Fix Peat Farm block not working if the config is set to not require power (specifically setting I:peat_farm=0 ).


PR merged from embeddedt: Prevent removing Chorus fruit flight when player is in creative mode.

Catch more errors from Excavation enchant, in case game runs out of memory, StackOverflow, similar errors (errors will now just stop digging instead of crash).

Ender Shelf no longer renders the enchanted book (was causing tps/fps lag).


Fix crash in peat farm GUIs when config has I:peat_farm=0.

Fix unchant pylon leaving an empty NBT tag when all enchantments are removed (this allows unenchanted items to go through uncrafting grinder and other compatibility things).

Fix Structure Builder offset directions in CV - Circle Vertical setting.

Fix typo in Diamond and Iron spikes config.

Fix stat.killEntity.robot compatibility error.

Fix Random and Pattern gui settings of the Range building scepter.

Fix Peat-fired Generator Gui energy bar not rendering bug.


Fixed crash introduced in 1.20.7 energy cable


Finish feature from previous changelog

If a block has its fuelcost config set to zero, it now will also hide the energy display in GUI screen, and block capability connections.


This release jank, try the next one 1.20.8

[BETA]  New config added for energy cost to run machine I:peat_farm=64 [range: 0 ~ 500000, default: 64] in cyclicmagic.cfg file (prevously was hardcoded 64 default).

If a block has its fuelcost config set to zero, it now will also hide the energy display in GUI screen, and block capability connections.


Auto crafter now correctly moves container items to output slots and refills them (such as full buckets in cake recipe).

Boomerang fixed to not break certain strong blocks such as Reinforced glass from securitycraft when thrown.

Also Boomerang by default will no longer break blocks when flying (config boomerang.doesBreakBlocks to restore old way).

(trunksbomb) Fix Pattern Replicator to not cause out of bounds exception


Optimize BaseEnchant calls to EnchantmentHelper and HashMap (merge PR Ricket).

Fix merchant almanac bug.

Fixed Cyclic Fluid Node Transfer Rate does not change with GUI.

Fix compatibility crash with Just a Few Fish mod.

Fix a pattern replicator block server crash bug.

Missing texture added for potion effect 'stunned'.

New config SprinklerAnimationsAllowed.

Experience pylon fill and drain logic overhauled to fix bugs; player can sneak on the pylon to drain into it.

If a player currently has the cyclic bounce potion effect bounching, and is using Multi-jump enchant as well, the horizontal momentum given from the multi-jump click is greatly reduced to avoid combining with the bounce enchant and becoming overkill.

(closes 9 github issues total)


Add config to reverse placement of machines -UnInvertedPlacement- (default value is no changes, edit to make machines face away from player on placing).


Fixed builder consuming two blocks for every one placed.

Water walking enchant now works better against BOP quicksand (mud).

By popuplar demand, renamed 'Whitelist/Blacklist' to 'Allowlist/Ignorelist' in a few tooltips (functionality unchanged).

Added some error safeguards in case IE wires throw an exception when hit by a certain projectile.

Block the extraction of items from the Workbench using things like hoppers (fixes some exploits).

Fixed Auto User in attack mode not hitting the full area in larger sized selections.


Put in some checks in case a player is logging out and in with a bounce potion effects.

Item Sorter: Normal mode now matches NBT (enchantments etc); and new Ore Dictionary mode added


Fixed startup crash that happens only IF FastWorkbench not installed.


Updated 'block placement' logic through the entire mod, so things like building scepters and machines place blocks and keep their NBT data (like shulker boxes) as well as relative player directions, also improved compatibility with any blocks having special onItemUse logic/metadata.

Workbench now quickly and cleanly syncs between multiple players using it at the same time.

Excavate no longer allows tools to go into negative durability (correctly uses native attemptDamageItem to handle unbreaking enchant, tool damage, and tool breaking).

GPS Marker now stores specific location of the hit within the block, the players facing direction, and the block-face clicked on (shows on tooltip while holding sneak)

Structure Builder GUI changed, removed offset sliders and replaced with GPS slot; removed rotations value.

Structure builder now optionally uses the GPS markers, so you can target an offset location and set the orientation of rotating blocks such as stairs.

Structure builder Diagonal setting now uses size to build across just like a roof.

Structure builder has a new Horizontal Cylander building mode.

Renamed Cyclic building scepter to Ranged Building Scepter; it now renders an outline of the distant block that it will place.

GPS Marker now renders an outline of the selected block.

The three anvils now can be rotated like regular anvils.

Allow cables to be harvested and dropped as items when broken by hand.

Fluid Drain now has a Preview Render button to show the currently targeted block.

Rebuilt and fixed saturation potion.

Vision Helmet no longer grants glowing effect.

Interdiction Pulsar now works on hostile mobs riding non-hostile living mobs by moving their mounts (such as zombie chicken riders or mobs on horses).

Fixed pattern replicator render outline button.

Pattern replicator redesigned and now use GPS Markers to select areas to copy and paste.

Pattern replicator now builds from the bottom up so that unsupported blocks such as redstone dust or carpet builds more reliably.

Fixed issue in Exp pylon -500 button.

Each quadrant of Ender Library can store 999999 enchantments, up from 64.

Ender Library now saves its data when picked up and placed down as an item, for safe transport like a shulker box.

Fixed Model Variant Exceptions showing in log file.

Fixed water candle sometimes spawning mobs in the ground or creating other duplicate blocks.

All dynamyte now uses ExplosionEvent.Start event to allow other mods to hook and cancel explosions if needed.

Piston Scepter: removed rotate mode (wooden wrench does exactly this); Piston scepter now pushes a whole line of blocks not just one, matching real piston behavior; also it checks canPlayerMove for permission hooks.

Ender Library now checks for enchanted books of stack size != 1 for mod compatibility.

Improve Storage Bag button tooltips for useability.

Storage Bag deposit updated to use capabilities (more compatible with more modded inventories for example AA Crates).

Added crystallized_amber and crystallized_obsidian to default BlacklistInput config for the uncrafter (not affecting existing modpacks but reccomended to add these values).

Updated how Forester looks for ore dictionary logWood blocks when logs have metadata (fixes Biomes o Plenty trees in forester).

Forester now skips air blocks faster.

Password Trigger now works if player is in a different dimension than the block (if blocks chunk is loaded by something).

Added configs to tweak the x/y offsets of the inventory buttons.

Added a few more refinedstorage items to SackHoldingBlacklist config (some RS blocks dont use compatible tile entity NBT storage).


Fixed an obscure item dupe glitch.


Fixed autocrafter/JEI dupe bug.

Fix game crash when slowfall is disabled.

Fixed a bug introduced in 1.19.19 causing way too many chunk updates for a single machine.

Fixed Fluid Collector pulling in the wrong fluid and in some cases building over mismatching fluids.


Fixed a rendering issue.

Fixed a bug with transfer nodes and Real Filing cabinets.

Cleanup some log messages.

Fixed a fluid bug with extraction cable.

Fixed visual bug where the energy bar display would stop updating when the machine was turned off.

Fixed fang spells from Evoker Fang weapon not despawning and building up entity count.

Health system internally upgraded by BlueAgent; data is now stored as a health modifier and does not edit players raw health value which means it is now fully compatible with other health systems & mods.

Reduce Packager lag by only searching for a new recipe when the inventory contents changes.

