客户端微调 (Client Tweaks)
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    Client Tweaks

    • 作者/开发团队: BlayTheNinth
    • 收录时间: 11月前
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    • 作者在Curseforge上的介绍

      Good news everyone, I've found the secrets to fixing your Minecraft experience. I've bundled them in this mod.

      大家,好消息!我发现了修正你们在Minecraft中的体验的秘诀。 我已经把它们集成到这个模组里了。

      客户端微调 (Client Tweaks)-第1张图片

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      Everything can be enabled or disabled in the configuration file or ingame mod options screen. There's a lot of things disabled by default, so make sure to enable the features you want for the bestest experience possible.

      所有功能都可以在配置文件或游戏内模组选项界面中启用/禁用。 很多功能都是默认禁用的,因此请确保启用所需的功能以尽可能获得最佳体验。

      Right-Click to Place Torch from Hotbar (removed due to desync issues)

      右击以放置快捷栏中的火把(由于不同步问题(desync issues)而被移除)

      • Tinkers' Construct just added offhand harvesting, which is amazing but will take up the offhand slot. So I added back this feature that used to be part of Tinkers' Construct in 1.7.10 as an optional client tweak. MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY.

      • 匠魂刚刚增加了副手收获,这很了不起,但将占用副手位置。 因此我添加了此功能作为可选的客户端调整,它曾是1.7.10版本匠魂的一部分。 最·高·效·率。

      • When enabled, right-clicking with a pickaxe or hammer will place a torch from your hotbar where you're looking.

      • 启用后,用镐或锤子右击将在您查看的地方放置一个快捷栏中的火把。

      Offhand Torch Options (currently sadly singleplayer only)


      • No Offhand Torch With Block

      • 带方块时禁用副手火把

      This option will refuse to place a torch if you're holding a block in your main hand. Because there's no way you intended to place a torch in that case. Something was just standing in the way of the spot you wanted to place that block in but the torch was fitting since it's smaller. Fixed it for ya.

      如果您的主手拿着方块,此选项将拒绝放置火把。 因为在这种情况下,您绝对无意放置火把。 只是刚好有东西挡在您要放置所持方块的位置上,然而火把很合适放置在那因为它很小。 为你们所有人(ya)修复了它。

      • No Offhand Torch With Empty Hand

      • 空手时禁用副手火把

      You know that feeling when you're tired, try to open the chest but misclicked the block next to it? And of course you still had a torch in your offhand. And of course it placed it. And now you have to break it again. Ugh. This option only allows torches to be placed when your main hand is not empty. This can be enabled additionally to the above.

      您知道疲倦时尝试打开箱子,却误点击了旁边的方块的感觉吧? 当然,您的副手仍然有火把。 当然,这就会放置了它。 现在您必须再次打掉它。 呵呵。 此选项仅允许主手不空时放置火把。 可以在上面附加启用。

      • Offhand Torch With Tools Only

      • 仅在带工具时启用副手火把

      This is the option I consider best, but it changes vanilla behaviour too much to be the default. This will only allow placing torches from the offhand when you're holding a tool. No more accidental torch placement, ever again.

      这是我认为最好的选项,但是它会过度改变原版行为,从而不像默认行为。 仅允许在拿着工具时从副手放置火把。 再也不会发生意外的火把放置了。

      • Do Not Use Last Torch

      • 不使用最后的火把

      This option is useful when using dynamic lights such as OptiFine. The last torch in your offhand will not be placeable, so you always have a light to carry around with you secured.

      当使用动态光源(例如OptiFine)时,此选项很有用。 副手上的最后一个火把将无法放置,因此您可以始终随身携带一盏灯。

      Hide Own Effect Particles


      • This option will make your own potion effect particles a lot less obtrusive for your client. Other players will see them normally. No more annoying particles blocking your view.

      • 此选项将使客户端上您自己的药水效果粒子不再扎眼。 其他玩家将正常看到它们。 不再有烦人的粒子挡着您的视野。

      Master Volume Slider in Options Screen


      • Yes, the new volume settings screen is cool. But couldn't you have kept the Master Volume slider on the main settings screen as well? After years of research I have concluded that you can, so I added it back. Saved you a click.

