    Now with Fire Red and Ice Blue!
    there are no mimics in the mod, I swear!
    Was that dragon always there?
    Look behind you!
    Bedroom Cup Check! Take all your cups or dishes in your room to the kitchen!
    Come get yall gold!
    Winter is coming!
    Remember, licking doorknobs is illegal on other planets!
    Don't dig straight down! Or up for that matter, Dragons all around!
    Bring fire resistance!
    Fulfilling all of your mythical creature needs!
    Pixies are pricks!
    Now with 800% more dragons!
    Ender Dragon not tameable!
    Tinkerer friendly!
    Shrek not included (sadly)!
    *Dragon Screeches*
    Prepare for the storm!
    Ever wondered why rodeos are made in sand arenas? go to a desert!
    Better bring the fire extinguisher...
    Out of the roost, into the Cavern!
    Ah, that's hot.  That's real hot!
    Lighting? Wait that’s illegal
    Le Monke!
    It's Rewind Time!
    The inferno or the icey clutches of death, your choice.
    Hotter than a carolina reaper!
    Colder then liquid nitrogen!
    oh hey what's this cool black roc- AAAHHHH I'M ON FIRE
    800% more Bruh Moments!
    Nothing here at all!
    Not sponsored by KFC!
    Foes to face and friends to make!
    As mighty as a dragon, as noble as its heart.
    Hotter than a fire dragon!
    The dragon will torch everything in the valley hospitals, schools, retirement homes, and even ye olde bowling alley!
    They aren’t wyverns you insufferable plebs!
    The dragon is vanquished, the princess returned and only a few of us got badly burned!
    If you see random fire, don’t run, you are already dead!
    Now with 100% more winged dinosaurs!
    Now comes with big flying lizards!
    Here be dragons!
    What does a guy have to do to get some mutton around here?
    You're just 20 wizard's paces away from swords, sorcery and bad hygiene.
    Knights, jesters, dragons, medieval bowling alleys, 12th century? Don't you see, Patrick? We really are in medieval times!
    Oh no, I think I left the water running at home!
    Completely original models!
    Better than Season 8!
    Sparkling or regular?
    Release the Kraken!
    Zoo Wee Mama!
    D E A T H  W O R M
    It's Krak-a-lackin!
    Sniping Lizards?
    Dragon Tales!
    Soothing Siren Songs Snatch Stranded Sailors!
    Not sort of dragon free!
    Ice Dragons: Freezing a place in your home and your heart!
    Fire Dragons: Burning a place in your home and your heart!
    Fish AI!
    My cousin's out fighting dragons, and what do I get? Rats and fossils!
    Walter Clements
    My eyes are up here!
    Lets go get this son of a
    Now with 100% more smeltable silver!
    The truth is... the game was rigged from the start!
    Befriend the dragon!
    Ride the dragon!
    I dun wun it!
    I used to be an adventurer like you!
    Bathed in dragonfire!
    A chill goes down your spine...
    Todd you did it again!
    Why do I hear boss music?
    Don't worry about the dragons skeletons, they surely died of age or starvation...
    Jamie pull that up!
    You stupid animal!
    Dunces and Dragons!
    King of the mod-sters!
    A Silver Sword for Monsters!
    Eat the cheese!
    Not an out of season april fools joke!
    Woo, r/feedthebeast!
    Join our Discord!
    Ravioli, ravioli watch out for the gorgoli!
    I'm Pixed Off!
    Rhaegal deserved better!
    Off Camera Deaths!
    Thousands of Endings!
    Bringing the thunder!
    Karen you villan release me from this menu screen at once!
    Meaners gotta eat too!
    What in oblivion is that?
    Hear me roar!
    Fire and Blood!
    And that's the iced tea sis!
    And that's the hot coffee bro!
    Fire made flesh!
    Sea serpents are just long water noodles!
    AH a danger noodle!
    Danger Zone!!!
    Burning villages since 2017!
    Ice and Fire Forever!
    100% Useless Reptile Free!
    Try our texture packs!
    To War!!!
    Shrek 2 is the best one imo
    Myrmex infighting!
    Mom says its my turn on the dragon!
    The current of the flames terrified us...
    Fire on them!
    I declare exterminatus!
    Baby hippogryphs are too precious!
    Slice and Dice!
    Expand and Conquer!
    Ride your Dragon into battle!
    If you focus on what you left behind, you will never see what lies ahead!
    Stone cold gaze!
    Some dragons just want to watch the world burn!
    Don't play with fire!
    I am fire... I am death!
    Beware, beware! Of the moving sands!
    The one that breaks the title!
    The queen of frost will return unbroken!
    The fires of hell shall be awoken!
    We like to party!
    Neat is a mod by Vazkii!
    Happiness is just around the corner!
    Light the fire!
    Incinerate your foes!
    Trolls hate the sun!
    We nerfed the dragon breath!