Reduce Auto Crafter lag by only searching for a new recipe when the inventory contents changes.

New command added /setfood.

Merchant Almanac GUI no longer has the JEI sidebar; this fixes the tooltip rendering issue.

New configs added AutoUserLargestTick and AutoUserSmallestTick in case servers need to restrict useage speed of the machine.

Fixed a crash if Block Miner was breaking a block and also pushed by Sticky Piston with Quark's tile entity integration.

Excavation enchant no longer crashes if some other mod forces its level past the natural maxumum (7, 100, etc).

Harvester and garden scythe now compatible with mods that use BlockCrops:getMaxAge() to override the Age property max value such as Pizzacraft.


- Merge pull request #1245 from sandtechnology (Update zh_CN.lang).

- Changes to crafting_food and inventory_food: They toggle off when you eat them again; and inventory buttons get hidden correclty now if you eat one then turn it off.

- Fluid Extraction cables fix bug with cables resetting filter-type button after reloading world.

- S:EnderBookExpCostRatio config now accepts decimals (calculations and mechanics unchanged). "


updated ru_RU.lang by Bytegm.

Extractor cables are now rock material.

storage_bag now checks that the stack size is 1 before opening, and avoids self pickup. 


Evoker Fang will now start casting at the targeted block instead of always the casters feet.

Evoker Fang will now cast when activated in mid air, does not require a block to be clicked specifically.

Updated ender fang 3D model & textures by a contributor. 


Fall damage nerf for Chorus.

Reduced volume of some magic items.

Fix spell issue with contacting fluid

Fix for clumps + exp boost enchantment desyncing xp orb entities. 


New texture and model for Auto Torch by Ithronyar.

Fixed bugs in Unchant Pylon processing.

Fluid Extraction cable now stops pumping up fluid from in-world fluid blocks when its full.

Bumped to suggested forge version

Storage Bag only use its auto-pickup setting to grab items from world (lower-right of gui) while GUI of bag is open (could cause race-condition data loss sometimes).


In Ender Library, books with no target no longer get stuck, sent to output slot instead (PR from brad18). 

Fixed an issue with cables and Hydrogel mod. 

Controlled Miner now skips over liquid spaces.


Fixed the Redstone toggle button resetting in Structure Builder.

Entity Detector now counts total items in the itemstacks when in Item mode.

zh_CN.lang changes from sandtechnology.

ru_RU.lang changes from kellixon.


Fluid Extraction Cables now have a fluid filter so you can whitelist or blacklist fluids.

If pulling fluid from world, it will not pull unless set to exactly 1000 

Fixed fluid bugs in Automated User when the itemstack holds multiple buckets worth of fluid.

Added Nether and End ore for both Zinc and Tritanium (off by default in cyclicores.cfg).

Mod no longer double-saves players extended inventory in two files, it now exclusively uses the UUID.cyclicinvo files, and ignores the legacy _playername.invo files (no data loss but backup if you like).


Updates to zh_CN.lang by mcBegins2Snow.

Broken tooltip fixed by sandtechnology.

Sneak while using GPS markers out in mid-air to wipe their location.

GPS Item now saves the side of the block clicked, and this is used in the wireless nodes and Screen Detector for items, fluid, and energy on specific sides.

Remote Lever can now be activated from within your inventory with a right-click, similar to charms.

Added the missing EnchantExpBoost config file entry.

Fixed Item Sorter ignoring the far right column.

Text Projector and Sensor Display now have a new Block Offet feature to push the text horizontally off the screen, so you can build in your own background.

Fluid storage tank now only drains downward to others of the same block, fixes not being able to pipe fluid up from the bottom.

You can now correctly sneak to avoid movement on corner pieces of conveyors.


Fluid Extraction cables can now pick up water from the world.

Fixed a hard-to-replicate fluid dupe bug.

Auto User input slots restricted to stack size 1 (fixes several issues, you can still pipe items in as fast as needed).

Exchange scepter now works with silk touch, and can be applied in anvil.

Hydrator & Dehydrator water production compatible with JEI.

The config 'CorruptedChorusPotions' now treats zero as a valid number to disable effect, and higher max value.

You can delete data in GPS Markers by hitting bedrock.

Refreshed Exp Pylon user interface with improvements.

Endgame swords now have durability.

Wireless Transmitters can now show previews.

The blue Standard exchange scepter can now build over Air blocks like a building wand.


Glowing Chorus fruit flying no longer counts down while falling or while standing on non-solid blocks.

Glowing Chorus fruit flying effect is now cleansed and removed from player when milk or a Corrupted chorus fruit is eaten.

Trash Void improved better handling of multiple connections at once, should avoid item ducts and other means from backing up.


Fixed far left slots of Fluid Transfer Node.

Melter and Solidifier recipes now correctly link in with JEI when looking for uses and recipes for fluids.

zh_CN.lang updated ty sandtechnology.

Dehydrator and fluid tank slightly updated.

Fixed fluid bugs in Solidifier recipes.

Fixed a desync bug with Item Collector's redstone button.


Fixed bug where flowing water was breaking cables.


Caught a possible crash from Fluid Placer when it is being activated by resdstone very fast.

Trash Void now has a GUI screen with some basic controls.

Trash Void now deletes all of its fluid each tick instead of half.

Removed config TRANSFER_ITEM_TICK_DELAY, a not-quite-working config that was meant to slow down Item Cables.

Item Extraction Cable now has a GUI slider so you have the option to extract up to 64 items per tick (previously locked to 1).

Fixed an item NBT comparison issue in Auto Crafter (for example, Resource Hogs Truffles).


Changed cables to material Circuits mined by an axe instead of Leaves/shears

Fixed an RF bug

Entity Detector updated to catch errors on updating neighbors (multiblbocks such as doors, etc)

Updated ru_RU by Konstantin and zh_CN by sandtechnology


Increased Hydrator speed.

Fluid Storage Tank now auto-fills the block directly below it regardless of block type.

Melter now gets boosted heat level from source lava blocks.

Soulstone updated for improved compatibility.

Transfer Nodes now display the correct custom display name (for example if a chest is named in an anvil and placed).

Boomerang now attempts to harvest some blocks if it was breaking them (example Chorus Flower), and also tries to pick up items.

Crystal equipment no longer comes with free enchants.


Handle client errors when redstone Clock is updating while block is broken.

Fix Fluid Storage Tank losing its fluid-stack data when mined/placed.

GUI feature: You can now right-click on some buttons to reduce values in User, Collector, Forester, Miner, Harvester.


Fixed removeRecipe not working in zenscript crafttweaker support.


Added Melter and Solidifier blocks, crafting using liquids and supported by zenscript. With resource Amber

Energy cables to fix restricted flow issues; many internal improvements to how fluid and energy is used in general.

Added Extreme Slime plate goes about 90 blocks.

Corrupted chorus changes: added Weakness and removed Nausea.

Conveyors can be crafted into corner and angled variants now, placement logic is unchanged and you can still auto-form corners and angles while building.


Optimize many things to reduce lag.

Fixed Wireless Transmitter block state not updating.

Sped up and removed progress bar from Controlled Miner.

Wireless energy transfer node no longer claims to have fluid capability (mod compat fix).

Added block id to some config descriptions.


You can now stack Tanks on top of each other without sneaking.

