Council's War


High up in the Mountains.

The Council hears a plight.

To Gather up there weapons.

And come down for a fight.

The Fey were causing trouble.

Pixies Dancing in the air.

Barklings marching forwards.

Mushrooms causing quite a scare.

Undead legons moving.

Assassins in the shade.

Skeletons a Shambling.

And Hulks all in a Rage.

With Demons crossing over.

Imps Jumping here and there.

Lantern Wraths a zapping.

who ever wanders neer.

The Villagers were pleading 

to help them down below.

There village was surrounded.

they had nowhere else to go.

After taking to a Council.

Heavy Magic in the Halls.

Whispers of the war to come.

resounding off the walls.

Our troops they were well 

armored wielding shields and 


Hunters brandish crossbows.

They were all well prepared.

So gather up your spellbook.

Make sure your all repaired.

Your Enemies are closing in.

There is no time to be scared.



Council's War
Council's War