    Destroyer of worlds!
    Also try Terraria!
    Unleash the ancient spirits of light and darkness across your world!
    Mythical mob Skulls are a 2.5% drop chance!
    I wish I wish with all my heart...
    Gas is produced and expelled through some sort of tube, and then an electrical/friction spark is used to ignite it
    Listen to Jeff Rosenstock!
    Listen to Weezer!
    Listen to PUP!
    Listen to Rozwell Kid!
    Listen to Joyce Manor!
    Listen to Courtney Barnett!
    Listen to Ghost!
    Listen to the Smiths!
    Listen to the Pixies!
    Now in modpacks everywhere!
    Beware the Dread Queen!
    The Pirat Invasion!
    Can't Knock the Hustle!
    Played by Pewdiepie!
    Ice and Fire is made possible by users like you!
    Festival Song!
    Avant Gardener!
    Float On!
    Rats in the Walls!
    Don't wake the Deep Ones!
    Bee Kind to the Bugs!
    Birdhouse in your Soul!
    I'm a Constant Headache!
    First We Take Manhattan!
    Da Doo Ron Ron!
    Do You Realize??
    Pedestrian at best!
    21st Century (Digital Boy)!
    Year of the Rat!
    Year of the Cat!
    Holland, 1945!
    Triangles never tell the truth!
    Pork and Beans!
    Surfwax America!
    Back To The Shack!
    Some Postman!
    Weird Fishes/ Arpeggi!
    Return of the Rat!
    Scorpion Hill!
    AM Radio(Re-recorded)!
    How to Disappear Completely!
    Funny Rat Mod!
    (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You Too!
    Say It Ain't So!
    There is a Light that Never Goes Out!
    From the OC!
    Plenty O' Biomes!
    UHF on DVD!
    Perfect always takes so long because it doesn't exist!
    Fire Lizards!
    Bat + Lizard = ???
    Hey man you wanna potion?
    Buddy Holly!
    Please play this song on the Radio!
    Funny Rat Man is dead, No more funny rat mod
    Constant Headache!
    No Targeted Advertising!
    Don't attack sea birds!
    Silver armor looks super cool!
    Acidification in progress!
    Wind in Our Sails!
    Don't feed hippogryphs glistening melons!
    Dragons hoard what man covets...
    We really lived through the 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' parody videos didn't we!
    This is what happens when you mess with us!
    Coming soon to a dragon mod near you...
    Don't ask questions, just wait...
    Bestiary funny, funny bestiary!
    Rats can only see a few colors!
    I'm on a See-Food diet!
    In Medieval Poland they mistook mammoth bones for those of a dragon!
    What's next?
    What's up, dog?
    Sting them! Sting them in the name of Mobius!
    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!
    Rats by Ghost!
    Festival Song!
    NEW from Lego City!
    A Server farm in the Valley for a culture that will eat its own!
    Take Me Back, Back to the Shack!
    Roll out!
    Me First and the Gimme Gimmes!
    Don't wake the dragon!
    I Wonder!
    Fire up the Dragonforge!
    Ride the dragon bro, its that easy!
    Funny Dinosaur Mod???
    Funny Dragon Mod???
    My Little Runaway!
    Bloat implementation in progress!
    Accept Yourself!
    Hurray for Karamazov!
    I THINK!
    Follow @Alexthe668!
    Follow @TheRaptorfarian!
    At Last!
    Today, we escape.
    Report bugs on the github!
    Remember - it might be your texture pack!
    I don't care what universe you're from, that's gotta hurt!
    Love Yourself!
    Love is the Answer!
    Are you coding son???
    He is a Tejano!
    Based? Based on what?
    Frightened of the dark... I am...
    Blast Off!
    Hear you me!
    Hi Cayo!
    These are my Heart Songs!
    Back in 1991 I wasn't having any fun...
    When's the Update coming out?
    Consume Minecraft Mods!!!
    Oh Great. More Bugs.     
    Wrestle with Jimmy!
    You'll Always be my Friend!
    You Never Gave Up Devotion!
    Pinkerton [DELUXE]!
    Blizz are the Worst!
    Thanks, Vazkii!
    Lil Tater!
    Play with Quark!
    Getting By!
    Where's the Rat?
    It's Gonna Be A Long Night!
    Release the Bees!
    Razor Sharp!
    Holesum 100!
    Slice & Dice!
    Lisa's Animal Slurry!
    Comeback Kid!
    Comeback Mod!
    Don't let the Dread kick in!
    We all want you to win!
    Where'd you go???
    I had a friend who kept a candle in his pocket!
    Turn on a million billion blinding incenidary lights!
    Straight from SoCal!
    San Antonio!
    Conferderacy of Independent Systems!
    I've never known her!
    Neat is a mod by Vazkii!
    Fooled You!
    Now I pay for insurance and I'm always getting sick!
    Fire the Laser!
    Sit and think all day!

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