Added a button in the Fan to silence its sounds.


Fixed some machines having energy (RF) having server-client desync on dedicated servers (could appear as energy appearing empty when its not, or energy bars vibrating up and down).

Item Collector now has a minimum size of 1x1.

Fixed clientside fluid-desync of several blocks.

Fixed Magma Anvil not accepting fluid from some pipes.

Harvester can now gather ender pearls from Ender Lilly from EXU2.


Fixed uncrafting grinder only working when input stack size was the precise recipe count.


(UPDATE: Known issue with Uncrafting grinder in this version)

  • Fixed an error where empty or invalid entries in some blacklist configs could crash the game.

  • Uncrafting Grinder is now compatible with mods that register unique blocks use non-standard way that try really hard to not be compatible (such as Mekanism NBT based blocks).

  • New config added ForceNonRepairable to allow anvils to repair non-repairable items.

  • Soulstone fixed to now work correctly when player has absorption.

  • Default font size of Text Projector is now 10 instead of zero.

  • New configs SageCount and DruidCount to control how many villagers will attempt to spawn when a new village is generated in new chunks.


Fixed some texture issues.

Fixed Energy extractor cable slider.

Fixed item transfer node not accepting input.


New Blocks: Tempered Glass, Fluid Collector, Sensor Display, Fluid Transfer Node .

Fluid Tank show fills indicator on item stack.

Fluid Tanks also have itemstack fluid capability support (improved compatibility with most machines and inventories).

Ender Library Controller can now be automated, piping enchanted books into it will distribute enchantments to nearby shelves (you must pump out the empty books so it wont get stuck).

Added Sandstone Sword.

New assets by Ithronyar: Biomass, Scaffolding model and sounds, Crystallized Obsidian equipment, Crystal gear, Sandstone gear, new 3D models for some of the scepters, and MORE.

Transfer Node has been tweaked to be an Item Transfer node; Fluid Transfer Node created as a new item.

Updated item model for wireless nodes.

Fixed a bug where export cables messed up the flow for next door blocks.

Extraction cables now default to Always On redstone setting.

Dehydrator no longer accepts lava, produces water during the recipe, water must be drained to coninue, default recipe timings changed, water generated is part of zenscript recipe call as well.

Potion Recipes: Ender and Snow potions are now base types for some of the advanced potions.

Fixed an issue when Boomerang super slowly.

Added JEI info tab for custom potions.

Packager merges similar stacks to avoid getting stuck crafting.

Sword models reverted to earlier version.

Keyboard control on all/most numeric sliders on machines.

Digital Typewriter redesigned and remade as Text Projector.

Hydrator recipe matching checks the size to avoid overlap.

Fixed heart container config causing player to loose certain unlocks on death.

Fixed fluid placer using reversed logic when vertical.

A few other minor unreported bugs 


Updated zh_CN.lang by sandtechnology 

Updated ru_RU.lang by kellixon.

Unchant Pylon automation fixed to accept items on input and output. 


Item model updated for Water Candle and the cable Extractors.

Fixed the lock button in the Hydrator based on if there is a matching recipe.

Hydrator now caches current recipe for more efficient processing.

Redstone Clock now indicates which sides are receiving power on its texture.

Battery indicates which sides are outputting power with its texture.

AutoCrafter bugfix for recipes that consume item durability (such as Mystical Agriculture essences).


Fix itemstack issues in cables with some containers (Filing cabinets, possibly others).

Void Anvil will no longer delete non-enchantment related NBT data.

Added a debug command /nbtset key val, defaults to OP only and can be disabled (currently only strings, may expand later).

Fixed not being able to shift-click items into the last slot of Structure Builder.


Brought back a legacy feature where Charms can be repaired in an anvil with an item from the recipe (PR from trunksbomb).

Ender Book teleport refactored off the main thread (helps with chunk loading issues on servers).

Laser Cell now continues to render the laser even if the block is out of the players vision (same logic as Beacon).

Fixed Water Candle using the wrong location and verification to check if a mob is allowed to spawn.

Increased speed of Auto Crafter and Packager machines so they process one recipe per tick (modpack devs use the FuelCost config section if you need to counter-balance this with power cost settings).

Six new config entries for the Tree and Brush scythe items to aid modpack development and mod compatibility (default behaviour is unchanged).


Fixed startup crash on servers with fastcraft/fastbench.

Fix a crash & handle errors in Item extraction cable when using some types of tile entities (Thermal Dynamics Vacuum pipe with resonant servo, possibly others).

Fixed Packager not accepting zenscript (crafttweaker) recipes using NBT data.


Updated some JEI information.

Updated language files.

Fixed issue with a keybinding with fastcraft.

Harvester compatibility Red Orchid.

Responsive scaffolding drops correct number of blocks.

When you shift-click a GPS Marker in a Transfer Node it now goes in the correct 1slot.

Ender Book has a new return feature, you can go back to your previous position that was saved on the previous teleport.

Exchange scepters now have two additional settings: 9x1 and 1x9 for column building.

New config optional for SFX block, if changed the 'sound_player_everybody' flag will instead make only the person using the block able to hear the sound, option to prevent sound-griefing.


 Randomizer can no longer move unbreakable blocks (such as bedrock).

Catch and handle errors from 3rd party recipes when autocrafter is scanning recipe list, to prevent game crashes.

Added a config control to disable GPS Marker by josephcsible .

Updated zh_CN.lang by mcBegins2Snow.

Fixed the sprinkler sometimes grown crops client-side-only by fuami.

Nether and End ores now have extra ore dictionary entries added on top of usual, for example both 'oreCobalt' and new 'oreEndCobalt', added by josephcsible .

The /nbtprint command now also prints any ore dict entries for the held item.

Quickdraw enchant now works in offhand.

Multi-shot enchant: rebalanced damage of extra arrows with main based on charge.

Dehydrator fixed some recipes not processing such as saplings.

Dehydrator now stops consuming power if it has no recipe to work on.

Harvesting three tall crops now breaks the top block safely (Simple Corn).

Heart containers checking against config limit improved for compatibility.

Added Swim Speed II potion effect.

Machines and cables now compute energy serverside only, which is an optimization and fixes issues with some cables (such as Leadstone circuits).

Anvils no longer deal damage when you run into them at head height and all have the anvil sound.

** release dedicated to Kashdeya ** 


Fix startup crash introduced by 1.17.8.

JEI recipe handlers are now properly hidden if their block is disabled.


Fix end coal ore using settings from end redstone ore (josephcsible).

Controlled Miner has a larger range of size options.

Fixed broken configuration options for machine energy options (some block names were labeled as 'null').

Throwing torch and torch launcher now drop their respective items if they are not placed.


Void anvil no longer leaves behind an empty NBT tag behind and cleanly erases it.

More content added to /default/ config for the Uncrafting grinder (will not affect existing config files, PR from mcBegins2Snow).

Rewrite of how Auto User handles fluids:

  • will no longer drop buckets on the ground when gathering fluid from the world;

  • fixed compatibility with vanilla cauldrons;

  • fixed a dupe bug.


Fixed SFX maker not saving selected index on world reload.

ru_RU.lang updated by kellixon.

Fixed Block Placer sometimes stripping metadata out of some modded blocks when placing (Primal Core Yew wood).


zh_tw.lang updated by mcBegins2Snow.