      • 是的,新的音量设置屏幕很酷。 但是您还是不能在主设置屏幕上保留主音量滑块,不是吗? 经过多年的研究,我得出的结论是可以,所以我把它加了回来。 为您节省了一次点击。

      Underlines look terrible in Chat


      • This will strip all underlines (from e.g. links) in chat, because they look way too crammed and cover up other letters.

      • 这会除掉聊天框中的所有下划线(例如,链接中的),因为它们看起来太拥挤并掩盖了其他字母。

      No one uses 3d Anaglyph


      • Try clicking the 3d anaglyph button in a big pack. I'll wait here ... okay, now you can thank me for this, especially if you've ever accidentally clicked on it .

      • 试试点击大型整合包中的3D效果按钮。 我将在这等着……好,现在您可以为此感谢我了,特别是如果您不小心点到了它的话。

      Disable Step Assist (with keybind)

      禁用Step Assist(带有热键绑定)

      • There's people who hate step assist, me included. But sometimes those step-assist granting items add some other cool perks that we want. So this option lets you disable the step-assist part only. With optional keybind to toggle.

      • 包括我在内,有些人讨厌step assist。 但是有时候,那些step-assist会授予增加我们想要的其他超酷福利的物品。 因此,此选项可让您仅禁用step-assist组件。 使用可选的热键进行切换。

      Auto Jump was a Mistake


      • Well, what do you think this option does? If you make modpacks and want to give your user the choice, I suggest Default Options instead.

      • 好吧,您认为此选项有什么作用? 如果您制作模组包并想给您的用户选择,我建议使用默认选项。

      Auto Climb Ladder


      • I often make really long ladders down to my mine, and it's a pain having to hold down a key the whole time while climbing. With this tweak on, you will continue to climb upwards as long as you look upwards while on a ladder. That means you can type in chat and do other things without instantly falling back down and losing all of your progress on the long journey back to the top.

      • 我经常弄出很长的梯子到我的矿井里,在攀爬过程中必须一直按住一个键是很痛苦的。 有了这项调整后,只要在梯子上向上看,您就将继续向上爬。 这意味着您可以输入聊天内容和执行其他操作,而不会立即回落,并且您返回顶部的漫长旅程的进度不会全部损失。

      Fixed the mipmap slider (now pretty much part of Forge)


      • I don't know why they made it the way it is but the way it is is terrible. Normally, even just breathing at the mipmap slider would trigger a resource pack reload, freezing your client for minutes. With this tweak active, it will wait until you actually let go of the slider, making it a lot more responsive to your input (since you know, it doesn't instantly freeze your client). This also adds a confirmation screen, for the clumsy people (definitely not me) who often click things on accident.

      • 我不知道他们为什么要把它做成这样,但是这种方式太糟糕了。 通常地,即使只是动一下mipmap滑块也会触发资源包重载,从而使客户端冻结几分钟。 启用这项调整后,它将要一直等到您实际释放滑块之后,这使它对您的输入反应更快(因为您知道,它不会立即冻结客户端)。 这也为经常意外点到什么的笨拙的人(绝对不是我)添加了一个确认界面。

      Disable Potion Shift


      • Prevents the inventory from being shifted to the right when potion effects are active. You probably never noticed because NEI did it in 1.7.10 and now Quark does it in 1.10.2 and then there's also a mod called No Potion Shift that does it, but in case you have none of these, you now have this!

      • 当有药水效果时,防止物品栏向右移动。 您可能从来没有注意到过,因为NEI在1.7.10中做到了,现在Quack在1.10.2中做到了,然后还有一个名为No Potion Shift的模组可以做到,但是如果您没有它们,现在您就拥有了这项!

      Hide Shield Unless Holding Weapon


      • Will prevent shields from being rendered in your offhand unless you're holding a weapon. Specifically, it needs to be a sword or an axe with a damage greater than 1.5 hearts.

      • 除非您拿着武器,否则将阻止副手的盾牌被渲染。 具体来说,它必须是剑或斧头,且其伤害大于1.5心。

      Hide Offhand Item (with keybind)


      • Will prevent the item in your offhand from rendering. In case you hate seeing the torch you're carrying on the left. This one can be toggled by a hotkey too, in case you only hate seeing your offhand item sometimes.

      • 将阻止您的副手物品被渲染。 如果您不愿看到左侧携带的火把的话。 如果您有时只讨厌看到副手物品,这项调整也可以通过热键来切换。

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