Auto Crafter now stops crafting when full, so it stops consuming power and dropping items on the ground.

Pharos beacon now sets to 20 seconds instead of 8 to avoid Night Vision flickering.

Fixed an issue with Hydrator recipes and ore dictionary when metadata became 32767.

Hydrator no longer processes when full or drops things on the ground.


Fixed Fluid extraction cable not saving the fluid rate setting on world reload.

Typo fixed in language file.

Fixed shift-clicking item issues in the extended player inventory.


Fixed life leech sometimes setting invalid food values (Lykrast).

Updated zh_CN.lang (sandtechnology).

Fixed duplicate potion registry errors in log.

Fixed Water Candle not following some spawn rules such as light levels.

Fixed an uncommon crash when bundled cables first connects to certain blocks.

Harvester can now go down to size 1x1.

Harvester gathers grape berries from the vines in Rustic.

Fixed an intermittent crash when using Block Randomizer in multiplayer.

Fixed a block breaking issue with Wireless redstone blocks.

Fixed block transparency issue with Dehydrator.

Fix tooltip language issue in Storage bag GUI button that toggle auto pickup modes.

Rainbow Cannon is no longer stackable.

  • Fix server not starting up on newer forge versions.

  • Crafting workbench and inventory now compatible with FastWorkbench by shadows-on-fire.

  • Set minimum forge version to now check and be enforced (required minimum is, suggested is

  • Water candle can now be harvested by pickaxe.

  • Apple Sprout recipe updated.

  • Apple Sprout now compatible with info mods such as TOP/WAILA.

  • Removed some custom anvil repair recipes that were causing issues.

  • Buffed Speed Charm: increased durability and reduced damaging chance of Speed Charm.

  • Fix server desync with the new inventory hot tool swap GUI and Keybinding.

  • New Block: Laser Cell.

  • New block: Water Candle.

  • All new textures for Fluid Placer and Precise Dropper.

  • Improved rendering of Ender Library face.

  • New keyboard wheel shortcut that re-uses your extended inventory to hot-swap your items toolbelt style.

  • Fixed short 1 length cables sometimes getting stuck with items.

  • Packager no longer drains energy when it has no recipe, also it only drains recipe on craft instead of per-tick so default config cost was updated.

  • Cables now easily and quickly harvested by shears.

  • Updated zh_cn.lang from sandtechnology

  • Obsidian Shears added.

  • Boomerang added.

  • Torch Launcher and Auto Torch will now consume torches for your inventory to self-repair.

  • Storage Bag can has option to auto-pickup items before they go into the players inventory; customize mode in GUI.

  • Fixed transparency of Item Sorter.

  • Fixed JEI left sidebar for custom recipes (catalyst / category crafting item for Hydrator, Dehydrator, and Packager recipes).

  • Item Sorter and Trash Void no longer deal suffocation damage if you walk into them.

  • Fixed game crash when Dispenser fires a Monster Ball

  • Fixed an icon going off the screen in AutoCrafter GUI.

  • zh_CN.lang updated by sandtechnology.

  • Life Leech enchant now scales up to level II.

  • Fixed dupe bug with Auto User when combined with one specific other block.

  • Auto User now works with enchanted books on Ender Library blocks

  • Battery block now auto-outputs energy to nearby blocks (customize in GUI).

  • Remote Lever now can work across dimensions (if chunk is loaded) and has an item cooldown.

  • Fixed harvester not gathering pineapples from Plants mod.

  • Fixed Auto User not gathering drops from certain plants and bushes (Plants mod, berry bushes for example).

  • Energy generated by Peat and Enriched Peat ingots has been added to the config file.

  • Fix crash when Block Placer uses some directional blocks (such as Anvil, FarmingForBlockheads Market, Primal Stripped Logs, etc).

  • Block Placer no longer has a timer bar, it just places when it can.

  • Item Sorter has an all new block model.

  • Auto Crafter GUI now displays a copy of the recipe output whenever it has a valid recipe.

  • Refreshed textures of Wireless redstone blocks

  • Fixed Size button in Harvester not changing.

  • Fix Password block triggering too many times after the world reloads.

  • All upgrade-food can now be eaten in creative mode.

  • Added Empty Heart Container.

  • Reduce hitbox of Sprinkler

  • Fixed Peat Bog not baking in water.

  • Suggested minimum forge version

  • Fixed Extractor blocks rendering invalid positions.

  • New Block: Dehydrator, dries out blocks with custom recipes & crafttweaker support.

  • Fixed Excavate Enchantment breaking more blocks than the config entry for 'EnchantExcavationBreak' was set to.

  • Entity Detector lag busting: it now only scans serverside, and ticks 4 times per second instead of 20 times per second

  • New Block: Auto-Packager: bulk packaging of certain items with Crafttweaker support.

  • Fixed RF Energy bars in machine GUI's not updating clientside when certain cables/fluxducts/generators would insert energy serverside.

  • Forester GUI now has size and height controls.

  • Using Quarks Link-to-chat feature (default of Shift-T) no longer crashes when using it inside the cyclic player Extended Inventory tab.

  • Automatic Fishing net no longer destroys unbreakable fishing rods (for example Supremium Rod from Mystical Ag).

  • Added time config subsection for several machines to change their processing time.

  • Autocrafter optimizations: don't search recipes matches when grid is empty, and don't search recipes clientside only server.

  • zh_CN updated by sandtechnology.

  • Added a Requires Redstone button to Void Anvil.

  • Increased range of Water Spreader.

  • Error checking for Sack of Holding:

  • If it fails to pickup/copy a block -usually an exception thrown from another mod- it leaves the block alone (Refined Storage Disk Drive).

  • If Sack of Holding fails to place a block, it now sends an error message the same way to avoid duplicating empty blocks (Extra Cells some machines).

  • Added some blocks to default SackHoldingBlacklist config entry.

  • Butter potion no longer drops your items 5 blocks above your head.

  • Use a redstone torch on an Ender Bookshelf to toggle its display mode (icons or text).

  • Wireless nodes now save their settings, and shift-click works in the GUI.

  • Added Wireless Transfer Nodes.

  • Fixed some blocks with missing breaking particles.

  • Fixed Spawner Seeker projectile vanishing or getting frozen when chunk unloads.

  • Cyclic's Health system (Heart container items, /sethearts command, and HeartContainerDefault config) updated using attributes to be compatible with health systems from other mods, thanks to contributor BlueAgent (Botania, Nutrition, ScalingHealth, SolCarrot, others).

  • Peat generator now has a higher internal energy capacity.

  • Added Enriched Peat Fuel.

  • Fixed item and energy extractors connecting to some fluid blocks.

  • Fixed GUI fluid desync in Hydrator (fixed by tommyTT).

  • Fixed Hydrator recipes ignoring metadata (example: concrete powder turning white).

  • Spawner Seeker is now careful to not search in unloaded chunks.

  • Spawner Seeker now has a config entry to disable the multi-threading feature (tradeoff of lag vs possible issues in some servers)

  • Extractor cable model is now dynamic just like normal cables, and it has the same block feature using a redstone torch.

  • Extractor cable no longer suffocate you if you get too close.

  • Fixed Controlled Miner Whitelist mode getting stuck and not mining.

  • Fixed some of the buttons in Experience Pylon not working when it is exactly empty.

  • Reduced item-model size of Extractor cables.

  • Added new config file entries AppleGrowthTicks and AppleLightLevel to control apple sprout growth.

  • Wooden pickaxes are now able to mine furnaces again even if Stardew Furnaces config is enabled.

  • Added a few endgame sales for sage and druid villager.

  • Added a recipe for Red Sand in the Hydrator (can be changed with crafttweaker as always).

  • Projectiles from Rainbow Cannon can now pass through non-solid blocks (such as torches and tallgrass).

  • Fixed balance of Netherbrick tools, they now sit roughly in between stone and iron

  •  If a hydrator is set to have its recipe locked, it will no longer accept automated input into empty slots; this allows easier automation for 1x1 and other small res.

  • Fixed some Ender Book crashes if you teleport while flying or while too many sounds are playing (also it now plays the default enderman sound instead of custom).

  • Items now smoothly ride the angled Conveyors and no longer bounce around when going up and down.

  • Optimized some minor flow issues when content moves from Extractors to Cables (water, energy, and items).


    Fixed unpowered cables causing a crash in some cases (possibly WAILA related).
    Fixed a NBT data-loss compatibility glitch with bows from other mods (Tinkers, silents gems, etc).
    修复因其它模组的弓(如匠魂,silents gems,等等)的兼容性造成NBT内容损失的bug。
    Ender Wing no longer plays its sound doubled-up.
    Added an early-game recipe for Biomass that does not require Hydrator.
    zh_CN.lang Updated by sandtechnology


    Fixed an internal crash that broke bows shooting arrows.
    ru_RU.lang updated by kellixon.


    Fixed empty NBT tags getting added to held or crafted items which caused numerous issues.
    Fixed a compatibility crash related to cyclic cables and many other mods (Mekanism, Fairy Lights, and others).
    修复由循环里的管道与其它模组因兼容性而崩溃的问题(通用机械,fairy lights,等等)。


UPDATE: Users have reported several strange issues with this version so I have downgraded it to alpha status.  Download 1.15.10 instead

    Ender Library now faces a specific direction and only renders books on that side (Use wooden wrench if you need to rotate any already placed).
    Improved connected-ness of Fluid storage tank: if the bottom tank is full, using a full bucket on it will fill tanks above.
    New block: Dice.
    New block: Imbue Station.
    New item: Rainbow Cannon.
    Placing a bucket into a lower tank will fill a tank connected above it.
    Pattern Builder now has two new ways to render the copied building: Phantom and Solid render, both preview a fake version of the actual block in the world.
    Storage Bag can now be tweaked into 16 colours.
    Fixed issue where you hold down right-click on a toggle item for it to spam between on-off rapidly (climbing gloves, charms, etc).
    Fixed Energy Cables and blocks not outputting to some machines that only accept power on one single side in some cases (such as mekanism cables in corner shape, or IE Charging Station).
    Fixed Excavate enchant not working on tools with multiple types (such as the Mattock or paxels).
    Battery now renders its energy contents on the block face in world, and also as a durability bar.
    Battery is registered as an itemstack capability, meaning it can be charged up while in item form.
    Updated zh_CN.lang thanks to user sandtechnology.
    Rotating Conveyors using a Wooden Wrench (or other tools with similar function) now lets you toggle between all variations such as straight, corner, angle.
    Added basic tools crafted from Netherbricks.
    Fixed an issue where disabled cable sides (the yellow square from a redstone torch) still was accepting input from the other side.
    You can now disconnect cables by hitting the middle of the connection with a redstone torch.
    Added slider controls to the Fluid & Energy extractor cables to change flow speed.
    Removed TRANSFER_FLUID_PER_TICK and TRANSFER_ENERGY_PER_TICK from cable config file since it is now controlled by the pump.


    Greatly reduced tick lag from cables when they are empty (they no longer try to work while empty - found using LagGoggles mod).


    The Flying Timer from Glowing Chorus Fruit now pauses if you are not in midair; fixed double-tap to fall while flying.


    When you feed a tamed horse with an upgrade carrot, it will stop the player from mounting it while eating, so you can feed them multiple upgrades faster; also removed cooldown timer.


    Interdiction Plate renamed and given a whole new model by Ithronyar.


    Sleeping Mat messages moved to status location instead of chat window.


    Fan model is now connected when placed on the ceiling facing down.


    Fixed the purple and blue fire so they no now stay lit forever on netherrack just like normal fire.


    Fixed conveyors auto-placing the wrong direction when used at the bottom of a slope.


    Tweak doorbell recipe and model slightly.


    Multi-Jump enchant will no longer trigger while in a boat.



    Fixed a NullPointerException that can happen when using Merchants Almanac.


    Fixed a large number of logged errors on startup that say 'Exception loading model for variant...', did not affect gameplay.


    Removed 'Editable Signs' config and feature where you could left click to edit - conflicted with Quark and had save issues on servers.

    移除设置项"Editable Signs"和点击告示牌进行编辑的特性——与Quark模组冲突并导致服务器存档问题。

    Added a new Rainbow Crayon to edit signs, which also has styling selections with 16 colors.


    Reduced hitboxes of Extraction cables to reach blocks under and behind them.


  • Fixed a dupe exploit related to Player Interface from AA.

  • Brush Scythe now more compatible with special block drops (such as causing plant fibers from Primal Core now drop from grass with scythe).

  • Fixed hydrator mismatching some ore dict entries (such as Biomass recipe not working).

  • Fixed block transparency bug with Moon Phase Sensor.

  • Storage Sack will now auto-close if it leaves your hand for any reason  (prevent dupe bugs with another mod and certain special keyboard tricks).

  • Storage Sack can no longer be opened in the off-hand. Fixed typo in 'block_large' config.

  • Disabled blocks fire_frost and fire_dark if content that uses them is disabled.

  • Fix compatibility with Block Placer and Better With Mods mini-blocks.

  • Fixed Wireless Receiver not dropping as a block when it gets mined.

  • 如果大储物袋因任何原因不在手上时将会自动关闭GUI(防止利用其它模组和某些特殊按键冲突复制物品的漏洞);

  • 大储物袋不再能够在副手打开,修复“block_large”配置的打字错误;

  • 如果使用它们的物品被禁用,则禁用方块冰冻火焰暗色之火

  • 修复方块放置机对Better With Mods迷你方块的兼容性;

  • 修复无线接收器被挖掘后不能掉落物品。


IF you are upgrading from 1.14.x then READ PREVIOUS CHANGELOGS - especially 1.15.0 

  • New block: SFX Block

  • New block: Void Anvil

  • New block: Fire Starter


  • 新增以下方块:音效方块、虚空铁砧、打火器。

  • Tweaked item models for Torch Launcher, Randomizer, and Auto Torch.

  • 调整火炬发射器随机方块转置杖自动火把的物品模型;

  • Fixed Randomizer not rendering selected outline.

  • 修复随机方块转置杖不能渲染选定的轮廓线;

  • Upgraded cable models.

  • 更新管道的模型;

  • Export cables now connect and pump out on all sides.

  • 提取泵管道现在可向任意方向连接并泵出;

  • Updated compatibility to Tree & Brush Scythe with: ferdinandsflowers, twilightforest, thebetweenlands, natura, primal, extraplanets, tconstruct, abyssalcraft, others.

  • 更新树叶镰刀除草镰刀对ferdinandsflowers、暮色森林、thebetweenlands、自然、primal、额外行星匠魂深渊国度等模组的兼容性;

  • New block Bullseye Target.

  • 新方块:红石靶子

  • New Block:Moon Phase Sensor.

  • 新方块:月球位相传感器

  • Eating a second Apple of Lofty Stature now correctly puts step height at 0.6.

  • 第二次食用健体苹果时现在正确地设置步行高度至0.6;

  • Added Target Dummy Spawner which spawns a target dummy entity (experimental feature).

  • 添加Target Dummy Spawner,可生成target dummy实体(试验性的特性);

  • Fixed texture overlay bug in Item Sorter.

  • 修复物品分拣器的材质覆盖漏洞;

  • Disabled uncrafter sound.

  • 禁用分解磨床的音效;

  • Updated ru_RU.lang thanks to kellixon.

  • 更新俄语翻译,感谢kellixon;

  • Exchange Scepters updated to be compatible with GameStages, and working in off-hand.

  • 更新方块替换杖对游戏与副手的兼容性;

  • New 3D models for Water Froster and Water Spreader.

  • 霜杖水源播撒杖拥有新的3D模型;

  • IF you are upgrading from 1.14.x then READ PREVIOUS CHANGELOGS - especially 1.15.0 

  • 如果你从1.14.x更新,那么请阅读早期版本的更新日志,尤其是1.15.0。


Fix server issues with new butter potions.


  • Antimatter Evaporator: now precisely uses one durability for each block affected, and increased max durability from 2000 to 9000.

  • 反物质蒸发器:现在每蒸发一个方块消耗一点耐久度,最大耐久度由2000增加至9000;

  • Changed recipe of Hydrator and Battery.

  • 更改水化器和电池的合成表;

  • Items for corner and angled conveyors have been removed and hidden.

  • 物品形式的拐角和倾斜传送带已被移除并隐藏;

  • Buffed recipe output of Biomass and Peat Bog.

  • 改进生物质团泥炭田的合成表输出;

  • Spikes are now non-solid meaning you cannot place blocks on them (similar to tallgrass).

  • 钉刺(钻石钉刺铁质钉刺)现在不是固体方块,意味着你不能在上面放置方块;

  • Added Butterfingers potion (works on players and mobs causing them to drop things while moving).

  • 添加Butterfingers药水(作用在玩家或生物身上时,移动时掉落随身物品),这是第一个加入循环模组的负面状态效果;

  • Spawner seeker fixed lag spike when item is used (it finds target in non-player thread and then either updates or kills the projectile).

  • 修复使用末影刷怪笼探测器时产生的lag spike(它在非玩家线程中找到目标,然后更新或者清除投掷物)。

  • Fixed chaos reaper crafting recipe.

  • 修复混沌收割者的合成表,巨型蘑菇方块现在能够在合成表上正常显示了;

  • Fixed a fluid dupe bug.

  • 修复流体复制错误;

  • You can now block pipe connections using a redstone torch; the pipe will get a yellow square icon on that segment.

  • 你可以使用红石火把断开管道连接,断开部分显示黄色正方形;

  • Fixed a mod compatibility crash with FTB Utilities through forge permissions API.

  • 修复FTB Utilities与forge许可的API之间产生的兼容性崩溃;

  • Default drop list for Magic Bean hugely nerfed, and default value of MagicBeanGrownDropSeed is now false (existing configs unchanged). Updated some textures.

  • 大幅度削弱魔豆的掉落列表,且MagicBeanGrownDropSeed(魔豆掉落自身)的默认值现在是false(已有配置不变),更新部分材质;

  • Removed bucket slot for hydrator.

  • 水化器的GUI不再能够放置水桶;

  • Removed some legacy worldgen features/configs (GoldRivers, OreSingletons Emerald Ore Boost).

  • 移除一些遗留的世界生成配置项(GoldRivers, OreSingletons Emerald Ore Boost);

  • Removed config feature 'TerrariaInventoryButtons' (was disabled by default anyway).

  • 移除配置项“TerrariaInventoryButtons”;

  • Many blocks now consume energy that did not previously (Auto Fisher, Hydrator, Dropper... disable and tweak in config as normal).

  • 许多之前不消耗能量的方块现在消耗能量(如自动鱼栅、水化器、精准投掷器等);

  • Peat Generator no longer accepts power as input, is output only.

  • 泥炭燃烧发电机不再接受输入的能量,只能输出能量;

  • Fluid Tank now has connected block textures vertically.

  • 流体储罐现在拥有垂直连接材质;

  • Slime Conveyors renamed to Conveyor Belts, along with new block models that have corner pieces and ramps.

  • 史莱姆传送带被重命名为传送带,使用新模型,包括拐角和斜坡;

  • Missing config added for dropper_exact.

  • 对精准投掷器添加丢失的配置;

  • Config 'SageAndDruidVillagers' removed, instead one config per villager.

  • 移除“SageAndDruidVillagers”配置项,每个村民分开配置;

  • Peat fuel no longer has to be dried in a furnace, it generates power right away.

  • 泥炭燃料不再使用熔炉烧炼得到,立即产能;

  • Removed the Carbon Catalyst item, and Biomass is now created in a Hydrator recipe.

  • 移除碳搅拌棒生物质团现在需要使用水化器;

  • Block Rotator renamed to Wooden Wrench.

  • 方块旋转器被重命名为Wooden Wrench(木扳手);

  • Added tooltips to fluid bar components in GUI screens.

  • 向GUI界面添加流体工具提示;

  • Added Battery blocks.

  • 添加电池方块;

  • Fan blocks can now face all six directions including up/down; not just horizontal.

  • 风扇支持上下方向,不再局限于水平方向;

  • Fan GUI now uses slider controls.

  • 风扇GUI现在使用滑块控制;

  • Powered anvil no longer consumes lava.

  • 能量铁砧不再消耗熔岩

  • New Magma Anvil repairs items using lava.

  • Magma Anvil(岩浆铁砧)取代能量铁砧,使用熔岩修复物品;

  • Sack of Storage renamed to Storage Bag; added a GUI button to toggle deposit mode and removed the unintuitive left-click toggle; also increased storage bag capacity by one row, so from 66 slots to 77.

  • 大储物袋的原名被重命名为Storage Bag,在GUI中添加模式切换按钮,移除鼠标左键切换模式,存储容量由66个增加到77个;

  • Automated User: Speed control has been changed to instead be a Tick Delay between uses.

  • 自动玩家模拟器:修改速度控制,取代使用间隔;

  • New item magnet texture and tweaked recipe.

  • 新的物品磁引板材质,调整了合成表;

  • Fixed log spam error about cube_all.

  • 修复cube_all的冗杂日志错误;

  • Hydrator will now allow input recipes of size 2 and 3 when using its crafttweaker zenscript support (before only worked with 1 input or 4 inputs).

  • 水化器的CraftTweaker ZenScript代码将允许输入2~3个物品(之前只能是1个或4个物品)。



    Fixed a dupe bug with certain items that have durability (see issue tracker for details).


    Almost all custom sound effects have been totally remade and improved from scratch thanks to Ithronyar.

    Update zh_CN.lang thanks to sandtechnology.


    Merchant Almanac is less picky and now lets you use it directly on a villager instead of only on a nearby block.

    Item Extraction Cable has a new button texture



Fixed a whitelist bug with the Controlled Miner.


Sleeping mat now correctly dismounts for you if you try to sleep on the saddle.


Updates to zh_CN.lang (thanks to Minecraftbegin2snow on github).


Fixed Structure Builder not saving height data on world reload.


New Item used to craft Duskflame Hex and new animated dark fireball texture by Ithronyar (no other item uses yet, so it shares the same config).


Emerald Carrot retextured and renamed as Infected Carrot - new recipe, same effect.

更改绿宝石胡萝卜的材质,原名被重命名为Infected Carrot;

Ender Book no longer rounds off stored coordinates to integers, so it will teleport you more precisely (such as the center of the block).


Fixed a small glitch where Auto Crafter fuel slot would not consuming items when fuel is at zero.


Added a small optimization to network traffic on player join (Thanks to darkh4x).



Fixed null blocks generating in the nether with certain config settings (will change to air blocks with this update). 


Fluid buckets no longer listed in Cyclic creative tab (was causing crashes in some versions of JEI in some modpacks).


Updated 3D model and textures for Hydrator (thanks to Ithronyar).



Fixed a bug related to Automated User and the Lightwell from Astral Sorcery.


New config 'AutoUserTargetBlacklist' in case anyone needs to blacklist a target block (in world) from being acted upon by the Automated User; default is empty.


Updated ru_RU.lang (thanks to kellixon on github).



Fixed Precise Dropper crashing servers.


Updated texture of Dark Fire and Apple Sprout while growing (by the amazing Ithronyar).


Fixed magnet enchant not having its effect when enchanted on armor.


Fixed a (hard to replicate) crash if game or chunk loads slowly and animations attempt to happen while tile entity is still null.


Very slight change to Redstone Clock recipe.


Added config SackHoldingBlacklist to block containers from being picked up.



Added some error handling to Energy Cables.


Peat Generator now auto-outputs power similar to other generators (slower than extractor).


Fixed Precise Dropper working with hoppers and pipes.


Harvester now compatible with Natura berry bushes.


Fixed rendering bug with Pharos Beacon.


Updated zh_CN.lang (thanks to sandtechnology and Aemande123 on github).


Fixed the Automated User trying to use invalid items that have stack size zero (reported issue: Solid Experience from AA).


Automated User now works on Apricorn trees from Pixelmon.


Added config options to disable the projectile ability of the endgame swords.


Cable transfer rates added to config file.


Fixed the Forester not planting saplings when there is a roof overhead (it can now plant regardless if sky is visible or not).



Fixed errored ores sometimes generating in nether, it now correctly respects config file.


Fixed visibility and homing vector of Spirit Seeker missiles.


Fixed stone minecart starting non-empty.



Apple Sprouts no longer drop treasure apples.


GUI Screens will now auto-close when their block is destroyed.


Fixed item model and localization issue in the 'cyclic_ores.cfg' blocks.


Fixed a player movement conflict with the Bounce Potion effect while flying with Elytra.


Emerald Carrot fixes:

Fixed spawn tooltip

fixed spawn exploit

it now remembers the taming owner when converted to a Zombie Horse



Fixed Powered Anvil bug where output item is overwritten and lost when a new item is fully repaired and moves over.


Added block_anvil.RepairBlacklist config to the Powered Anvil to disable any item from being repaired.

新增“block_anvil.RepairBlacklist config”配置,能量铁砧修复黑名单,属于该黑名单的物品将无法被能量铁砧修复;

Added magic_net.CaptureBlacklist config to define entities that cannot be captured.


Powered Anvil now references the default diamond block texture (resource pack compatibility).



New feature: ore blocks in the nether and end for 28 ore types, 2 blocks per ore for endstone and netherrack versions (For example: Nether Copper Ore, End Cobalt Ore, etc).

They are compatible with any resource pack, (the ore layer is transparent and it goes on top of whatever netherrack or end_stone texture your resource pack adds)

These are all disabled by default as you can see in the new 'cyclic_ores.cfg' file and can be enabled in a batch or one by one.

These have NO USE AT ALL in this mod alone, but they are all compatible with the ore dictionary and are meant for use in machines and recipes from OTHER mods. This is for modpack devs who could pick and chose which ores to enable if needed.

Existing vanilla nether and end ores are unchanged, and are affected by the same configs as before.

For more information see https://github.com/PrinceOfAmber/Cyclic/issues/709




Fixed Wireless Transmitter position not being saved and transferred.


Increased upper limit of speed in GUI of Auto User.


New feature 'Enderman Pickup Blocker', to make sure enderman cannot pickup any blocks

(can disable in config file).

新特性:Enderman Pickup Blocker,使特定的末影人无法捡起方块(可在配置文件禁用);

The Sleeping Mat now renders the player laying down - no more sleeping standing up.



Fixed the digital typewriter (screen) not saving the text justification on world reload.


The Harvester now works with all Pams tree-fruits, and Apple trees from Rustic (Harvester still has a 1-tall range so place Harvesters accordingly).


Fixed some 'ModelLoaderRegistry$LoaderException' errors on startup (does not affect gameplay or visuals; hopefully improved load time).


Automatic Fisher will no longer break when gamerule doDaylightCycle = false.



Fixed a glitch when full buckets are made by the user and exported right away with a pipe/hopper.


Fixed a very uncommon crash when sprinklers would try to animate while a chunk (or the world) is loading.


Fixed the Redstone Clock checkboxes sometimes not saving, and fixed a glitch with the downward facing powered state not sending neighbor block updates.


Nether/End ores will no longer attempt to spawn silverfish/endermites if the game is in peaceful mode (this was causing a very uncommon crash. no changes to config controls on this.).


Removed seven sound files from registry that were being registered but never got used (slight increase in load time).



Auto crafter will no longer consume energy while idling, only when crafting; also increased the default config energy cost from 25 up to 150.


Fixed the HUD timer for Corrupted Chorus.


Fixed an SMP only crash when using Auto User to milk cows with buckets.



Fix shift-click in Precise Dropper GUI.


Fixed Precise Dropper only using the first slot, it now uses all slots.


Harvester will only spawn the purple harvest particles when preview is enabled.


Uncrafter no longer allows hoppers & pipes to extract items from fuel slot.


Structure builder now stops working if its empty.


Reduced the scale of the sword models when on the ground in world.


Added two textboxes to the Redstone Clock GUI to set the ticks more easily.


Added missing config option to disable Apple Sprout.


Fixed sort/registry order of how content shows up in JEI.


Fixed harvester correctly gathering and breaking cactus.



Fluid and Energy Extraction Cables now have a new GUI button to toggle the redstone requirement; default value is Always On.


Fixed extractors not working vertically.


Fixed automation insert issues with the Peat machines.



New block: Precise Dropper.


Added an extensive Peat farming system to generate energy, content includes: Carbon Catalyst, Biomass, Soaked Peat, Peat Fuel, Peat Bog, Peat Deposit, Peat-fired Generator, Peat Farmer.


Nether and End ores now blend in with any resource pack, instead of forcing vanilla netherrack and endstone textures (huge shoutout to vadis365 on discord).


Harvester will now stop working when the inventory is completely full.


You can now disable the particle splash effect on the Sprinkler using shift-right-click (empty handed works best).


Added en_UD.lang (thanks to The-Fireplace).

Fixed a visual glitch with Extraction Cables.


Fixed a tooltip in the Structure Builder.



Enchanter will no longer eat non-book items.


Updated Russian translation (ru_RU.lang) thanks to TimeConqueror and ollegsey.


New JSON models for the endgame swords (by Arcaniax on blockmodels.com, links in curseforge description).


Added mild animations to several item textures.


Fixed 'Infested Ores' feature not always reading from config correctly.

修复“ Infested Ores”参数不会始终从配置文件中读取;

Added a new PigmenEnrage config, defaults to false: 'If true, mining Nether ore has a 20% chance of enraging a nearby PigZombie within 16 blocks'.

新增“ PigmenEnrage”参数,默认值为false。若设为true,挖掘下界矿石有20%的几率激怒半径16格以内的僵尸猪人;

Fixed the rotation feature of Pattern Replicator


Pattern replicator now correctly places: redstone, repeaters, comparators, tripwire, signs.


The feature 'Plant Despawning Saplings' no longer uses a fake-player to work which fixes an issue with chunk loaders.

参数“Plant Despawning Saplings”不再使用假玩家以修复区块加载器的问题;

Certain machines will no longer cause lag by spawning particles when no players are nearby.



Pipes have been renamed to Cables, have an updated block model (huge thanks to InsomniaKitten), 

and no longer use TESR animations (huge optimization).


Pumps have been renamed to Extraction Cables and have new block model and texture.


Added Energy Cable to transmit power (RF and others), along with Energy Extraction Cable.


Added Bundled Cable, which can transfer fluids, items, and power all in one blockspace.


Fixed item drops of Wireless blocks.


Fixed Crafting bug with shapeless recipes in the Hydrator.


Spikes will now pop off the block if pushed by a piston out over empty space.


Controlled Miner will no longer drain power when turned off.


Brush Scythe now correctly breaks Gardens from Harvestcraft with their drops.


Fluid Storage Tank has new model/graphics.


Fluid Storage Tank now auto-drains downwards if another one of itself is below.



Fixed items moving wrongly when shift-clicking them in the extended player inventory upgrade screen.


Item Sorter now has a new option where you can tell it to ignore item damage in a row when comparing incoming items to the filter (defaults to normal mode).


Fixed a game crash when certain items containing GUI screens were opened.


Minimum forge version is now



Hydrator now supports adding custom recipes using ZenScript from CraftTweaker mod (both add and remove), also tweaked some of the default recipes.


The player Inventory Upgrade screen now has a button to quick-swap all armor slots.


Uncrafting grinder no longer takes items as input from pipes/hopers into the output area.


Fix visual glitch in the Powered Anvil screen.

修复Powered Anvil的视觉错误;

If you set energy cost to zero for a machine, it will now hide its fuel bar toggle button.


Fixed Item model display on Trash Void, Digital Typewriter.


Powered Anvil now has the same placement sound as a regular Anvil.

Powered Anvil现在拥有与铁砧相同的放置音效;

Added tooltips to the OP swords, and reduced their shooting cooldown from 6 seconds to 1.


Experience Pylon no longer accepts any item from hoppers/pipes into the Glass Bottle slot.


Forester no longer accepts non-saplings in its inventory (uses ore dictionary to match).


Automatic Fishing Net no longer accepts non-fishing rod items into the rod slot.


The player Inventory Upgrade screen now shows the player armor slots on the left.


Block Reach enchantment can now be applied to Elytra.


Hydrator recipes now have a showing Move Items button in the JEI list.


Added Russian translation (ru_RU) by github user kellixon.



Fixed Item Pump sometimes pulling items into its whitelist filter instead of transferring them (when destinations are full).


New block: Powered Anvil.

新方块:Powered Anvil;

New block: Powered Enchanter.

新方块:Powered Enchanter;

New plant: Apple Sprout (plant on leaves to grow apples).

新植物:Apple Sprout(放置在树叶上以种植苹果);

New Enchantment: Excavation (with connected mining distance in config).


New Enchantment: Multi-shot (to fire three arrows at once).


Fixed item models of Conveyors and Slime Plates (so they look like other 3D pressure plates).



Item Pump now has a GUI with a filter for whitelist/blacklist modes, and a redstone toggle button.


Fixed some bugs with some internal fluid tanks.


Updated zh_CN.lang file (by github user Aemande123).



Fixed client/server desync with the Scythe tools.


New config fluid_placer to disable the Fluid Placer block.



New Blocks:


Ender Bookshelf


Ender Library


Digital Typewriter


Trash Void


Auto User will no longer place blocks (but will still use blocks as normal, this just fixes the bug when used with Advanced Mortars where it places cobblestone when the mortars durability breaks).


Translation file added: Chinese Traditional (zh_TW).


Corrupted Chorus noclip now displays in upper right instead of flooding chat.


Corrupted Chorus noclip ghost mode will no longer allow players to access the spectator toolbar.


  • Plate models now take up full block space (Slime Conveyors and Jump plates); also conveyors are no longer transparent.

  • Fixed Auto user not using items that are also blocks (for example, putting cobblestone into Advanced Mortars or other machines).

  • Auto User will no longer attack dead entities.

  • Automated User now hits smaller mobs such as baby zombies and silverfish when in Attack mode.

  • New config entry for Auto User called 'AutoUserMaxAttackPerAction', to limit how many things can get attacked per swing from the machine (default zero is unlimited).

  • Aerial Faith Plate now correctly adds and preserves player horizontal momentum during launches.

  • Harvester will no longer put crops into the fuel slot.

  • Kill and death messages from fake players now indicate which mod and block they come from, instead of a random UUID hash.

  • Fixed item and fluid pipes appearing to not be connected on one side when their length is only one (purely visual glitch).


  • 板模型现在占用整个方块空间(史莱姆传送带史莱姆弹跳板),同时传送带不再是透明的;

  • 修复自动玩家模拟器不能使用同样是方块的物品(例如将圆石放入Advanced Mortar或其他机器);

  • 自动玩家模拟器不再攻击死亡的实体;

  • 自动玩家模拟器现在可以攻击模式下攻击小型生物,如小僵尸、蠹虫等;

  • 新增自动玩家模拟器配置条目:“AutoUserMaxAttackPerAction”,限制该机器每次挥击时能攻击的实体数量(默认值是0,即无限制);

  • 可配置弹跳踏板在发射时现在能够正确地施加和保存玩家的水平动能;

  • 收割机将不再将作物放在燃料栏;

  • 来自假玩家的死亡消息现在指示它们所属的模组和方块,而不是随机的UUID哈希值;

  • 修复物品和流体管道的长度只有1时出现在没有连接的一侧(纯粹的视觉错误)。

  • Fix Item sorter putting items in the first filter slot from certain sides/pipes.

  • Fixed Cyclic Building Scepter causing a crash when using the mouse wheel shortly before and after equipping it.

  • Fixed the 'All' button glitch in Experience Pylon;

    • also increased the EXP limit to 50,000.


  • 修复物品分拣器从某些侧面或管道输入到第一个过滤器栏;

  • 修复循环建筑权杖在装备前后过快使用鼠标滚轮产生的崩溃;

  • 修复经验塔的“全部”按钮错误,

    • 同时经验上限增加到50000。